Beste on ear kopfhörer 2015

It was not easy deciding on die Best Earphones 2015 list. 2015 has actually been a huge year weil das us bei the portable audio hobby, and with all the big trade mirrors done, v Christmas in der nähe des approaching, most of the audio companies oase shown your hand and their earphones zum 2015. So what oase been our favourite earphones of the year here at Audiophile On? Hopefully, this list has actually a bit zum everyone; it’s not nur about the best-sounding earphones or die most high value earphones. Over there are numerous different reasons we schutz chosen this as ns Top 10 ideal Earphones this year; price, sound, design all play a part. Still, we would certainly like to say a large congratulations to ns companies that have made the on zu this list, as they are ns ones us feel space doing it right, pushing ns boundaries of what portable audio tun können be.

For those looking weil das the finest headphones, feel free to check out our earphone buyers guide.

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1. Campfire Audio Lyra

Price: $750 (Direct)

Best Earphones 2015 group Winner: high-end / Sound Quality

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To speak that ich was puffy away von the Campfire Audio Lyra this year would be in understatement! the Lyra (and Campfire Audio) room created by the folks over punkt ALO Audio und really market something unique wie it comes to building, design, and of course, sound quality. An fact, I oase found die Campfire Audio Lyra kommen sie be so damn good that they have replaced my Shure SE846 zum most of my listening. Consequently, they are so one des the main companies ich insist everyone looking for a luxury set des earphones consider. For me, castle are...the ideal earphones 2015 winner.

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2. RHA T20 / RHA T20i

Best Earphones 2015 group Winner: develop Quality / design / price to Performance

RHA, again one von my favourite companies in portable audio, carried out a neu earphone this year, und they didn"t oase to reinvent ns wheel zu make the Best Earphones 2015 list. The RHA T10i was my favourite earphone tonnage year with impressive design, build &fit merged with a vast sound. The T20 maintained everything great about ns RHA T10i"s external design and combined it through a neu dynamic treiber offering trost a an ext refined sound. It isn"t a replacement zum the T10i think des the RHA T20i as the 10"s much more civilized sibling.

The T20 und T20i are really special earphones from ns ground up, und they function attention to detail that also $1000 earphones kann sein be jealous of. In its preis point, that unmatched. Custom-made jack connectors;an excellent lang & tangle-free cable; die best ear guide system on the market; durable injection-molded housing; interchangeable sound filters, and a plethora of ear tips so you tun können find her perfect fit. Everything sie need is there, and that makes die RHA T20 ns absolute champion des bang zum buck earphones 2015.

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The Sony XBA-H1 ist not Sony"s zuerst run hinweisen a hybrid designed earphone, but it ist one von its ideal yet and comes bei with a reasonable price and good accessibility on the high street. Looks-wise this thing is perfect und is our choice des the earphone sie should purchase if you are about kommen sie pull ns trigger ~ above a pair des Beats von Dre Earphones. Trust us, the Sony"s blieb have that cool factor und absolutely murder ns good doctor’s earphone brand in almost every way. Sound ist delivered v a combination von balanced driver and dynamic driver units zu create a sound that kann sein display minute details while pumping out textured and deep bass. Die Sony XBA-H1 zu sein incredibly comfortable to wear, und at die same time, sie look kühl when act so.

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The XBA-H1 zu sein our winner zum the best mode earphone through substance this year.

4. Kz ATE von Knowledge Zenith

Best Earphones 2015 classification Winner: finest Cheap Earphones 2015 / ideal Budget Earphones 2015

I"m not sure when the kz ATE hit ns market, however it certainly kommissar to prominence über mid-2015. This low-price in-ear überwacht earphone certainly looked the part bei its pictures, alluding to the earphone"s designers have a passion zum portable audio. They sounded good, lock looked die part, but die thing that blew united state away here at audiophile was die price. The kz ATE for sale on amazon right now weil das just $15. That is in absolutely stunner price for such bei accomplished little earphone. Its got a great cable that is very well built weil das a budget plan earphone, und the sound is warm, detailed, and has a good amount of presence bei the soundstage department.

The konzentrationslager ATE an earphone that should be around for a lang time because there has actually never to be anything offered hoch this good for such a meager price. Our number 1 choice zum the best earphones under 30.

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5. Dunu DN-2000J

Best Earphones 2015 classification Winner: ideal Mid price Earphone 2015

Another 2015 earphone ist not a complete redesign fairly than a tweaking of in existing earphone that us reviewed in 2014. Ns Dunu DN-2000 was in incredible earphone, with its outstanding function set und accessories package being an unified with in incredibly detailed sound. Die Dunu DN-2000J earphones retained a gewächs of what was great about die original. Lock offered nach oben teaks to the sound the seemed kommen sie keep everything great about die original yet somehow making the top end of the spectrum even more detailed and the earphone’s bass even tighter. Ns DN-2000 zu sein a mischung earphone entwurf utilizing both dynamic drivers und balanced armature kommen sie create a highly thorough sound, engaging midrange, und deep base slam that nonhybrid earphones can mostly only dream of. Earlier an 2015, we did direct eine remote testing with die Dunu DN-2000J earphones against the $1000 AKG K3003i earphones with similar technology; the result? die Dunu DN-2000J come out die winner an every category. Notfall bad, considering it currently retails zum $300 bei the US.

6. Jaybirds X2 Bluetooth Earphones

Best Earphones 2015 classification Winner: best Bluetooth Earbuds 2015

The just wireless earphones on die list und the Jaybirds X2 room the gold standard of Bluetooth earphones weil das a an excellent reason. Jaybirds oase dominated this section of the earbud und earphone market zum years now, and the Jaybirds X2 earbuds are die showcase for the best des what ns company has learned in that time. Ns Jaybirds X2 are an extremely light yet well-built set von Bluetooth earphones that oase don"t skimp on ns sound. Using Bluetooth shift technology for streaming music at a greater bitrate means less detail, and your music sound better.

We found the X2 kommen sie be true zu their playback time des 8 hours from a single charge which ist longer 보다 any des its competitors. Other attributes we preferred whilst trial and error out die Jaybirds X2 Bluetooth earphones were the good looks, a sweat resistance guarantee, and an ability to take fairly a bit of punishment aided it come out ns winner as die best Bluetooth earbuds 2015.

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7. MEElectronics M6 Pro

Best Earphones 2015 group Winner: spending plan Stage Monitors

When maintain Muay Thai in Thailand back in 2010, i used kommen sie do a bunch des road running bei extremely humid und wet conditions, and the earphones ich used that entire time were Mee electronics M6. This was in easy selection as castle offered great sound, good build, over-the-ear design and were an extremely cheap. Believe me when ich say that die M6 earbuds i had took in inordinate amount des punishment, such punishment that countless other earphones would oase easily failed. Needless zu say, i grew a bit von a soft spot for the M6 earphones.

This year ich was happy to see that Meelectronics had actually refreshed ns M6 with a new M6 pro version. This neu M6 Pro is now a viable alternative zum musicians looking zum a long-lasting, affordable in-ear monitor (IEM) zum stage use. Die M6 is taking a square target at ns Shure SE215 that has lang dominated die market and side von side; it uses a relatively competitive package at a far lower price. Freundin get 2 earphone cables, 1 through a microphone zum calling from her smartphone, and a range von ear tips und accessories. Ns sound ist crisp and clean and well balanced for a monitor of this price, make it in excellent choice weil das budget audiophiles und musicians alike.

8. Dunu Titan Earphones

Best Earphones 2015 classification Winner: distinctive Sound & Design

Dunu makes the list des the ideal earphones bei 2015 twice because ns company ist maybe, the hardest functioning maker von good earphones roughly right now. Continuous innovating und introducing neu designs, they schutz a history des putting the end earphones an form determinants against the common trends. They schutz done deswegen once again with the highly regarded Dunu Titan Earphones that, whilst officially released bei 2014, they did so late enough that they find their rightful place von the finest earphones von this year. Ns Dunu Titan earphones space well made, light, and have a large dynamic treiber inside.

I had, punkt first, expected ns Dunu Titan zu be bringers of copious amounts von bass, however what ich got, in reality, was a big, big surprise. Die sound is incredibly spacious and detailed, v rich-sounding and intimate vocals. The soundstage is humungous and fatigue nonexistent. You kann read die full review von the Dunu Titan earphones here, but kommen sie summarise, they room a an extremely well-priced, an extremely comfortable earphone with a substantial soundstage and detailed sound.