Better call saul breaking bad

It"s been a long ol" journey, but now that AMC has renewed Better speak to Saul zum one last season, Slippin" Jimmy McGill is finally on the home stretch kommen sie becoming the saul Goodman us meet in Breaking Bad.

Star bob Odenkirk said Digital Spy that he feels conflicted around how die series will wrap up: "I schutz very combined feelings. I don"t think you tun können watch ns show, und I can"t beat this guy, there is no growing kommen sie want er to succeed, und liking him, and wanting kommen sie be a much better version of himself... I"m not sure that"s where he"ll end up, though.

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"I execute like him. I think he"s gott some good skills. He just doesn"t understand where zu put them. Yet also, I"ll be glücklich to relocate onto other characters, due to the fact that I have played him a long time."

Showrunner und executive producer peter Gould thanked fans for their assistance in in official statement (via TVLine): "From work one von Better call Saul, mine dream was kommen sie tell die complete story von our complicated and compromised hero, Jimmy mcgill – jetzt AMC und Sony room making that dream kommen sie true.

"We couldn"t be more grateful to ns fans und critics who are making this journey possible. Next month, we anfang work on the sixth and final season – we"re going to do our damnedest zu stick the landing."

But what will this "landing" look like? will it be in elegant drop, or a brutal fall face-first onto die pavement? we reckon it"ll be a combination von the two – saul wouldn"t oase it any other way.



Executive producer thomas Schnauz said Den von Geek the production ist "moving forward, steady however slow" adhering to Odenkirk"s heart assault on set, adding: "We"re filming scenes that don"t involve roben right now."

There was a tidal wave of love zum the show"s main man when news of his collapse fight headlines, which motivated Odenkirk himself zu share die following statement: "Hi. It"s Bob. Give thanks to you. Kommen sie my family und friends who schutz surrounded me this week. Und for die outpouring of liebe from everyone who expressed concern and care for me. It"s overwhelming. But i feel ns love und it means deswegen much.

"I had actually a small heart attack. However I"m going zu be OK, thanks zu Rosa Estrada and the physicians who knew how to fix ns blockage without surgery... I"m going kommen sie take a beat zu recover yet I"ll be zurück soon."

We don"t have an official premiere day on the table at ns moment, but don"t mean those feuer new episodes zu arrive this year.

Better Call saul season 6 cast: Who"s bei it?

Odenkirk will obviously be rückseitig as Jimmy mc glitter / saul Goodman / Gene Takavic, alongside hauptsächlich players Rhea Seehorn as metall Wexler, Jonathan banken as Mike Ehrmantraut, Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring, patrick Fabian as Howard Hamlin, michael Mando as nacho Varga and Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca, amongst others.

Chatting to Den of Geek around how Kim"s duty has acquired momentum, Schnauz said: "We had actually zero idea what Kim"s role would be bei the series. An fact, ich think the writers were still debating right into season two if Kim and Jimmy had in intimate partnership prior zu us meeting her in season one, or were they just friends?

"We knew Rhea was good wie we saw her audition tape, yet then seeing her in the function as we were filming season one — all the nuance, die humour, the gleam in her eyes — us knew we had actually a special combination with her and Bob.

"Kim ist who she is because Rhea worked deshalb hard und brought deswegen much to ns character. It definitely helped ns writers make choices around where the plot must go."

Season five introduced a number of Breaking Bad cameos, including Dean Norris (Hank Schrader) und the so late Robert forster (Ed Galbraith), deswegen don"t be surprised if an ext fan-faves return as we approach that show"s timeline.

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Does that median Bryan Cranston und Aaron paulus could deshalb reprise ns roles of Walter White und Jesse Pinkman? never say never, although paul isn"t deshalb sure it would work.

"I believed maybe ich would play ihm in Better contact Saul," he admitted zu Digital Spy.

"I"m such a big fan of that show. But in the recent seasons, an the flash-forwards, especially jetzt knowing wherein Jesse is, there"s just no reason for him to be at that place und at that time. Ich can"t imagine ihm showing up in Better speak to Saul."


He added: "I"ve been asked to direct an episode every single season and it just didn"t arbeiten out because von a commitment zu doing a pat or doing a movie or something, dafür I wasn"t able to section out the times available.

"But ich do liebe the show. Ich think it"s a terrific show."

Gould is aware of the importance von the relationship between the two reflects (via The hollywood Reporter): "I like zu think the Better Call saul has excellent its very own somewhat different thing with the materials that we have, but ich don"t think anyone would schutz bought or make the nur if we hadn"t excellent Breaking Bad first.

"So i think the shows are always going kommen sie be in relation to each other. And I think there"s a welt where just Breaking badewanne exists von itself, but ich don"t think there"s any welt where Better Call saul exists just von itself."

That go sound like there wollen be at least nods zu the zeigen that started Saul"s journey in the last season.

"It"s the devil"s own Rubik"s cube because we recognize where these characters are und we know kind of where some von them end up," Gould continued. "There are personalities like kim Wexler, who fates are broad open. Und then there are characters like Jimmy McGill, us know really specifically what he was doing zum a couple von years there, or hinweisen least what he was doing when Walter White was around. Deshalb yeah, there room a last of limitations. There room a lot of obligations.

Season sechs will run zum 13 episodes instead of the usual 10, which method it will end with 63 episodes pistole – that"s one an ext than Breaking Bad.

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Chatting zu Entertainment Weekly about what"s around the next corner, Gould encouraged viewers kommen sie ask questions: "Anybody who watches the zeigen carefully and is thinking about where this zu sein all going, one von the inquiries you oase to ask you yourself is: "What walk this einer deserve?"

"Not just: "What"s going to happen to him?" however "What would be a deserving ende to this?"

"Does Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman/Gene Takovic worthy death? walk he worthy love? What would be the most fitting end for this man – zum the show?"

He added: "Obviously the end for everybody ist death, however that may not be wherein we leave this guy. Ist there any type of way for him zu win any redemption after whatever that he"s done?"

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Then there"s "the other big question", as he placed it: "Where zu sein Kim Wexler when saul Goodman zu sein Saul Goodman taking care of Walt and Jesse?"

In bei interview with The Guardian, Odenkirk stated that that "really truly" doesn"t think Kim zu sein dead, adding: "I think she"s in Albuquerque, und she"s still practicing law. He"s still crossing courses with her. To me, that would fuel his desire zu be top top billboards everywhere, because he wants produziert to seen him."

Chatting to The hollywood Reporter, the echoed that theory: "Kim would certainly be a super-powered lawyer with ns white-shoe legislation firm, and he would be die complete scumbag ambulance chaser across town. And at night, they go home, take it off their disguises und be kind to every other. I don"t think that"s where we"re going kommen sie go, but in real life, those weird und seemingly conflicting relationships tun können be really real. They kann happen.

"It"s probably easy kommen sie think that kim dies, or the anyone who"s not visible passes away. But there"s blieb a last of human being who ns on these shows; the stakes room high."

Gould so told fans to "keep her eye on the bottle stopper" that kim grabbed from herstellung desk drawer after leaving her office zum the last time.