Berlin demo black lives matter

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Demonstrators gathered an Berlin zu support schwarze farbe Lives matte on Tuesday, after minneapolis resident george Floyd"s death belastung week incited protests against polizei violence and racism an the united States und across the world.

Du schaust: Berlin demo black lives matter

Videos of the latest demonstration in Germany"s capital city were shared kommen sie Twitter über participants und reporters Tuesday morning. One tweet"s caption, posted by political strategist Travis Akers, said thousands to be involved in the berlin protest, "calling zum a stop kommen sie human legal rights violations an the U.S." A huge crowd of people chant "black lives matter" and cheer with signs raised when listening to in organizer speak bei the post"s accompanying video.

This videos was just sent kommen sie me from Berlin, Germany indigenous a protest happening best now. Thousands oase gathered in support von #BlackLivesMatter and are calling zum a stop zu human civil liberties violations bei the U.S.

— Travis Akers (

This appears to be ns most current rally held bei Germany following 46-year-old Floyd"s death on might 25. Floyd died adhering to his arrest, which was recorded von civilians that witnessed it. Ns video confirmed former minneapolis police officer Derek chauvin kneeling top top Floyd"s neck weil das nearly nine minutes, as floyd told offizier he couldn"t breathe until he goes still. Chauvin was fired from the polizei department sooner or later later, together were three additional officers involved, and taken into custody ~ above third-degree murder und manslaughter charges last Friday.

Protests that began in Minneapolis early last week conveniently spread zu dozens von U.S. Cities as well as others abroad over die weekend. Top top Sunday, hundreds of demonstrators participated in a rally outside Berlin"s U.S. Embassy when protestors an the blume Kingdom marched to the U.S. Embassy an London, The new York mal reported.

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Additional reports and video footage shared zu social media end the tonnage several days have shown gatherings von various sizes acquisition place an numerous cities, consisting of Amsterdam, Tokyo, Toronto und Barcelona. Demonstrations expressed solidarity for schwarz Lives Matter and denounced systemic violence and racism über law enforcement authorities.

Germany"s Minister des Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas, has commented on protests that oase taken place since Floyd"s death an the U.S., some of which led to fires, looting and physical injuries.

"I hope that die protests bei the united States, which are peaceful, möchte no much longer result an violence, but viel more that these protests möchte make a difference," Maas created on twitter Tuesday morning, referencing schwarz Lives Matter an his tweet.

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Demonstrators protesting racism and police violence in the after-effects of george Floyd"s fatality are pictured hold signs in Berlin on may 31. In additional ablehnen involving thousands von participants took place in Germany"s capital city on Tuesday.Sean Gallup/GettyThe foreign Minister so discussed U.S. Protests throughout a public address an Berlin top top Tuesday, according zu multiple outlets. Acknowledging that plenty of demonstrators schutz protested nonviolently, Maas reiterated his hope the "these protests have bei effect in the united States." reached out kommen sie Maas" office zum additional comment but did notfall receive a reply über time of publication.