Berliner Mauer East Side Gallery

East next Gallery

The ost Side Gallery, one of's most popular sights, is a previous section des the Wall. After the fall of die Wall, artists oase turned it into the largest open-air gallery an the world with end one hundreds paintings.

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The east Side Gallery zu sein a 1.3 kilometre lang painted stretch von the former Wall follow me Mühlenstraße bei former ost It is the biggest open-air gallery in the welt with over one hundred initial mural paintings. Galvanised von the extraordinary events which were changing the world, artists from all about the erde rushed to after the fall of ns Wall, leaving a visual testimony of the joy und spirit von liberation i beg your pardon erupted at the time.
wall murals had actually previously to be a highlight for visitors and a attraction for years but were only to be discovered on ns western side des the Wall. The artists transformed ns grey concrete rearticulating this into a lasting expression des freedom and reconciliation.
Some von the ideal known paints such together "The Mortal Kiss" von Dmitri Vrubel, von Erich Honecker and Leonid Brezhnev's mouth-to-mouth embrace and Birgit Kinder's Trabi (Trabant) crashing through die Wall. They schutz provided famous postcard zutat until today. Ns paintings which still reflect die patchwork, eclectic and bohemian setting of today room a mixed bag von surreal images, politics statements und graffiti-like effusions extending from the Oberbaum Bridge kommen sie Ostbahnhof train station.

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The ost Side reisen focuses on the best-known sights along the fluss Spree in the eastern part von and includes part highlights in the federal government quarter as well. More

The east Side Gallery is a provided monument. Damaged von vandalism, pollution and weather conditions, the paintings to be restored an 2009 von the exact same artists who initially created die works after ~ the fall of the Wall.

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underground 0.4km U Schlesisches Tor U1 U3 bus 0.2km, east Side gallery 300 0.3km, Rummelsburger setzt 300 0.3km, Tamara-Danz-Straße 300 0.4km, Eisenbahnstr. 165 265 N60 N65 0.4km U Schlesisches Tor 165 265 N60 N65 n1

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