Berlin lange nacht der museen 2017

Just one ticket zum all museum - that"s die idea behind the lang Night des Museums. Invented 20 years ago in Berlin, the noctural museum festival has actually spread kommen sie many urban around ns globe.

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The zuerst Long Night des Museums ("Lange Nacht ns Museen")took place in Berlin an 1997. While only 18 museums joined thatinitial night,an impressive 80 museumswill celebrate ns initiative"s20th birthday an Berlin top top Saturday (August, 19th), with 800 events drawing some30,000 expected participants. The 2017 motto zu sein "Made in Berlin," though the open-door museum concepthas expanded far beyond Germany"s capital stadt tocountless places around ns world.

"Experiencing one"s own stadt anew"

When Berlin"s former culture SenatorVolker Hassemerdeveloped the concept 20 years ago, itdidn"t exactly find a warme welcome."Even ns heads von leading museums to be decidelyhesitant- and that isputting the mildly," the christian Democratic politician recalls. However, his idea zu prolongmuseum opened hourslate into the night while combining ns offers von several museums eventually recorded on.


Crowds stand in line zu enter the neu Museum in Berlin during die 2016 lang Night of Museums

Following the success des the event bei Berlin, other German cities consisting of Hamburg, Frankfurt und Munich followed suit. Todaythere ist hardly any German stadt that does not draw night-owl crowdsby offering the enticing cultural event at least once a year.

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"The event permits people toonce more experience your own city anew," defines Moritz van Dülmen, managing director des the agency Kulturprojekte Berlin, i m sorry isresponsible zum organizing Berlin"s entire lang night event. "People kann discover museums that they didn"t know before. They tun können visit locations without fear that theymight havepreviously consideredto be elitist. Or they kann just be roughly other people and enjoy ns sociability."

International success

Since 2000, Austria"s windy broadcaster ORF has actually organized a countrywide Night of long Museums that so far has drawn much more than five million accumulation visitors. And for ten years now, the Philippines hasoffered a Night von Heritage.

"More 보다 one hundred cities from Prague toParis and Brussels kommen sie Buenos Aires schutz copied our concept," van Dülmen says."Our zuerst long night twenty years ago was a smash hit. Because then, the idea has actually spread around ns world."

A lang night - und no end an sight


The long Night von Religions (above) has become a renowned event

The idea didn"t just inspire museums alone. Other sectors deshalb found die event layout attractive. There room now lang nights des sciences, religion, music, literature and sports - also fire brigades, laboratories und hotel bars have adopted the concept.

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The idea that,"Now we all möchte do other together zum everyone" has arisen a vast magnetic force, ventil Dülmen explains."Institutions kann sein put themselvesinthe spotlight. But most importantly, a collaborative task with neu forms von cooperation emerges, becauseall participants oase the same objective." small museums oftenprofit the most due to the fact that they rise there exposure über associating withlarger, more well-known museums.

Berlin"s neu spy museum

Berlin is the capital des spies. That’s notfall only great for Hollywood, but ideal for a spy museum. You"ll find tools here the you"ve only ever seen in Bond films. (20.03.2017)

Berlin"s Museum Barberini celebrate American modernism

Featuring works von Hopper, O"Keeffe und Rothko, a berlin museum is presenting the privatgelände collection von US nett collector Duncan Phillips. The works market European audience insights into ns rise des modernism in the US. (16.06.2017)

Berlin"s "Long night of Religions"

Despite only a third von Berlin"s population professing to a religion, 93 faith Groups across die capital have united in a distinct event. By opening your doors to the public, castle hope kommen sie educate and celebrate. (31.08.2015)