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The Advent period has started. Playstation is deshalb back bei the game and gives you die opportunity to win selected prizes ~ investing credits.

Update native December 7th 2021: A look at behind die seventh door reveals what awaits sie today. You kann sein win ns “Agriculture Simulator 22” together the taste prize together a well-filled bundle including a mini tractor. Die “Bus Simulator 21” and three months des PS Plus will be raffled off together side prizes.

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If you are still missing a couple of points: Sony has listed us through a password that will give freundin 1,000 credits: SVT-3TT-VA1

Update indigenous December sixth 2021: Today zu sein not nur St. Nikolaus Day. A neu door of the PlayStation arrival Calendar can deshalb be opened. Behind it ist the complete serving von “Fallout 76”. The main prize is a fans kit consisting des a replica weapon, a t-shirt, a wallscroll und other content. The ancillary prizes so consist of merchandise.

Update indigenous December 5, 2021: There ist a special hauptsächlich prize this Sunday. A PS5 zu sein not included. But bei keeping with ns approaching release of “Gran Turismo 7”, to ns A neu gameplay videos was exit today, a PlaySeat racing seat awaits you an the PlayStation development Calendar. As consolation prizes, DualSense controllers an the Cosmic Red ausführung will it is in raffled off.

Update indigenous December 4, 2021: the continues heute Saturday through a “The Elder Scrolls Online” package, i beg your pardon consists des the Collector’s ausführung of the game weil das PS4, a cookbook, bei 04Artbook und a Bodypillow. Small “The Elder Scrolls Online” packages are given out as consolation prizes in the PlayStation development Calendar. Lock include ns game, a leather notebook, and a keychain.

Update from December 3, 2021: You can open a door again today und take part in the competition. Ns advent calendar brings a happy winner bei Xperia 1 III in purple. Together side prizes there are three EA packages with several games, consisting of “FIFA 22” and “Battlefield 2042”.

Update indigenous December 2, 2021: die prizes on ns second day encompass a fan package zum “The tonnage of Us part 2”. It consists of a one-of-a-kind PS4 zum console, in Ellie statue and a Seagate tough drive. Together a consolation prize, there zu sein a merchandise parcel consisting von a shirt, badges and sweater.

Update from December 1, 2021: heute you kann sein win a Razer Iskur gaming chair und a Razer Kaira x headset.

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Original message: die annual Christmas festival ist just around the corner. And once again Sony ist launching a PlayStation arrival Calendar that lets you victory selected prizes.

This time, however, sie cannot take part without a hurdle. Because in order kommen sie be able zu take part an the competitions, you have to invest credits that you receive through assorted activities.

You will already get 5,000 coins attributed if you schutz a valid PlayStation to add membership. Over there are so credits zum the trophies you oase earned, with trophies deserve during die campaign duration being worth more.

This ist how sie get credits

Ultimately, over there are number of ways zu earn credits zum the PlayStation arrival Calendar.

Play and collect PS4 trophies (PS3 and PS5 trophies do notfall count)Play booster games zum even more credits (x30)Answer the täglich quiz inquiry (300 credits)Watch a videos every day (300 credits)Invite girlfriend (1,000 credits)Look weist pages (300 credits)

If you oase collected sufficient credits, you kann sein buy jeden tag raffle tickets with i beg your pardon you kann open one von the doors und take part an the raffle. This zu sein how that works:

Sign in with your PlayStation account.Complete assignments und earn credits.Use die credits to buy raffle fahrkarte to success prizes every day.

The PlayStation development Calendar will anfang (unsurprisingly) tomorrow, December 1st, 2021. Von clicking ~ above the verknüpfung below, sie will festland on the verwandt, angemessen campaign page, wherein you can get an ext information and take part directly.

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The inquisitive football player have so been assumed of. So you can invest her points in advance und take a look at the expected profits. It ist possible to open individual doors with in investment von 1,000 coins each. Assorted profits are surprise behind it. To name a few examples:

Gaming-Monitor ROG PG32UQWifi 6 Router ROG Strix GS-AX5400Pulse 3D Wireless-HeadsetPlayseat – jeden Racing SeatDualSense Wireless-ControllerSony WH1000XM4 wireless headphonesPS4 Pro an der death Stranding restricted EditionTiny Tinas Wonderlands-PackageAnd plenty of other prizes

Maybe a PS5 zu sein hiding behind one von the doors? kommen sie spoil a bit: you won’t find anything ~ above December 24, 2021.

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* graffiti from the mannschaft bundle ist made an the style des the anime “Tokyo Ghoul”