Bahn De Quer Durchs Land Ticket


For bei unlimited number des trips within Germany. Friends can join sie after the journey has started.

Public transport is hinweisen your service!

Buy the ticket punkt home and start making use of public transport the minute sie set out.

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Number des passengers Ticket maker & online Points of sale
1 person €42,00 €44,00
2 people €49,00 €51,00
3 people €56,00 €58,00
4 people €63,00 €65,00
5 people €70,00 €72,00

Ticket validity - where, just how long, what conditions: die regional day ticket weil das Germany (Quer-durchs-Land-Ticket) lasst uns the holder travel in second class on all local trains (RB, IRE, RE) and S-Bahn service provided von Deutsche Bahn and other participating operators. easily accessible only zum second class. Holders may not use first class carriages. precious for an unlimited number von journeys on ns indicated day von validity, from 9am until 3am on ns following day. If ns indicated day des validity zu sein Saturday, Sunday, 24 December, 31 December or a nationwide public holiday, the ticket is valid from 00h until 3am on the following day. Anyone who wants kommen sie take their zuerst journey between 00h and 3am should purchase a ticket whose validity start on die previous day.


weil das up to 5 world travelling together. An addition, up kommen sie three kids aged 6-14 years can be taken along free von charge, regardless of whether they are connected or not. Parents tun können take their own children and other kids aged 0-5 for free. Youngsters are notfall counted as a person/adult weil das this ticket. A dog ist counted together a person/adult if they need a ticket on plank a public fahrzeug service. Valid only if the nennen of every adult person travelling bei the group is printed in block capitals in the correct ar on ns ticket. If the names of the human being using the ticket were not added during the purchasing process, these passengers must include their names before departure. Any type of passengers involvement the kopieren, gruppe later must add their names instantly after boarding. Names need to be non-erasable. Ns ticket becomes invalid if one name or ns date des validity ist changed. Precious only in conjunction with picture ID (e.g. Government-issued ID, driving licence) gezeigt during ticket inspection. No exchange or refund.

Further information is available punkt


zum up kommen sie 5 people travelling together. In addition, up kommen sie three kids aged 6-14 years kann sein be taken follow me free of charge, regardless des whether they are connected or not.

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The holder tun können transport wheelchairs or prams/buggies for free.

This die info is valid per ticket und person. Detailed die info is available bei the terms und conditions of carriage weil das the VBB tariff system.

Fare area

die tariff area des the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB) includes ns federal state of Berlin und the state of brandenburg with its bureaucratic districts and independent cities of Brandenburg, Cottbus, frankfurt (Oder) und Potsdam.

Berlin and the bordering regions are divided into fare zones a, b und c gegliedert.

Fare zone berlin a contains the stadt center of Berlin, including die S-Bahn-Ring.

Fare ar Berlin ns begins outside the S-Bahn ring und reaches kommen sie the city limits.

Fare zone berlin c consists of both the outskirts of Berlin and the city of Potsdam.


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Ticket Machine

A quick way zu get fare information and purchase fahrkarte easily.

I want to travel through friends. We wollen board the train hinweisen different stations | regional day ticket zum Germany

Yes. Ns regional job ticket zum Germany zu sein intended as bei inexpensive group ticket, and different members von the group kann sein board hinweisen different stations. However, you oase to specify die names und number des people that are an the group when buying in online or mobile phone call ticket. Zum all various other ticket types, you schutz to specify die number des people an the gruppe when buying die ticket. Your names have to then be added immediately after they board (if not already done). You cannot readjust these details at a later point in time.

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The local day ticket zum Germany ist available hoch to six months prior to your to plan date of travel.

No. The regional work ticket lasst uns you take any type of local trains und other type des public fahrzeug that ist covered von the offer. Ticket zum exploring Berlin and its surroundings