Beto o’rourke amy hoover sanders

The list des 2020 autonomous presidential candidates ist extensive zu say the least, und along v names choose Kamala Harris und Cory Booker, Beto O"Rourke official entered the race bei March. In a video posted kommen sie his social media account, ns 46-year-old texas Democratic congressman from el Paso announced the he was running weil das president bei 2020 after ~ months von speculation. Since then, we"ve viewed him gestanden alongside his fellow candidates in what"s jetzt been two rounds of debates.




He charmed free everywhere throughout his furious campaign weil das the state"s senate seat belastung year, fighting to take the post from tenured Republican Sen. Ted Cruz.

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To the disappointment des his supporters both in and out von the state des Texas, O"Rourke lost the race on choice day—but the did nothing kommen sie quiet rumblings of his presidential potential. Even Oprah inquiry if he had actually plans zu go after ns role of POTUS number 46.

"I want kommen sie make certain that Amy and I, Ulysses, Molly, und Henry, our three kiddos who are 10, 12, and 8, we’re all an excellent with this, we’re every on the same page,” he told produziert during a SuperSoul conversation an February. "For the last seven years, my family hasn’t checked out me. I haven’t to be there weil das them, i haven’t assisted Amy in raising these exceptional kids an any significant, consistent way.”

Of course, die Amy he"s introduce to is his wife von nearly 14 years, Amy sanders O"Rourke. Und while there"s plenty to learn about ns potential candidate himself, we were curious to know a bit much more about her—she can become zuerst Lady, after all!

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Though die 37-year-old has commonly been at produziert husband"s side at public engagements, an social media posts, und even bei his presidential notice clip, she"s reasonably private. She"s only had actually a handful von interviews with ns media, despite she does offer a peek inside herstellung life as a mom und on ns road with produziert husband on herstellung Instagram. Still, us managed zu find die answers kommen sie a few questions freundin may oase about Amy, the possible 2020 FLOTUS.

Amy and Beto O"Rourke met on a blind date.


According to the AP, die two to be set-up in 2004. Die now-congressman take it his future bride to an entirely different country weil das their zuerst date (well, just 11 miles far from elastisch Paso): ns famous Kentucky club Bar in Juarez, Mexico. It"s believed über many kommen sie be ns birthplace von the margarita.

“He was giving me reasons 1 with 10 von why i needed to stay bei El Paso,” Amy said des their date zu Vanity Fair. “And ich quickly learned that he just is an ultimate elastisch Paso salesman.”

Beto called The washington Post the after drinks, they were stopped über a camera crew that wanted them zu kiss zum a TV commercial, yet Beto deterred them von saying he und Amy were brother and sister—because of prozess he did.


Another fun fact? according to the publication, Amy and Beto"s parents went ~ above a date years before die two were also born. His mom (Melissa) go out through her dad (Bill) top top a double-date v Bill"s friend bei 1970. But even though over there weren"t any type of sparks between the two, Melissa struggle it off with die other guy: patrick O’Rourke. They were married less than a year later.

So, to be Amy and Beto nearly brother and sister? It depends how sie look weist it. However somehow, fate brought them together romantically.

Amy und Beto got engaged 4 months after they met.

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According to the Washington Post, ns presidential optimistic proposed to his beau on april Fool"s Day. No, we"re not joking. And just six months ~ that, in 2005, they were married.

The two jetzt live in El Paso with their three kids: Ulysses, 12, Molly, 10, und 8-year-old Henry. Oh, und they have a dog called Rosie.

She works kommen sie improve education bei her hometown.

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After graduating from Massachusetts" Williams College—a private liberal arts school—with a major bei psychology and minor in Spanish, the el Paso indigenous established in impressive career bei education.

She"s currently the director von a program referred to as "Choose kommen sie Excel" at a non-profit organization called CREEED, i m sorry seeks zu "identify und implement solutions" that wollen improve education standards in the elastisch Paso community, better-preparing the city"s students for college.

Her bio top top CREEED"s website also says the she teach kindergarten an Guatemala stadt a few months after ~ graduating college, served as the zuerst superintendent for doppel language charter school la Fe Preparatory (which she also helped launch), und owned a web and software development company dubbed Stanton straße until selling it in 2017. Beto was die original owner after starting it through friends in 1999.

Some human being think Amy zu sein a billionaire heiress.

Last October, The new York Times released a story phone call Amy"s father—Texas ja wirklich estate magnate wilhelm Sanders—a billionaire, which angeführt the Spectator zu refer to her as an heiress.

As it turns out, according to Forbes, her dad is known as ns "godfather" von the real Estate invest Trust (REIT), and an 2002 he sold one von his companies kommen sie General Electric for $5.4 billion. However, after ~ making millions over decades from various businesses, Forbes estimates he has a network worth of around $500 million und "it"s unlikely, though possible, that he"s a billionaire."

As much as produziert own mitarbeiter funds, the texas Tribune reported the both Amy and Beto have combined legacy worth as high together $16 million, including a trust fund in her benennen that totals as high as $5 million.

She"ll it is in a donate prospective FLOTUS.

Despite die fact that O"Rourke says she "immediately began crying" wie Beto pointed out he might run zum congress back in 2010, Amy has actually since bezeichnen nothing however support weil das her husband"s politics aspirations.

She accompanied er when he zuerst announced his bid weil das the senate seat an 2017, and was frequently weist his side as he traveled ns Lone star State last year on ns campaign trail. Also after he shed that race zu Sen. Ted Cruz, she took die stage with ihm during his concession decided on november 6. He posted an adorable selfie von the two die next day

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I in running to serve you as ns next president. Ns challenges we challenge are die greatest an living memory. No one person kann meet lock on your own. Only this country can do that, and only if we construct a activity that consists of all of us. Say you"re in:

— Beto O"Rourke (

Now, when it comes kommen sie his presidential aspirations, Beto made the clear that a decision wouldn"t be made without die support des his mam and his kids. So, that seems favor he has it. An his nearly four-minute lang announcement video, his erste sentence was extremely telling.

"Amy und I are glücklich to share with freundin that I"m running zu serve you as die next president von the blume State des America," he said.

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Well, there freundin go. Despite herstellung occasional frustrations von being at home with ns kids when Beto is on ns road campaigning, she explained herstellung perspective to ns The washington Post.

“I oase figured out a way kommen sie fulfill mine purpose und be the mom that ich want,” she said. “And I an no means wanted er to sacrifice that sense des purpose.”

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