With “Bauer suche Frau” Antonia Hemmer ended up being a social media star. Their latest action, however, go backwards (photo montage).

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Model Antonia Hemmer was in the 16th season von “Bauer sucht Frau”. Patrick’s former lady-in-waiting freshly ticked off on Instagram.

Since ns 16th season native “Farmer is looking for a wife” is Antonia Hemmer ein Social-Media-Star.In a Instagram-Story saw Antonia a shop und doesn’t seem to be wearing a mask.When some fans hit ns missing mask react, Antonia freaks out und speaks level text.

Through die 16th season von “Bauer sucht Frau”* has actually been Antonia Hemmer known. An the TV-Show through Inca Bause* die 20-year-old modell was one von the 3 Hofdamen native Jungbauer Patrick Romer native Baden-Württemberg. However already in the third episode of the show, ns 20-year-old announced her premature Hofwochen-Aus and let Patrick sad back. Ns pressure from her competitors was simply too great, Antonia said in bei exclusive interview ** weil das their early departure.

“Bauer suche Frau” (RTL): Antonia freaks out totally – reason surprised

But it was quiet an Baden-Württemberg after Antonia’s departure Not. After all, two frau were ausblüten vying zum the heart of the 25-year-old young farmer. In the end it ist Juliathat ns remaining days through Patrick was allowed kommen sie spend. The two approached, had actually a last of funny together and kissed also several times. But bei Season finale with Inka Bause* everything turned the end differently. Patrick explained to ns presenter von RTL* that he and Julia room after “Farmer zu sein looking zum a wife” yet did not become a couple.

Instead, it is in him and Antonia an a „Kennlernphase“Patrick told the perplexed Inca Bause an the tonnage episode. A couple of days later, ns young farmer and the modell made their connection public. Antonia currently lives temporarily close to Konstanz in Baden-Württembergto from Patrick notfall to be too far away. Ns couple regularly articles from the show “Bauer sucht Frau” pair pictures top top Instagram. Ns photos are notfall the just thing Antonia posts.

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NameAntonia Hemmer (20)
place von residenceConstance, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Known from16th season des Bauer sucht Frau
SenderRTL Television
ModerationInca Bause

“Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL): go Antonia disregard corona rules? fans surprised

The 20 year alt Candidate weil das “Bauer sucht Frau” 2020* has jetzt become a real one Influencerin become. über participating bei the TV-Show and their teil hot photos on Instagram* has actually been Antonia kommen sie a social media star. More than 80,000 people follow ns former Candidate native RTL right now on Instagram. First und foremost are Cosmetic products und dress, the Antonia advertised on their instagram page. Recently she has also been equipping her own online shop.

In enhancement to herstellung advertising appearances, ns former Candidate from “Farmer ist looking for a wife” your Fans on regular basis participate bei their private life. Your last instagram story causes trouble, however. The reason: it zu sein filming itself Antonia in a chocolaterie while eat mango und caramel chocolate. At erste this is nothing unusual. But her fans notice that the modell does not Mouth and nose protection wearing. Disregarded Antonia an Baden-Württemberg the corona rules?

“Bauer sucht Frau” (RTL): Disregarded the corona rules? This zu sein how Antonia reacts

The ex Hofdame indigenous “Farmer is looking zum a wife” reacts automatically to the comments of herstellung fans und says: “It’s stunner that i justify myself for something prefer that.” just how should she try something wie man she ist wearing a mask? “If who writes kommen sie me now: ‘Where’s her mask’, ich really freak out,” explains die visibly uncomfortable Antonia in the story ~ above Instagram. Before und after ns tasting, she wore mouth and nose protection. The seller was behind a plexiglass pane.

In addition, die employee has actually one FFP2-Mask worn, defines Jungbauer’s freundin Patrick on top von that. An addition zu her, over there were only two other people in the cacao shop. “Where zu sein your problem, please?” Asks Antonia your fans. And adds: “Please stroked nerves someone else or nur unfollow me.” your enjoyment von the exotic chocolate lasst uns the former Candidate indigenous “Bauer suche Frau” 2020* punkt least not to it is in spoiled by criticism native some des their fans.

“Bauer suche Frau” (RTL): after a mask debacle – Antonia visibly annoyed

After your short frenzy top top Instagram raves Antonia from die chocolate again. “Suddenly other ignites in your mouth,” explains ns former Hofdame from “Farmer is looking zum a wife” top top Instagram. She didn’t expect the reactions von her fans at all. As reported wanted Antonia with your Chocolate content actually spread joy in social networks. However, the action walk backwards. * zu sein part des the Ippen-Digital network.

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