Bayern Gegen Wolfsburg Dfb Pokal

Bayern Munich steamrolled Wolfsburg on Tuesday an their DFB-Pokal second-round clash, their 3-1 success at ns Volkswagen-Arena seeing belastung year"s runners-up development to ns round of 16.

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Douglas Costa netted a long-ranged screamer at an early stage on, und Thomas Muller added a brace prior to half-time kommen sie put die visitors fine ahead. Andre Schurrle netted a consolation score late, however it was notfall enough as die title holders crashed out des the German cup.

Following die action, B/R bring away a closer look at at the action and picks out ns people who gained und lost ns most from the action. Click "Begin Slideshow" weil das our picks.

Winner: thomas Muller
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Michael Sohn/Associated Press

Although Douglas Costa scored the opener for Bayern, thomas Muller bagged a brace to make that 2-0 and 3-0 to ns hosts, putting the result kommen sie bed well before half-time. Die Germany international ghosted in at the back post to fire a pair des first-touch finishes into the net, ns second v a specifically skillful volley.

With sechs goals an his tonnage four games versus German opponents, Muller may oase managed zu usurp robert Lewandowski together Bayern"s many in-form attacker.

Winner: Kingsley Coman
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Michael Sohn/Associated Press

From ns opening kick-off, Kingsley Coman was a winner. Ns fact the he was included in the beginning lineup in a single-elimination enhance was an endorsement von the 19-year-old, who began ahead of the likes of Arjen Robben und Arturo Vidal.

The Chilean would schutz been a really reasonable option from the start, offered that, an his absence, there was no true ball-winner an central midfield. Yet Guardiola choose to anfang the youngster instead.

Coman go outstandingly well kommen sie justify his beginning role. Although that neither scored nor assisted directly, the youngster was instrumental an creating Bayern"s second und third goals prior to his substitution. Again that looked in extremely tires player for his years. He appears destined be a superstar, sooner or later.

Loser: Dieter Hecking
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Jon Super/Associated Press

Germany"s Coach von the Year, Dieter Hecking, had actually a brilliant 2014-15 campaign. He won ns DFB-Pokal, führen zu his side zu second an the Bundesliga und was fully deserving von his award.

He hasn"t adhered to up the brilliance des this spring thus much this season, however. And on Tuesday, die Wolfsburg trainer was found badly lacking.

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Wolfsburg lined trost defensively enough but were however put to ns sword on die wings. Ns center-backs und goalkeeper Diego Benaglio didn"t look specifically suspect, but christen Trasch an particular was nightmarish on die wing, raising die question von what sebastian Jung was signed for.

Vieirinha also started to add defensive support, yet neither the nor daniel Caligiuri added very viel to ns Wolfsburg attack and lacked ns physicality kommen sie contain the mögen of Douglas Costa und Kingsley Coman.

Hecking could have done a far better job in preparing his side zum Bayern"s soup play, however instead Wolfsburg to be absolutely devastated on die flanks. Und then there"s die question of why max Kruse was benched, given his outstanding form heading into die match. All an all, a really poor video game from Hecking.


Maxi Arnold has long been known zum his talent, but ns youngster has apparently herbst out des favor with Hecking und has just started twice weil das Wolfsburg due to the fact that mid-August.

An early on injury to christen Trasch saw ns 21-year-old kommen sie off ns bench. Arnold was one von the few bright spots zum Wolfsburg and played a couple of great passes regardless of seeing little of ns ball and his teammates having little to offer. An the end, he was rewarded with in assist zu Andre Schurrle.

According to Sport Bild (h/t, an German) Arnold zu sein ready to pursue a transfer away from ns Volkswagen arena should he remain a substitute. That made a good appeal top top Tuesday zum a beginning role.


A couple of years ago, christian Trasch was a Germany international. A few months ago, Ricardo Rodriguez was arguably ns best left-back bei the Bundesliga.

On Tuesday, weil das the 2nd time bei just over a month"s time, they to be both roasted von Bayern"s strike down ns flanks. The final, aggregate score von Wolfsburg"s tonnage two matches through Bayern: 8-2.

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Trasch and Rodriguez wollen both need kommen sie do a bit of soul-searching ~ Tuesday"s result. Wolfsburg weren"t even an especially poor through ns center, however Douglas Costa, Kingsley Coman und Arjen siegel brutalized ns hosts on ns wings.