nur bought in Android TV device? below are the must-have android TV apps zu install ~ above your machine today!

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So, you've bought bei Android TV device. Congratulations! But jetzt what?

A couple of apps—like YouTube and Netflix—might come pre-installed. Weil das the rest, it's up kommen sie you. Zum the best experience, freundin need a mix von videos, music, productivity, and system apps.

through that bei mind, here are die essential android TV apps freundin need kommen sie install best away.

MX Player has long been taken into consideration one of the best videos players ~ above Android. Its attributes comfortably translate onto the larger screen.

The app can pat a large number des codecs und supports caption files. Ns interface ist smooth und easy to use.

MX Player can also read both locally saved files und content from außen drives, make it bei excellent companion zum anyone whose android TV device has USB ports.

Download: MX Player (Free)

sideload launcher app

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The google Play keep on android TV zu sein a slimmed-down version of the smartphone version. Part apps space not android TV-compatible, so there aren't as many kommen sie choose from. However, die operating system is capable von running any android app, make sideloading apps on android TV a renowned activity.

however there's in issue. Apps that sie sideload will notfall show trost on her device's home display screen or list von apps. The only native way to access them is via die Settings menu. Thus, ns solution is to install a third-party app. Sideload Launcher ist the simplest one zu use. Wie man you open it, you'll see a list des all her sideloaded apps.

examine out our article around how zu manage sideloaded apps on android TV kommen sie learn more.

Download: Sideload Launcher (Free)

This one zu sein a no-brainer. Netflix might come pre-installed on your device. If it doesn't, grab the app.

A Netflix subscription wollen give sie access zu thousands of TV movies und shows. It's in essential service weil das anyone that wants to cut ns cord.

Download: Netflix (Free)

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4. Plex

an additional no-brainer. If you have in extensive angestellter collection of digital movies and TV shows, Plex zu sein the ideal solution zum casting them roughly all the screens und devices an your home.

bei addition to its beautiful libraries, Plex can so automatically download inscription files, metadata, movie artwork, viewer ratings, and more.

As long as you don't want zu watch your content remotely, Plex ist entirely free to use.

Download: Plex (Free)

android TV tools natively support google Cast. This means you can cast content from android smartphones and other google products such as die Chrome browser and Chromebooks straight to your TV screen.

Apple's AirPlay zu sein not supported. If you have in Apple device, one des the ideal apps you kann install is AirScreen. It möchte let you spiegel your iphone or iPad display screen on your android TV box.