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( - Our top Pick zu sein currently ns Beats Flex.Other in-ear headphones worth considering include the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds, Powerbeats Pro, AirPods (2nd-generation) and Audeze iSine 10.

When sie bought a smartphone in the past, that came v a pair von wired in-ear buds. Bei 2021, that"s not as commonplace together it used zu be, with many companies opting zu reduce electronic waste.

Missing out isn"t necessarily a disaster, either - und not nur because it"s better for the environment. Cheap sprout found bei phone boxes were often bad quality, and so you"d always need zu buy one more pair zu get a great experience.

So, how do sie choose the best earphones zum you? There space a few things to consider. Firstly, there"s comfort. You"re not going kommen sie want to wear a pair of buds if you don"t like the way they feel bei your ears, no matter how good they sound. Plus, a good rechts is essential for effective passive noise cancelling and blocking out die world about you.

Then, von course, there"s sound quality, reliability, durability und battery life kommen sie consider. That"s without stating high-end features like ANC zum a an ext enhanced noise-cancelling experience.

And just how do sie decide whether sie want true wireless, neckband wireless or wired earphones? typically speaking, great sound ist available at lower prices with wired earphones, but, if your phone has actually no 3.5mm port, those space out die window.

In this list, you"ll discover a range von different kinds of in-ear buds punkt different prices, each through individual pros und cons. Und with deswegen many companies jetzt selling true wireless buds, you"ll discover a bit of crossover betwee this list und those in our finest wireless earbuds buyer"s guide.

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Whether you want miscellaneous convenient, other cheap and easy, something the sounds great und cancels noise, or a great pair des wired buds, us round hoch our favourites below.

Our top Pick


Beats Flex



Flexible and durable designLightweight und convenient kommen sie wearSound zu sein genuinely brilliant zum the moneyW1 chip zum easy iphone phone pairing


In-ear feel a little pressured weist timesFit sometimes demands adjusting together no ear finsNo official waterproof rating (although is weather-resistant)

Beats revamped the tried-and-tested Beats ns with the new-generation Flex, slashing ns price, upping battery life and creating what we believe is a seriously compelling package.

With a flexible, lightweight and durable design, they"re convenient und comfortable zu wear in almost every scenario. Other than perhaps bei and approximately rainstorms, because these are just weather-resistant and not waterproof.

Compared zu more expensive picks, they also sound viel better than we expected; there"s good clarity to vocals and details, with reduced bass notes also recognised even wie volume dips.

For iOS users, ns W1 chip so means fast und efficient pairing, supplying pretty much the very same experience that"s current with the AirPods line.

Our only real gripe zu sein that die fit, similar to other in-ear models, kann sein sometimes feel a bit pressurised - und that"s something that isn"t helped von the lack of ear fins.

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All an all, though, this are bei easy choice for anybody on a budget who need all-day audio performance. Und perhaps it can even tempt those who aren"t penny-pinching.