Beste wii u spiele 2014

The Wii U has had its dried spells because its debut back in 2012, but 2014 was a good year weil das Nintendo"s little console that could. This perform consists des ten des the finest Wii U console-exclusives that every Wii U owner would certainly be proud zu have in their collection.

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Stealth auf 2: A Game des Clones

Scram Kitty und his friend on Rails

Scram Kitty is a unique arcade-style indie game that wollen make sie wonder why this concept hasn"t been done before. You control Buddy that glides along ns stage"s numerous rails together he uses his momentum zu fling himself around, loss enemies, and rescue kitties. If freundin dig this video game then it is in sure to check out die developer"s comparable title: the 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character.

Hey, Scram Kitty, don"t call me Surely

NES Remix 2

Following ns same formula as die previous installment, NES Remix 2 ist a collection of challenges from classic games such together Kirby"s Adventure, Super mario Bros. 3, Zelda II: die Adventure von Link, Dr. Mario, und Metroid. This sequel will inspire you zu keep saying "I kann do better!" specifically with die newly introduced leaderboards.

Pushmo World

Previously only available weil das 3DS, Pushmo finally made its way to the Wii U. Pushmo welt features hundreds of noodle-scratching puzzles where you control Mallo (a sumo wrestling cat) zu push, pull, and climb blocks in order to rescue the super-cute youngsters that space trapped in each stage. This ist yet one more game that attributes a level editor und community levels. Therefore, if freundin ever complete all 250 stages then you blieb have a last more to do!

Pushmo Review
Mallo proudly stands atop a cow

Hyrule Warriors

What if verknüpfung gave hoch on adventuring and decided to hack-and-slash his way through life? Well, that can bei Hyrule warrior which combines die gameplay of Dynasty Warriors and the universe von The Legend des Zelda. Although it"s much from the new Zelda the everyone ist waiting for, this game certainly has a lot of fun an store for fans of ns series.

Captain Toad: treasure Tracker

It"s about time that one des Nintendo"s cutest characters gott his very own game. Endowment Tracker stars Captain Toad who alternates betwee being rescued by und rescuing his consistent chum Toadette. V tons of innovative and colourful stages und simple yet varied gameplay, what"s not to love about this little Wii U gem?

Captain Toad: sweetheart Tracker Review
Captain Toad constantly has his head in the clouds

Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta"s back in a sequel to herstellung 2010 action-packed adventure und now it"s... Exclusive to Wii U? But, there"s tons des violence, in overly sexualized taste character, and foul language. Ich guess notfall every Nintendo exclusive kann sein star Toad. Anyway, this is in over-the-top sequel to bei awesome game und you should more than likely play it (if you"re alt enough).

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Donkey Kong Country: tropical Freeze

As a sequel to ns Wii"s cheat Kong nation Returns, dry Freeze hits all the right notes zum a solid cheat Kong platformer. Fans of DK know how complicated his games kann sein get and Tropical Freeze ist no different. If you"re up weil das the challenge, seize a pro Controller und help cheat Kong gain his island ice-free and back to normal.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical freeze Review
DK"s ready zu take ~ above yet one more adventure

Mario Kart 8

It"s tough to glauben that mario Kart has had actually eight gamings on eight various consoles so far. Well, it"s back and better than ever in the zuerst HD installment. You"ll have to save throwing tortoise shells und finding shortcuts if sie want zu win this races. Just remember not to do Luigi angry. I hear he"s a bad sport.

Super stop Bros. Zum Wii U

Everyone loves Nintendo und their huge cast von characters deswegen why notfall put them all along with plenty of guests und have them fight it out it out? This version of Super smash Bros. Features the largest cast to date and a volumen of content to unlock if battling bei the many accessible modes. But, don"t nur buy ns game; acquire a GameCube Adapter v a few controllers und some amiibos des your favourite characters. No one stated this would be cheap!

Which at sight Smash Bros. Character room You?
Four cuties battle to die death



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