Wolfsburg overcame ns heartache des their recent Champions League exit with win over rivals bayerisch Munich in the German Cup semifinal. Only Eintracht frankfurt stand betwee Wolfsburg and a seventh directly cup.

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Wolfsburg 2-0 bayern Munich, AOK Stadium (Popp 13", Pajor 45"+2)

Wolfsburg"s quest zu retain your German Cup crown remains on track after overcoming the greatest hurdle that they"re likely to face — inflicting a zuerst defeat of the season on bayerisch Munich bei the process.

For Wolfsburg, it"s a win that means deshalb much. They come into the game new from a demoralizing and comprehensive 5-1 aggregate defeat by Chelsea in the champion League, a loss that had suggested something of a changing des the safety at die top ende of die women"s game on the continent.

Faced with bayerisch Munich zurück home bei the German Cup, that would have been easy zum Wolfsburg zu feel sorry for themselves against in opponent in astounding form. They"d won every 26 gamings they"d played this season, leaving Wolfsburg an their wake bei the Bundesliga, too.


This was Bayern"s zuerst loss after a run von 27 straight victories

"Still a top club"

So this victory was redemption zum Wolfsburg, who domestic und European supremacy has come under risk from teams such together Chelseaand Bayern, political parties who space beginning kommen sie invest much more into their female teams und challenge die supremacy Wolfsburg oase enjoyed over ns past decade.

"We are blieb a top club und we showed that today," said Wolfsburg midfielder Lena Oberdorf hinweisen full time. "We dominated the game yes, really well."

Bayern coach jens Scheuer was in agreement, payment tribute to die "robustness"shown über his team"s opponents.

"In the end it was a deserved win zum Wolfsburg - we schutz to identify that,"Scheuer conceded. "We wanted kommen sie dominate the game but we let die robustness von the Wolfsburg women determine the outcome."

Popp leads über example

Wolfsburg"s performance demonstrated your maturity, taking bei early lead und not sit on it till they had actually a two-goal cushion. Bayern buckled under the pressure and had no response,it may prove to be die blueprint weil das how zu beat the Bavarians.

Captain Alexandra hündchen had collection Wolfsburg on the path to victory through a confident strike on the run, hammering home from nur inside ns box. Popp, a serial winner through Wolfsburg, was superb, setting ns tone zum her side, that were great value for the two-goal advantage von the time Ewa Pajor doubled their lead an first geholfen stoppage time.

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Bayern, whose hopes des a Bundesliga, champion League und German Cup treble schutz now to be dashed, developed very little and, von the time last woman Simone Boye Sorensen was shown a directly red card zum a experienced foul, bayern were fine beaten. Ns only concern weil das Wolfsburg, who will meet Eintracht Frankfurt in the final in Cologne on might 30,came late on when welpe picked up a fuß injury, forcing produziert off.

While bayerisch remain well-placed to end Wolfsburg"s run des dominance an the Bundesliga, this victory was a stylish reminder the Wolfsburg are ausblüten a club kommen sie be reckoned with. And with bayerisch returning kommen sie Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga on might 9, Wolfsburg may schutz just cracked the code zum how kommen sie beat your rivals.


50 years of women"s football in Germany

Ignoring the ban

In 1955 ns German football association (DFB) issued a ban on die country"s football clubs creating women"s teams. Football is "essentially alien kommen sie the nature of women," it said bei a declare justifying ns move. "In die battle zum the ball, female grace disappears, body and soul inevitably endure damage." This didn"t stop figured out women, choose this team an Minden, from play football anyway.


50 years von women"s football bei Germany

Game on in the East

The DFB"s ban on women"s football only applied to West Germany. Bei East Germany, ns women were free kommen sie play. However, in 1969 die SED, ost Germany"s ruling communist party, decides that only men"s football would be funded and promoted as an elite sport. The east German women"s national team would play just one game, shedding to die Czech and Slovak Federative Republic 3-0 on might 9, 1990.


50 years of women"s football bei Germany

Discriminatory half abolished

Fifteen year later, ns DFB"s opposition to frau playing die beautiful video game crumbled. Below legendary bayern Munich and West Germany striker Gerd müller (second indigenous right) tosses ns coin before officiating a July 1970 women"s match kommen sie raise funds for the deutsche Sporthilfe (German Sports assist Foundation). Top top October 31, 1970, the DFB officially abolished ns discriminatory ban imposed in 1955.

50 years des women"s football in Germany

A zuerst for Stuttgart"s Neckarstadion

It wasn"t lang before frau were play on ns same fields where only men had been allowed. Here, TSV Öschelbronn challenge Spielvereinigung Weil in dem Schönbuch in the first-ever women"s match hinweisen Bundesliga society VfB Stuttgart"s residence ground, the Neckarstadion. TSV Öschelbronn won die match 3-1.

50 years of women"s football an Germany

First woman kommen sie win German TV"s "Goal des the Month"

However, ns DFB blieb refused to form a women"s national team. "This was clearly a setback," remembers west German women"s football legend Bärbel Wohlleben. "We were just allowed zu play two halves of 30 minute too." herstellung club, TuS Wörsstadt won the first official German women"s title an 1974. Her goal an the final versus DJK Eintracht Erle was voted "Goal von the Month" by viewers von ARD TV.

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50 years of women"s football in Germany

Bergisch-Gladbach: welt champions!

SSG Bergisch Gladbach 09 soon emerge as the dominant team in West German women"s football, to win nine national titles und three DFB Cup titles between 1977 und 1989. Notfall only that, yet they also represent west Germany at in international invitational tournament in Taiwan, to win what was then seen as the unofficial women"s welt championship bei 1981 und 1984.

50 years of women"s football bei Germany

First match, easy victory

In 1982, die DFB lastly gives nach oben its opposition to the gebildet of a women"s national team. Top top October 10, 1982 the West German frau win your first-ever international 5-1 over Switzerland. SSG Bergisch Gladbach 09"s Silvia Neid, that would go on kommen sie a successful spell as the head coach des the German women"s national team, jahrgangsstufen a brace.

50 years of women"s football bei Germany

First official international title

In 1989 west Germany hosts die Women"s europe Championship. The West Germans win Italy on penalties an the semifinal – the zuerst women"s game broadcast live on west German TV. They monitor this hoch with a 4-1 success over Norway an the final. Here, julia Nardenbach, petra Damm und Doris Fitschen (from left) memory with die trophy. Germany"s women have since winner seven much more European titles.

50 years des women"s football bei Germany

Siegen win zuerst Bundesliga title

In 1990, the DFB established the Women"s Bundesliga, just before reunification, making die 1990-91 season in all-West German affair. 2 former ost German groups joined die following season. Ns Bundesliga was split right into north und south divisions, with die winners von each qualifying zum the final. The zuerst Women"s Bundesliga champions were TSV Siegen. Ns two departments were merged in 1997.

50 years des women"s football an Germany

German and European domination: 1. FFC Frankfurt

The first European champions were 1. FFC Frankfurt. Here, Nia Künzer (center) is bei action versus Umea IK bei the final von the 2002 UEFA Women"s Cup. Frankfurt would go on to win two more in 2006 und 2008. über the time lock won ns 2015 title, ns competition had actually been remained die Women"s champions League. They deshalb dominated die Bundesliga, winning seven titles between 1999 und 2008.

50 years of women"s football an Germany

Germany"s zuerst World Cup champions

In 2003, the German frau win their erste World Cup title, beating Sweden 2-1 in the last played in Carson, California. Nia Künzer"s header bei the 98th minute was the gelb Goal that offered Germany die title. As was deshalb the tradition for ns men at the time, die world champions were welcomed residence with a reception hinweisen Frankfurt stadt Hall, where they to be feted by thousands of fans.

50 years of women"s football in Germany

Birgit Prinz: Three-time Women"s Footballer von the Year

The Golden boot winner with seven goals an six matches was superstar striker tweet Prinz. She was named world Women"s Footballer von the Year three mal from 2003 to 2005 and was also named Germany"s Women"s Footballer of the year eight times. When she hung up herstellung boots in 2011 she had 214 caps and 128 objectives to her name, more than any kind of other national team player – frau or man.

50 years of women"s football in Germany

Another first

At the 2007 welt Cup an China, Germany come to be the zuerst team to defend a Women"s welt Cup location – und do so in impressive fashion! their record is incredible: six wins und a draw, 21 objectives scored, no one against. Führen zu by their captain, tweet Prinz, Germany to win Brazil 2-0 an the final. The bad news is that Germany"s women oase never reached a welt Cup last since.

50 years of women"s football in Germany

First Champions league champions

Prior to ns 2009-2010 season, ns UEFA Women"s Cup was rebranded die UEFA Women"s champions League. Another German mannschaft would lift the neu Champions organization trophy. 1. FFC Turbine potsdam beat Olympique Lyon an a penalty shootout bei the final an Getafe – ending up being European Champions zum a second time after ~ 2005.

50 years des women"s football in Germany

Striking Olympic gold in Rio

Two year after die German men won die 2014 welt Cup an Rio außerdem Janeiro"s legend Maracana Stadium, the German frauen beat Sweden 2-1 an the final des the women"s 2016 Olympic tournament kommen sie win the gold medal in the exact same venue. This was the erste time the Germany had actually won gold, having actually had kommen sie settle zum Olympic kupfer medals in 2000, 2004, and 2008.

50 years des women"s football in Germany

Silvia Neid: every there was zu win

The 2016 Olympic gold medal in Rio ist Silvia Neid"s crowning achievement. Having actually won die European Championship three zeit as a player, Neid took over as national team coach an 2005. She would certainly lead the team to die 2007 welt Cup title, europe Championship titles in 2009 und 2013 and finally kommen sie Olympic gold in 2016. Three zeit she was named FIFA world Coach of the Year zum Women"s Football.

50 years von women"s football in Germany

Dominant Wolfsburg

Currently, ns dominant team bei German women"s football are VfL Wolfsburg. Alexandra welpe (photo) und the rest of the women"s Wolves have won die double in each des the past 4 years. Because 2013, die club has won ns Bundesliga sechs times und the DFB Cup seven times. An addition, the club has won ns Champions organization twice (2013, 2014) and lost an three more finals.

Author: stefan Nestler, futter Penfold

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