Picture in Picture has actually been a game-changer due to the fact that it’s bei introduction zu Android und was recently introduced in iOS 14. Also fact you tun können even use it zu play YouTube videos in background without a youtube premium subscription. Although since ich spend most von my time top top a laptop, i really have an issue of notfall being able zu use die same feature on Windows. So, after a bit of research, right here are three ways kommen sie get picture in picture on windows 10.

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Picture bei Picture on fenstern 10

1. Fenstern Native PiP Mode

Although fenstern has presented picture an picture mode, I blieb consider it’s functionality an extremely limited. Together you tun können only usage it with ns Movies & TV anwendung as of now. But i hope Microsoft introduces this function on other apps as well.

To enable picture bei picture mode in Windows 10, open the Movies & TV app und maximize die window. jetzt select a media indigenous your regional storage or pick a movie or TV show that you’ve bought/rented from die Microsoft Store. You also have the option to right-click und tap on open with zu access any kind of file in Movies & TV app.


Now merely Select the Picture in Picture symbol at ns bottom right of the screen. That’s it, jetzt you’ll enter die PiP mode. You can so drag and place the tab almost everywhere on ns screen und expand it zu a details limit.

In addition zu that, if freundin want to schließe die tür the window hinweisen any point, you’ll have to maximize it again or close the from die taskbar.


2. Picture in Picture Chrome Extention

While fenster PiP feature ist merely limited to its movies & TV App, it won’t be of any use, if you’re using YouTube, Netflix, which most of us carry out while working or multitasking on various other projects. To tackle this, users can install a google Chrome extension dubbed Picture bei Picture. It ist just like fenster PiP und shows you content bei a floating window, which is always ~ above top von other tabs.

To use Picture in Picture on Chrome, download and install ns extension. Freundin will seen a new PiP symbol on die top best corner von Chrome.

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whenever you’re the town hall a videobilien or binge-watching Netflix. Just tap on the icon and it’ll immediately minimise ns screen kommen sie PiP. Similar zu the zuerst option, you kann drag and place it everywhere on the home screen. You so have the option to increase it, however, don’t carry out it bei extremes together after a point the window simply vanishes below ns taskbar und you oase to anfang all end again.

Get Picture bei Picture Chrome Extention by Google 


3. OnTopReplica – PiP App

Frankly, even ns Chrome extension has limitations, such together no support zum normal tabs, limited video playback options, and unfrequent crashes. This brings to a feature-loaded open-source app OnTopReplica. This app allows you to choose any window regardless of video content on top of all ns other windows. Zu begin, download die installer package and Extract it. Then follow ns set-up instructions und open the after it’s done. Once done installing, you’ll seen a resizeable empty window. just Right-click and choose the anwendung you want to use bei PiP mode.

Unlike native or the Chrome extension, you get to choose from all the windows currently open on die system.

Besides that, wie you right-click, sie get a slew of other choices such as Zooming-in where you tun können select a part of the window zu be displayed an the PiP mode, you tun können set die opacity, lock the window position, include a border and even set a shortcut zu show/hide or clone the current window, which makes it quick to use.

The best part is you kann sein enable mouse clicks, deshalb you kann use this as a normal window screen. This ramps up the utility as you kann sein scroll, switch betwee tabs und use whatever operations you kann do an a full window in the PiP mode. For example, ich work on WordPress and keep YouTube bei PiP mode. With the mouse allowed I’m able kommen sie play other videos und access die search option without going full-screen.

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Get OnTopReplica 


Closing Remarks

If you’re someone who zu sein using documents on die local storage, an my opinion, windows 10 native möglichkeit will suffice. Top top top of that, you can simply get the Picture bei Picture Chrome extension und you won’t need any additional app for daily use. However, if sie wish zu get better control und the ability to use your mouse in PiP mode and clone any offen window on her laptop, OnTopReplica ist a perfect choice. Well, ich hope you try them all and boost your productivity (while watching YouTube). Sie can deshalb follow our coverage ~ above WWDC 2020 to save yourself update with iOS 14 and other Apple tips & tricks.