Enders gas grills - ns premium klasse for grilling satisfied

Every year barbecue championships are held nationwide. There ist a professional verband for grill & BBQ championships in Germany und many grill clubs. But freundin don"t oase to be one von the grill elite zu get a good result. All you need ist a good grill.

The Ender"s gas grill market is one von them the best gas barbecuescurrently available bei the market. Thanks to the gas operation, die grill or dough kann be cook to the degree. There zu sein no smoke, no unpleasant odors and harmful substances, such as Charcoal grill, tun können not to happen either.

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continuous temperature zum low food preparation Cooker integrated bei side shelf Space for 11 kg gas cylinder bei the cabinet


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1 foldable next shelf Cooker integrated in second next shelf Space zum 5 kg gas cylinder in the room
NameEnders gas grill KANSAS jeden 4 Turbo, side cooker, 3 burner, infraredEnders gas Grill MONROE 3, Turbo Zone, basic Clean, Stainless SteelEnders gas BBQ BBQ boston 4 IK, 4 stainless stole burner, infrared, v lidEnders gas grill 86866 boston 3 K through side cooker, 3 burnersCamping gas grill Enders table gas grill city 2095PriceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck priceCheck pricecomparison resultNote on die comparative grade

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manufacturersEndersEndersEndersEndersEndersdesignationKansas pro 3 SIK turboMonroe 3 SIK TurboBoston schwarze farbe 4 IKChicago 3UrbanArticle no.87078383686876893762095TypeGrillwagenGrillwagenGrillwagenGrillwagentable GrillGrill area60 ns 45 centimeter 65 ns 49 cm 74 x 43 centimeter 60 x 42 centimeter 48 x 32 cm overall performance18,6 kW19,5 kW21,15 kW9,6kW4,4 kWside Burner3,5 kW2,9 kW3,15 kWwithoutwithoutinfrared burner4 kW4 kW4 kWwithoutwithoutNumber des burners13 ns 4,2 kW4 x 3,5 kW3 x 3,2 kW2 ns 2,2 kWTurbo ZoneSimple CleanSwitch gridThermometerwindowworking height89 cm85 cm90 cm85 cm23 cmConstruction size b / ns / H142 ns 64 ns 118 cm136 ns 69 ns 115 cm144 x 61 ns 115 cm125 x 51 ns 108 cm94 ns 42 x34 cmOutdoor wheels / castors0/42/22/20/4withoutFeaturesEasier relocation with 4 castors5 practical cutlery hooksResonating warming rackEasier relocation through 4 castorsalso suitable for gas cartridgesAdvantages consistent temperature weil das low food preparation Cooker integrated in side shelf Space weil das 11 kg gas cylinder in the cabinet Cooker integrated in side shelf Space zum 5 kg gas cylinder in the cabinet 1 foldable next shelf Cooker integrated in second next shelf Space zum 5 kg gas cylinder bei the cabinet foldable next shelves Space zum 5 kg gas cylinder an the cabinet for gas party or screw-in cartridge frame with moving handlesSummaryPerfectly equipped barbecue trolley with large viewing windowEnders gas grill of the upper klasse for ambitious grill friendsEnder"s gas grill v lots von power und 4 gas burnersGrill car from Enders weil das a great priceSmall table grill über Enders zum grilling on die way or on the balconyTo the amazon offer