The european Basketball Championship 2017 möchte take ar from 31 august to 17 september 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, Helsinki, Tel Aviv und Istanbul. Plenty of basketball fan wondering where die European Basketball Championship online and can be seen on TV und where a European Basketball Championship direkte stream and find EM direkt Scores. We reveal what possibilities over there are to follow die exciting matches live. Here jetzt more around Basketball Championship 2017 proficient on TV and the internet!

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1 europe Basketball Championship direkte stream und the official European Championship Schedule PDF

European Basketball Championship direkte stream and the main European Championship Schedule PDF

The team des head trainer Chris Fleming denies ns EM-opening game versus Ukraine in the Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv. Game solid rivals in Group B in the fight zum the knockout schritt are primarily the teams native Israel, Italy und Lithuania. The complete european Basketball Championship 2017 Schedule download v all die kick-off times und venues is available from us as PDF.

European Basketball Championship direkte streaming exclusively via Telekom sport (Photo: FIBA ​​Europe / Editorial)

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The europe Basketball Championship 2017 direkte on TV exclusively durch Telekom

At the tonnage European Basketball Championship still ARD und ZDF have secured die broadcasting rights. This time that will notfall give bei 2017 to lakers the public free TV EM, but exclusively by the TV channel "Telekom Sports", die telecom client EntertainTV received. Telekom shows in this method exclusively every matches des the German national team and other selected games.

Telekom sports shows bei the europe Championship 2017 direkte stream every games des the German team (screenshot: editorial)

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European Basketball Championship direkt stream at Telekom Sports

Basketball fans kann watch die program from Telekom sports here in the free direkte stream und the games von the German team from ns PC, tablet computer or smartphone.

All significant Schedules des the european Basketball Championship 2017 TV hinweisen a glance:

08.31.2017, 14:45: Germany - Ukraine02.09.2017, 14:45: Germany - Georgia03.09.2017, 20:30: Germany - Israel05.09.2017, 17:30: Germany - Italy06.09.2017, 13:45: Germany - Lithuania09./10.09.2017, second round12./13.09.2017, Quarterfinal Round14./15.09.2017, semifinals09.17.2017, Final