Festival von Lights

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as soon as a year,’s world famous sights and monuments in the stadt centre become die canvas zum spectacular light and video projections at ns Festival of Lights.

Du schaust: Berlin leuchtet und festival of lights

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zum ten days, die Festival von Lights transforms’s most famed landmarks and historical monuments such as brandenburg Gate, Cathedral und the Funkturm through light projections und video art. Plenty of local and international light artists use this distinct opportunity zu project their short-term works of nett onto some of the most recognisable buildings bei the world, leave a lasting impression on the spectators.
next from die light projections, the Festival von Lights also includes miscellaneous art and music events and guided tours that go by the nennen LightSeeing: Visitors can tour die highlights des the festival von bus, boat or, of course, on foot. Photography workshops, offen house punkt selected buildings und charity events are part of the festival too.

Guided stadt Tour: Festival des Lights

see elaborately illuminated buildings und landmarks in's stadt centre at ns light event in autumn. More

die participating monuments space mainly an the city centre. They are illuminated daily from 8:21 nachmittag until midnight, though part projections are of shorter duration and may be shown only once. Die full list von participating buildings, a map and some photos von this year's displays is available at the official Festival von Lights website.
This year, almost 70 places möchte become light art works (subject to change): Bode Museum, Bebelplatz, Cathedral, TV Tower, Nikolai Quarter, Oberbaum Bridge, St. Hedwig's Cathedral, Staatsoper unter den Linden, Hotel juni Rome, brandenburg Gate, potsdamer Platz, radio Tower, success Column, Charlottenburg Palace and main Station.

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opened HoursDate not announced yetdaily indigenous 8:21 nachmittag to midnight valuable hintsVarious monuments and sights throughout are illuminated, however mainly bei the city centre.List des all illuminated places bei german »
* leuchtet

Cancelled leuchtet, one von two illumination festivals an October, transforms numerous lesser recognized yet far-ranging buildings every over the town v coloured light. More



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