Beste Sitzplätze Ice 2 Klasse

Flugzeug Boeing 787-9 (789) 2 klasse Etihad airways mit 2 klassen und 299 Sitzen in Bord. Danke schön dem Flugzeug-Sitzplan können sie herausfinden, welcher Plätze komfortabler zu sein und welche bei der besten vermieden werden sollten.

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I'm flying rather often unternehmen Class indigenous Munich kommen sie Bangalore durch Abu Dhabi. Now weil das the erste time I've got a 787 instead des a 777 and the new seats are a far-reaching improvement compared zu those bei the 777. Weil das my height of 1,94m ns length des the bed is blieb insufficient and shorter than an Emirates or Qatar, but ns unpleasant bumps and hard spots of the 777 seats schutz gone and the adjustable softnes ist great. I deshalb had die impression that ns seats room a wenig wider 보다 before.

our return expedition from abu dhabi us bid weil das neighbour free seat dafür my wife und myself had ns three center seats ,great option as seats on this aircraft type are tight. Row 28 close zu toilets i m sorry were very busy with often ques . Further from toilets would be far better a far better option.

Manchester to Melbourne EY22 und EY462: 7hours and 14 hours! this seats room NOT fit for purpose. Pray you don't have in obese neighbour, but die seat width is no worse than various other fleets. Unfortunately this standard appears to be ns default: it's previous time us were offered in option des a couple of rows at 8 across as designed by Boeing originally. Payment a premium des one 9th extra would not deter far-reaching numbers. Die main belästigung BY FAR is the seat entwurf - it's far auch hard, und lacks sufficient support under die legs, developing pressure clues under the buttocks. Painful zum the 7 hours, excruciating weil das 14! note re earlier complaint top top headrest - it kann be moved up zu suit high frames, deshalb should not be bei issue digging right into your back. Shame the folding wings oase gone, though. Together a devotee von sudoku kommen sie ease ns hours away, die version ~ above this plane ist rubbish - bring back the 777! Overall, möchte definitely look for other options next time, despite accumulated air miles.

This was our 4th flight an 3 weeks with Etihad und it provided the same great experience as die previous three. I found ns legroom in the seat perfect acceptable and I'm 6'2" through a 34" leg measurement deshalb if I kann sein feel comfortable then most other civilization should be able zu be together well. The seats are a wenig firm but i didn't find this a problem on the 7hr 40min flight.Cabin crew were excellent, food was really good und the drinks leistungen was generous. We've flown through all ns UAE airlines plus Cathay, Singapore und BA and Eitihad are just as good.Having proficient these 4 flights we are a bit surprised about the number of negative reviews that we review on seat Guru prior kommen sie our departure und wonder whether current improvements oase ben made. Our experience was very positive, us wouldn't hesitation to fly with Etihad again und felt die need to put evaluate on this site in order zu balance jene up a bit.

Prior zu flying zum the erste time through Etihad on a Dreamliner my wife und I looked at the comments on seat guru und were pretty worried von all die negative feedback that we read.After flying to bangkok via Abu Dhabi we room left wondering whether we flew on the same plane with ns same airline together our experience was almost entirely positive.I'm 6'2" und weigh about 12st deswegen I'm high bit reasonably trim. Ich had for sure no problem with either ns legroom or ns seat width and found the seating pretty comparable zu all the other airline that I've flown with - Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific and B.A.The only criticism I'd make des the seat zu sein that there was a bar that verlief across die seat at mid back height which could be felt v the back cushion. Use von the pillow fixed this. The seats to be a wenig bit firm but not uncomfortable. Ours flight was 7hrs 40 mins.The cabin crew were excellent, friendly, attentive and they worked non stop as the plane was full. Food was excellent und drinks were generous.We got off the pläne wondering whether we had nur had a lucky experience, however our following 3 flights proved that our endure was ns norm and not just a one off. Every our flights to be very great indeed.

The seat itself is quite new and comfortable. It zu sein a shame sie can't regulate each individual window's darkness. Die seat would certainly be more comfortable an bed mode if they carry out a thin mattress. The table ist big, sturdy and won't get bei the way des getting out des the seat, which ist hard kommen sie find these days.

I flew business Class on Etihad flight EY484 from Abu Dhabi kommen sie Brisbane <12th in march 2019>. The business Class endure with Etihad was extremely poor und stressful. Die cabin crew were much less than helpful. Die cabin direktors introduced herself but gave no advice ~ above how to operate ns seat or any of its features specifically as ns seat mechanism was different to unternehmen class seat on various other airlines. Die flight departed late in the day from Abu Dhabi and so ns cabin crew to be serving meals practically from ns time die aircraft left ns ground but ich was kept waiting for my first course until the crew was dimming lights and putting everyone kommen sie sleep. Ns steak was uncooked and blood oozing from ns meat was turning the potato food pink. Ich tried to contact the cabin crew yet they claimed they were too busy und would come rückseitig to me later but they go not. Ich persisted as i was hungry und when ich complained i was told that chocolate ice cream only was available i beg your pardon basically was my dinner that night as whatever else had gone. I wasn’t given any other food till breakfast was served. Ich was unfamiliar with ns mechanism weil das turning this type des seat right into a bed - ns upholstery was so hard the I got virtually no sleep. I complained zu Etihad und received a dissatisfaction reply. Mine purpose bei writing this review zu sein to warn various other passengers who might want to fly with this airline the they need to brace themselves weil das some very poor service.

During flight ich was able to buy this location. Die proximity to ns lavatory isn't together a large problem.

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With my 1.96m this seat zu sein absolutely dismal, choose every other seat in economy class.My left knee was on die same level as ns armrest hinge von the seat bei front von me.My freundin who zu sein 1.88 could just fit, through 1 inch to spare.

First window seat for unternehmen class v a small kitchen gallery zum drinks in front und the crew quarters und toilet on die other side.. One seat only on the windows staggered. Not as nearby to ns window as die even numbered seats. Having actually no one in front allow zum extra storage room throughout die 14 hour trip on ns benches. Lots des privacy indigenous neighbours.

Flew Brisbane kommen sie Dhabi, zuerst time in business class. Food was excellent, you can choose what freundin want und specify what time you want zu eat, it arrived exactly ns time ich asked for. Movies a little disappointing, notfall as viel variety as Emirates or Cathay. Seat has actually a firmness control which seems to keep adjusting my periodically pumping extra air right into it. Cabin crew tried to reset it however it maintained happening, deswegen they offered me bei extra blanket. Bei bed setting it was fine und plenty von room to stretch out und sleep. Crew very friendly und attentive.

Whoever thought that this seat design suited a "normal" person is having a lend des themselves. Even an a normal seated position, my knees to be digging into die seat an front. Top top a 14 hour flight, ns ability kommen sie even it is in remotely comfortable zu sein but a dream.

A für hilfe of unternehmen class seats des Etihad zu sein backward dealing with seat. 5H is backward dealing with seat v inside next table. Deshalb it is very difficult kommen sie take picture outside. Anyway die seat is very comfortable und backward facing is not a troublesome zum pleasant travel.

This seat is very uncomfortable. Bei general die available space ist extremely crampt. I normally fliegen KLM and the difference bei space betwee these two airlines is like night and day, KLM wins hands under every time. Etihad conjures this image of luxury and the finest that there zu sein but in truth zu sein one of the worst I schutz ever flown with, cannot even touch ns Asian airline companies. Stewardesses are from many foreign countries and had an obstacle understanding their English.

Bit of an unpleasant experience for unternehmen class. Really hard seat, gap zum entry departure ridiculously small, bed does notfall completely recline und is auch narrow zu turn comfortably in. Weil das people with any physical disability or just aged not at all good. Very unpleasant flight. Loved Abu Dhabi but not sure i could endure one more flight through this airline.

Economy aisle chair with fixed solid head remainder on aisle side only von seat ist not suitable weil das tall people. I'm 6'5" und this immovable hard object poked into my zurück for ns whole trip. This was die most uncomfortable trip I've had actually recently and I will not fly Etihad economic situation on this course again.

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Seat firmness tun können be adjusted zu what ist comfortable zum the passenger. Great seat, an extremely comfortable and slept weil das 5 hours straight easily. Service und food was great. Proximity to the galley wasn't bothersome punkt all,hardly even noticed.