PSG's Kylian Mbappe, left, und Bayern's Joshua Kimmich challenge zum the null during die Champions League last soccer match bolzen Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich at ns Luz stadium bei Lisbon, Portugal, Sunday, Aug. 23, 2020.AP



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Approval von the revamped champion League style has been stalled as elite clubs seek much more control over ns sale of commercial and broadcasting rights to European soccer’s elite competition.

UEFA hoped zu use in executive committee meeting on Wednesday kommen sie ratify ns expansion von the kopieren, gruppe stage indigenous 32 kommen sie 36 teams, jumping from sechs to 10 rounds of matches indigenous 2024.

There zu sein broad agreement bolzen European clubs und domestic leagues on the neu format ~ years des wrangling yet questions remain around how kommen sie raise und distribute Champions organization revenues.

UEFA has zu resolve the framework with ns European Club association over ns creation von a joint venture kommen sie sell civil liberties to die Champions League, a person with knowledge von the situation told The verbunden Press ~ above Tuesday.

Clubs wollen gain a say only an the marketing and television legal rights sales von the competition, leaving UEFA to ausblüten control the sporting and governance aspects, the person said on condition des anonymity kommen sie discuss confidential talks.

It is in attempt von UEFA kommen sie stave off privatgelände calls von former europe champions including real Madrid, Barcelona und Manchester united to form a breakaway, mainly closed competition that they would control.

UEFA desires a minimal guarantee des revenue zu protect its jae won position, while so taking a 6.5% cut des the cash generated von the joint undertaking that would change Switzerland-based agency team Marketing, i beg your pardon has had actually exclusive civil liberties from UEFA zu sell the Champions League due to the fact that 1992.

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The champions League currently shares virtually 2 exchange rate euros ($2.4 billion) every season amongst 32 clubs, that are separation into eight groups of four to start with. The neu format wollen add 100 gamings as a 36-team single-standings league ist created, adding in four an ext clubs from die current format. The ECA desires two locations saved zum clubs with a high UEFA ranking, or “coefficient,” based on historic results, ~ failing an its bid to turn the Champions League into a competition where up to 24 areas were permanently locked in.

That would guarantee 10 games for each des the 36 teams, against 10 various opponents with balanced schedules based on seedings. Ns current layout consists des six group games against three opponents. Ns top eight teams would breakthrough to die round of 16. The next finest 16 teams would enter a two-leg playoff to complete the bracket. Ns tournament would deshalb play matches for the first time ~ above Thursdays which has previously to be reserved zum the europa League.

While ns second-tier competition ist envisaged zu stay weist 32 teams, it is so set kommen sie adopt a variation of the “Swiss System” style from chess tournaments. Deswegen the number von rounds in the group stage would climb from sechs to eight.

UEFA confirmed the future von club competitions from 2024 would blieb be disputed at ns executive committee conference on Wednesday.

“However, any kind of official decision bei this respect möchte only it is in made at die next UEFA executive, management committee meeting on 19 April, bei order to finalize ongoing discussions,” die governing human body said in a statement.

European Leagues president Lars-Christer Olsson said last week he got “guarantees the no clubs space taking over the club competitions native UEFA” during a conversation with ns governing body leadership.

“It’s UEFA club competitions and they will always have the last say,” Olsson said. “That zu sein not handed over kommen sie any other body weil das decision making.”

(The associated Press contributed zu this report.)

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