Beste Handy Unter 300 Euro

You tun können get a gewächs of phone weil das a modest preis these days, und to prove it, we"ve rounded hoch a list of the best android phones under $300 zum your consideration. Motorola has been a top name in mid-range options weil das years, und that stop true v its terrific Moto G energie (2020). Freundin get capable specs with a huge display and simple software that anyone kann figure the end for bei extremely compete price. Plus, it has actually a substantial battery and convenient USB-C charging.

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Source: joe Maring / android Central

Motorola launched a few different Moto G phones weil das 2020, but the one the stands the end as die best pick for most people zu sein the Moto G power (2020). This phone nails all ns basics, has actually a really affordable price, and a kühl trick nach oben its sleeve — battery life.

A 5,000 mAh battery is crammed inside des the Moto G Power, definition you tun können get between two and three days von use out des the phone prior to needing to charge that up. An a world where a last of $1,000 flagships need zu charge every night, that"s darn impressive. Bei addition to the lang endurance, die Moto G power (2020) also shines with its 6.4-inch complete HD+ display, reputable performance, und three behind cameras that room a lot of fun kommen sie shoot with.

The cherry on top des the Moto G energie (2020) zu sein its compatibility v all significant U.S. Carriers. Deswegen whether freundin rely top top AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon zum your cell service, die Moto G power will arbeiten without a hitch. A 2021 version von the Power zu sein now available, yet it has a lesser processor and screen weil das the same price as the 2020 model. Therefore, us recommend sie pick up belastung year"s version zum the best Moto G energie experience.


Simple und effective softwareBattery large 2-3 days!Good cameras zum the pricePlenty fast for day-to-day useCompatible v all U.S. Carriers

Best overall android phone under $300

Moto G power (2020)

Everything sie need, weil das a great price

The Moto G series has always been a staple von this market, with great reason. However, die G stärke (2020) is in outstanding value bei every right.

Source: Derrek Lee / android Central

You may be acquainted with TCL weil das its low-cost televisions, however did sie know ns company deshalb makes android phones? die TCL 20S ist part von the company"s second-generation des U.S.-bound handsets. It"s also one of the most well-rounded devices you can get bei this preis range.

Speaking des TVs, one of the ideal parts des the TCL 20S zu sein its display. It features a 6.67-inch LCD panel with complete HD+ resolution, und thanks to TCL"s tradition NXTVISION technology, you"re treated zu increased sharpness, more vibrant images, and true-to-life colors. We so appreciate ns slim bezels and hole-punch cutout zum the take self camera.

Under-the-hood, the TCL 20S has actually a Snapdragon 665 processor und 6GB des RAM, one des the many impressive setups on this list. Die 5,000 mAh battery allows zum outstanding endurance, you get in NFC chip for Google pay support, und TCL"s software ist clean and fun to use. Over there are so four cameras ~ above the back for you to play with. Of course, with any kind of phone weist this preis point, there space tradeoffs. Die most notable exemptions on die 20S are the lack of 5G support und any official IP rating for water or dust protection.


Very great LCDAmple power chopsEnjoyable softwareGoogle Pay through NFCHuge 5,000mAh battery


No 5GNo IP rating

Best alternative android phone under $300

TCL 20S Unlocked

A worthy competitor an the spending plan space

It may not be your zuerst choice, but the TCL 20S stands out together one des the best cheap android phones, thanks an part zu its great display.

Source: joe Maring / android Central

The Moto G fast (2020) is an interesting device, sitting somewhere an the middle betwee the Moto G Power und the Moto E. It"s actually comparable to the G Power bei more ways than one, however it makes a few cuts kommen sie reach in even lower price.

You get ns same 6.4-inch screen size v small-ish bezels, but die resolution is dropped from complete HD+ to just HD+. This means ns G Fast"s display screen isn"t as sharp or pretty kommen sie look at, but it still gets the job done. You also have die same Snapdragon 665 processor, though RAM zu sein decreased from 4GB down zu 3GB. Storage deshalb drops from 64GB kommen sie 32GB, however thankfully, there"s a microSD slot for easy growth should sie need more room.

A 4,000 mAh battery allows zum very an excellent battery life. Freundin get a 3.5mm headphone jack and Motorola"s excellent android software with a promise weil das one major OS update. Of course, the Moto G in der nähe des (2020) works with all carriers in the U.S.


Large screen with minimal bezelsGood camera setupHeadphone jack & expandable storageEasy-to-use softwareSupports AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon

Best value android phone under $300

Motorola - Moto G Fast

Time zu stretch her dollars

All phones top top this perform are an excellent values, but the Moto G schon fast strikes an excellent balance von features, specs, und price.

If you"re trying to keep expenses low, us recommend giving die Moto e (2020) a look. It"s notfall a phone that"s going zu knock her socks off, but for as wenig as it costs, it does a good job of giving you all die basics and nothing more.

Design-wise, ns Moto e (2020) looks pretty good. Die plastic construct with a glossy rückseitig isn"t astonishing, however there"s also nothing offensive about it. There"s a 6.2-inch display screen without overly big bezels, helping to give the Moto e (2020) a contemporary appearance. This year"s model deshalb introduces dual rear cameras and a fingerprint sensor, two things never before seen on previous Moto feige handsets.

When you"re safety this little, there are some downsides you need zu consider. The display"s 720p HD resolution isn"t all that impressive. Performance ist only good enough zum basic day-to-day tasks. You"re limited zu 32GB von storage out von the box, and Motorola doesn"t promise any software updates zum the phone. Before throwing her money down, those are many jene to consider, however if money zu sein tight und you really don"t want zu spend any more than this, ns Moto feige (2020) is in excellent choice.


Large display with reasonable bezels3.5mm headphone jackFingerprint sensorWater-repellent designWorks with all carriers

The Moto feige isn"t going kommen sie blow her mind, however your klein investment gets freundin solid specs, good software, und nice features.

Nokia has established itself as one von the market leaders zum affordable android phones, and one des its most compelling handsets ist the Nokia 5.4. The Nokia 5.4 was standing out for a few different reasons, yet its the strongest aspect is its software over all else.

The Nokia 5.4 ships with android 10 best out von the kasten (with android 11 coming spring 2021), und like all Nokia phones, it offers a clean und Pixel-esque user interface that"s fast and smooth thanks zu its android One implementation. What"s also better zu sein that the Nokia 5.4 is backed by two years von major OS updates und three years des monthly protection patches, offering a level von software support that"s far too rare bei this price range.

As zum the hardware side of things, die Nokia 5.4 gives sie a 6.39-inch HD+ display, Qualcomm"s Snapdragon 662 processor, a generosity 4,000 mAh battery, and it even has NFC weil das Google Pay. Plus, the cameras are viel better than the previous model, with a 48MP main shooter, a 5MP ultra-wide, a 2MP depth sensor, und a 2MP macro sensor.


Android One software zu sein top-notchGuaranteed updatesLarge 4,000 mAh batteryHas NFC zum Google PayCompetitive price

Best software on in Android phone call under $300

Nokia 5.4 Smartphone

One von the ideal software experience you"ll find

The Nokia 5.4 is in incredible value. It has awesome software, a premium design, and capable specs.

Best rugged android phone under $300: Blackview BV9100

Source: Blackview

For ns most part, modern smartphone are share slabs of glass or plastic. There"s nothing wrong through that, however it method that buying a case ist a must for incredibly clumsy people. Yet what if there was a phone call that was designed deshalb that the didn"t need a case in the zuerst place? Enter die Blackview BV9100.

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Blackview makes many rugged/durable phones, and the BV9100 zu sein one of the ideal you"ll find in this preis range. It"s drop-proof up kommen sie 5 feet, has in IP68 rating zum dust and water resistance and is protected against extreme temperatures. Die other marketing point of the phone is its huge 13,000 mAh battery, which is dafür big the you tun können use the BV9100 zu charge your various other devices von plugging them right into it.

Other specs des the Blackview BV9100 won"t blow you away, however they gain the job done. There"s a 6.3-inch full HD+ display, a MediaTek processor, 4GB of RAM, und 64GB von expandable storage.


Rugged design is super durableIP68 dust und water-resistanceFull HD+ display13,000 mAh battery is bonkersDoubles together a power bank

If you"re who that always drops your phone, die Blackview BV9100 zu sein exactly die device you"ve to be looking for.

The Galaxy grad series ist super popular for making the most des a stylus-touting phone, but if you don"t have the cash weil das a flagship Note, the Moto G stylus (2021) is worth a look. Just like die Note, the has bei included stylus pen that you kann sein hide inside ns phone wie you aren"t making use of it. Unlike the Note, however, the Moto G stylus pen (2021) ist very affordable.

With ns Moto G stylus (2021), you tun können draw, take notes, and navigate die UI — miscellaneous that"s quite ziehen um when trying to tap small buttons on die screen. You also get a 6.8-inch full HD+ LCD, android 10, and 128GB of storage that kann be expanded von another 512GB. There"s also a 4,000 mAh battery, which should last you every day and then part on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 SOC.

There is deshalb now a quadruple-camera system with a 48MP standard shooter, an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth/time of flight sensor. Unfortunately, sie don"t get NFC or wireless charging on die downside, nor does die MotoG stylus (2021) sport official IP water or dust resistance.

It"s precious noting the while ns standard Moto G stylus (2021) does not oase 5G capabilities, there is a 5G ausführung available, though we did notfall include the on this list due to the fact that it expenses over $300.

Best stylus pen on an Android call under $300

Moto G stylus pen (2021) Unlocked

The budget plan phone with a stylus

The stylus-touting Moto G stylus (2021) is a good buy, enabling you kommen sie draw and take handwritten note wherever you go.

The U.S. Smartphone market has actually plenty zu choose from, however if sie get a wenig bored through our options here or just direkte elsewhere, there are also more international phones you can buy — one des which is the xiaomi Redmi note 10.

Looking at die price von the note 10 und everything it brings to die table, it"s grausam that it prices as wenig as the does. The 6.43-inch display ist the first thing you"ll notice, featuring a fresh 2400x1080 resolution, a tall 20:9 aspect ratio, und slim bezels with a tiny hole-punch cutout zum the selfie camera. You"re treated to a total of four rear cameras roughly the back — including 48MP primary, 8MP ultra-wide, 2MP macro, und 2MP depth cameras.

Under die hood, the Redmi grad 10 is packing a Qualcomm Snapdragon 678 processor, 4 or 6GB von RAM, 64 or 128GB von storage, and a huge 5,000 mAh battery. However, keep in mind that the klasse 10 doesn"t schutz NFC, so you won"t be able zu use it weil das contactless google Pay payments.

This call is in awesome deal, but freundin need kommen sie remember that buying in international phone call comes through some quirks. Most notably, ns Xiaomi Redmi note 10 lacks a U.S. Warranty und doesn"t work with CDMA carriers choose Verizon. If you oase AT&T or T-Mobile, it have to work nur fine.

Best international android phone under $300

Xiaomi Redmi grad 10 Unlocked

Step outside of your comfort zone

Buying in international phone call isn"t zum everyone, but the Redmi klasse 10 is an excellent buy if you"re comfortable with it.

Bottom line

Even when your budget ist tight, you kann sein get a an excellent phone with the Moto G Power. The offers good performance with an easy software filled with beneficial Moto features, and with great hardware, it doesn"t look or feel prefer a "cheap" phone. It"s also a great size with enough screen room zu get jene done without feeling too large.

Amazingly, plenty of the other best android phones room available at affordable prices, but wie you"re looking zu save money, there room going to be compromises. Wie man shopping weil das these phones, take a close look at ns specs to ensure you"re not missing a feature you"d like to have. Many inexpensive phones will reduce display size, display resolution, extra cameras, or bonuses favor stereo speakers. However, when you shop around, you"ll be able zu get an excellent phone zum just a couple of hundred bucks.

Buying a new android phone tun können be a pretty complicated task, especially when keeping price low. You want zu buy something that"ll be able to do everything sie need, however getting a quality handset without breaking the bank is no easy task. If you aren"t certain where zu get started, here are a couple of pointers kommen sie consider.

First thing"s first, what functions are a priority zum you? Do freundin take a lot of pictures? If so, you"ll desire a great camera. A high megapixel counting translates kommen sie a more detailed photo, und some phones schutz multiple cameras that permit you to zoom in on subjects or record more in the frame. The display zu sein another factor to think about. A bigger screen will be an ext challenging kommen sie use with one hand, but it"ll so be much better suited weil das watching movies und playing games. Similarly, a higher screen resolution way everything on die phone wollen be crisper and easier on the eyes. Belastung but certainly not least, keep an eye on the battery capacity of the phone you"re feather at. The larger die mAh counting it has, ns longer it"ll belastung on a single charge.

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