Electronic Arts has unveiled Battlefield 2042, ns next entry in its hit military shooter franchise, headed to consoles und PC later this year. Ns upcoming location marks a bold new step weil das Battlefield, doubling down on a multiplayer-only experience, expanding to ambitious 128-player lobbies, with bigger maps than ever. That near-future setting ushers an a fresh neu identity for the franchise, already receiving extensive acclaim complying with its debut unveiling.

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Battlefield 2042 zu sein expected kommen sie launch on Oct. 22, according kommen sie Electronic Arts, v a cross-generational release, covering Xbox One und PS4, alongside Xbox series X|S, PS5, und PC. Ns game looks to join some 2021"s biggest launches, und with preorders now live, we have a breakdown von every edition and included contents.

Three editions of Battlefield 2042 möchte be up weil das grabs, with the standard version of Battlefield 2042 providing access zu all hauptsächlich game content, followed von Gold and Ultimate editions. All preorders incorporate access zu exclusive in-game content und bonuses, the Battlefield 2042 beta shipping prior to launch, and early accessibility to the game on Oct. 15.

There are deshalb discrepancies in Battlefield 2042 across console generations, v PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions firmly separated indigenous PlayStation 5 und Xbox series X|S versions. These much more advanced copies won"t nur look prettier, but so have larger player counts and maps zum different multiplayer gameplay. That so sees upgraded next-gen console versions anfang at $70 bei the U.S., if older consoles kann purchase ns game native $60. Gold and Ultimate editions, both consisting of a cross-gen bundle, room $10 dearer top top consoles compared zu PC.

Battlefield 2042 conventional Edition

Source: electronic Arts Inc.

The typical copy von Battlefield 2042 includes die base experience, including access to ns full suite des gameplay, including all playable Specialists und multiplayer maps. The game, promising totally free updates weil das all with its direkt service approach, also alleviates die need kommen sie purchase map packs post-launch.

Those who preorder Battlefield 2042 obtain seven-day early accessibility on Oct. 15, plus beforehand entry kommen sie the open beta slated zum closer kommen sie launch. You deshalb gain ns "Pre order Pack," through exclusive cosmetics available only zu those who purchase a copy prior to the straße date.

Battlefield 2042 gameEarly access from Oct. 15Early open beta accessPre bespeak PackBaku ACB-90 melee takedown knife"Mr. Chompy" epic weapon charm"Landfall" player map background"Old Guard" tag

Battlefield 2042 ist available zum $60 on Xbox One, playstations 4, and PC, with Xbox collection X|S and PlayStation 5 costing $70 zum the standard edition.

Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 debuts digital Arts" next-generation vision weil das the armed forces shooter, sustaining up zu 128 players, the largest-ever maps, und is shaping up as its many ambitious entry zu date.

Source: digital Arts Inc.

Upgrading to the Battlefield 2042 Gold ausführung likely provides ns best deal for fans, bundling die same perks as ns standard edition, plus access to the "Year 1 Pass." it leaves you set weil das all future Battlefield 2042 updates an the erste year after ~ launch, including four new playable Specialists, four fight passes, plus extr skin bundles. Various other benefits, consisting of seven-day early on access and open beta priority also apply to this tier.

For console owners, the gelb Edition so includes die cross-gen bundle, unlocking access to both Xbox One und Xbox series X|S versions of the game, or those for PlayStation 4 und PlayStation 5. The ensures your copy zu sein futureproofed weil das the latest systems once freundin upgrade, unlocking the expanded multiplayer, intuitive enhancements, and more. Ns complete list des Battlefield 2042 Gold edition contents follows below:

Battlefield 2042 gameEarly access from Oct. 15Early offen beta accessPre order PackBaku ACB-90 melee takedown knife"Mr. Chompy" epos weapon charm"Landfall" player card background"Old Guard" tagYear 1 happen Pack4 neu Specialists (one per season)4 fight passes (one von season)3 epic skin bundles

The Battlefield 2042 Gold auflage costs $90 on PC, when console versions, playable top top Xbox One und Xbox collection X|S, or game stations 4 und PlayStation 5, cost $100 in the U.S.

Battlefield 2042 gold Edition

Opting zum the Battlefield 2042 Gold auflage grants freundin one year des post-launch Specialists and battle passes, accompanied über a cheap upgrade kommen sie next-gen when ns time comes.

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Source: digital Arts Inc.

The top-tier Battlefield 2042 offering kann sein be found with the Ultimate Edition, a bundle packed with all ns bonuses seen in previous editions, plus further bonuses. Die exclusive items include ns "Midnight can be fried Bundle," a cosmetic skin verpacktem only available through this premium copy, plus a digital artbook und soundtrack.

The preis disparity is blieb here bolzen console und PC versions, with electronic Arts bundling Xbox One und Xbox collection X|S versions, or playstations 4 and PlayStation 5 versions, right into one all-inclusive package. You so get seven-day beforehand access, priority zum the open beta, and the Year 1 Pass, including new Specialists und battle passes into 2022.

Battlefield 2042 gameEarly accessibility from Oct. 15Early offen beta accessPre stimulate PackBaku ACB-90 melee takedown knife"Mr. Chompy" epos weapon charm"Landfall" player map background"Old Guard" tagYear 1 pass Pack4 neu Specialists (one über season)4 battle passes (one von season)3 epos skin bundlesMidnight can be fried Bundle"Shadow Stalker" legend outfit"Obsidian" legend weapon skin"Onyx" Legendary vehicle skinOfficial digital artbookExclusive digital soundtrack

The Battlefield 2042 Gold planke costs $110 top top PC, if console versions, playable ~ above Xbox One and Xbox series X|S, or game stations 4 und PlayStation 5, expense $120 bei the U.S.

The can be fried Battlefield 2042 has die same Year 1 happen and an easy cross-generational console upgrade, coupled with more exclusive goodies for the biggest fans.

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