Bayern München Stern Des Südens

A group of FC bayerisch München fan have effectively managed to reconstruct the erste FC bayerisch anthem. Initially written an 1907, the song had been lost zum decades, but jetzt you kann sein hear it once more.

Du schaust: Bayern münchen stern des südens

Will hearing this long-lost anthem give bayern players a boost? Don"t fehlschlagen out on main Fantasy clues if it does.

The first-ever FCB songs were found an the club’s history chronicles, however only the lyrics zum ’Rot und Weiß" (Red und White - 1905) und "Bayernlied" (Bayern song - 1907) were only documented, through no accompanying music. These two songs were created nur years ~ Bayern’s founding in 1900, composed von H.P. Blame and Siegfried herrmann respectively. Not much more ist known about ns composers, but it ist known the "Bayernlied" was the erste official anthem des FC Bayern and was frequently sung von the football player on die train to away games. In modern terms, that would be like uli Hoeneß composing "Stern von Süden" und Philipp Lahm and Thomas müller then belting it out on a plane.

Watch: die first-ever FC bayern anthem has actually been rebuilded from scratch and is jetzt ready for FCB fan to song along.

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Reconstructing ns music kommen sie this lied has been a painstaking process for those involved. The kopieren, gruppe tried your luck bei the FCB archive, but without success. It’s so not well-known whether any type of living bayerisch fans schutz previously heard die song and would now recognise it. However, die determined kopieren, gruppe did notfall give up and they turned zu any resources easily accessible in in attempt zu put part music to ns century-old words. They wanted fans to it is in able to sing along, dafür turned to numerous regional choirs zum help yet were turned down almost every time.

Much kommen sie their credit, the group never gave an and oase now created a video to be bezeichnen at die Allianz arena ahead des the tie against TSG 1899 Hoffenheim.

When asked about what’s possible zum the newly recovered song and whether it could replace "Stern des Südens" hinweisen Bayern, the trio of fans could just laugh and say, "We’d oase nothing against that’.

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Find the end how bayerisch react to the das lied against Hoffenheim and more bei the complement Centre.

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