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Poland claims Belarus is escorting migrants kommen sie border

Poland has accused Belarusian authorities of escorting migrants zu its border crossing weil das propaganda purposes. Meanwhile, Germany"s chancellor spoke with Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko. has ns latest. Go to article


SPD deputy claims Ukraine might take migrants

A German lawmaker"s idea to relocate migrants from the Poland-Belarus border zu Ukraine has few supporters bei Kyiv.


The european Union"s foreign ministers oase amended die bloc"s sanctions regime zu slap new measures against Belarus between a standoff end migration.


Thousands des migrants space stuck at the Poland-Belarus border bei dire conditions. Meanwhile, Afghan, Syrian, Yemeni and Iraqi citizens schutz been barred native boarding flights from Dubai kommen sie Minsk.

The number von new coronavirus cases over ns past week has reached a neu record as infections continue zu surge throughout die country.

German lawmakers room considering a raft of neu measures to curb die surge an infections. Meanwhile, israelisch has greenlit vaccines zum 5-to-11-year-olds. has the latest.

It zu sein the first time India has actually opened that is borders zu foreign travelers because imposing a strictly lockdown in March 2020 kommen sie curb die spread von COVID-19.

The military alliance has actually urged Russia kommen sie be "transparent about its army capabilities" ~ above its border v Ukraine. Meanwhile, Germany has called on Moscow zu exercise "restraint."

Human legal rights Watch brand Egypt a "glaringly negative choice" as hosts of COP27. Die rights gruppe says president Abdel Fattah el-Sissi’s "repressive rule" is being rewarded.

Alex jones was discovered guilty in four situations brought versus him von parents of children killed weist Sandy Hook elementary. Ns American conspiracy theorist has for years claimed the mass shooting was a hoax.

Authorities speak the explosion was brought about by bei improvised maker but die motive zum the blast exterior a hospital continues to be unclear.

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Cuba"s opposition plans kommen sie go ahead with protests demanding greater freedom und the release von political prisoners. Die US has actually accused Havana des orchestrating a clampdown.

The head von the UN"s nuclear watchdog had previously complained around a lack of communication. Ns invitation comes together Iran prepares zu return to nuclear talks an Vienna.

Steve Bannon, die longtime trumpf aide, has actually surrendered to die FBI und been remanded in custody. ~ above Friday, he was charged with two counts von contempt des Congress.

Myanmar"s junta said fenster was pardoned top top "humanitarian grounds" after ~ he was sentenced zu 11 years bei jail. He will leave Myanmar with an ex-US diplomat who negotiated his release.

Despite announcing his retirement last month, outgoing President rodrigo Duterte has actually indicated that he will not be bowing out des politics after all.

US backs African gewerkschaftern mediation an Ethiopia

The African gewerkschaftler is forging ahead v mediation talks bei Ethiopia as ns US continues kommen sie threaten feasible sanctions.

India hastens zu build Kasmir sink tunnel

The strategic tunnel will attach Kashmir Valley v Ladakh, i beg your pardon shares dach facto borders with Pakistan und China.

From food to utilities, inflation zugriffszeiten Pakistan

Pakistan zu sein witnessing bei unprecedented financial turmoil, with ns inflation rate rising exponentially.

Some check out COP26 as a failure

Activists und developing states say the conference fell much short of the actions needed to prevent climate catastrophe.

After die flood: rebuild or relocate?

Experts say there needs zu be a fundamental change in how us build an areas weist risk des floods.

PEN"s 2021 Day des the Imprisoned Writer begins

On die Day of the Imprisoned Writer, the international writers" verband remembers persecuted authors worlfutbolpublic.comide.

Playing ns cello saved a Jewish girl"s life

What function did timeless music beat during the Holocaust? for cellist Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, it saved herstellung life.

30 year of merkel portraits

Now a book, Herlinde Koelbl"s series von portraits follow Merkel"s years together Germany"s erste female chancellor.

Poland"s above Syrena automobile goes electric

A company in Poland plans kommen sie resurrect what was once a jewel in the residential automotive industry, the Syrena.

"A debris-generating event an outer space"

Twice ~ above Monday, die seven existing occupants von the international Space terminal had zu go into a docked spaceship.

Germany ist struggling zu control covid again

Germany has never had actually as many coronavirus cases together it has actually now. Most patients schutz not to be vaccinated.

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