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People are dying as Belarus und Poland play border politics

Migrants und asylum-seekers in eastern Poland say they have been illegally pushed back to bordering Belarus multiple times without early out asylum process. reports on the humanitarian crisis from ns border region. Go kommen sie article


Pandemic, warming and conflict fuel hunger

Nearly 50 countries are taking care of serious hunger levels, a recently released table of contents shows.


Drought intensifies famine in Afghanistan

About 14 million Afghans confront famine and the number will likely to increase because von the financial crisis und warming.


Norway"s security leistungen has claimed a bow and arrow attack that killed five people was likely bei act des terrorism. Authorities said die suspect had recently converted to Islam and may have become radicalized.

State court kommen sie review Berlin"s election results

Berlin"s election results are to be reviewed — concentrating on 2 districts.

German politicians discover risks des a life online

Young Green splitterpartei politician Sarah-Lee heinrich is facing a backlash zum offensive tweets she posted together a teenager.

In her acceptance speech, merkel called on Europeans zu work together to tackle important issues such as climate change. "Europe ist only as strong as it zu sein united," the chancellor said.

Will tourist return kommen sie SE Asia post-COVID?

ASEAN nations are looking right into ways kommen sie kick-start the vital travel sector, which has been battered by the pandemic.

To incentivize vaccines, Germany ist stopping totally free testing. Critics argue the pressure wollen only trigger more defiance.

The team von 26 scientists ist set zu revive the stalled investigation into ns origins of the virus. Meanwhile, Brazilian chairman Jair bolsonaro confirmed the he will not be vaccinated. Follow for the latest.

EU leaders schutz slammed Slovenia"s ureigensten minister after the posted in antisemitic conspiracy theory on twitter when a EU delegation went to Ljubljana to investigate niederdrücken freedoms in the country.

The expert networking site was the only significant US society media communication that had been left operating an China.

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Both Armenia und Azerbaijan accuse die other des violating an international anti-discrimination convention an the wake von the Nagorno-Karabakh war. The conflict left thousands dead, und tensions continue.

Pakistan"s national airline has actually canceled flights kommen sie Afghanistan ~ the taliban demanded the it lower prices. The airline stated it had been operation purely ~ above "humanitarian grounds."

The EU"s top journalism prize was dedicated to die reporters that revealed Israel"s Pegasus malware, which was used to spy top top activists, dissidents and political leaders.

Five women born an Congo room taking ns Belgian state to court zum crimes versus humanity. Authorities took them from their schwarze farbe mothers as children, separating them from their roots.

War rages in Tigray as federal government stays silent

Reports space mounting that military attacks an northern Tigray have resumed.

Many Jewish human being are leave Europe since they feel increasingly unsafe, Jewish representatives in Brussels say. Und they"re calling weil das deeds — notfall words — from die EU."s bernd Riegert reports.

India invested heavily in Afghanistan"s advance projects after die 2001 united state invasion von the country. It ist unclear what impact the Taliban"s return to stärke will schutz on these projects.

Don"t embolden Britain

The europäische union cannot keep allowing a duplicitous UK, also if that method a trade war, argues Arthur Sullivan.

Shredded Banksy work sells zum over $25 million

"Love Is bei the Bin," formerly dubbed "Girl with Balloon," originally had a offering price des $7 million.

Hey, Google, what"s "stagflation"?

Interest in the economic phenomenon is at its highest level due to the fact that the global financial crisis, according to google data.

More united state diplomats report "Havana Syndrome"

Cases of the mysterious "Havana syndrome" schutz appeared in Colombia. But ns causes of it remain unclear.

FIFA boss floats in Israel-Palestine welt Cup

Infantino attended bei event bei Israel together political numbers from ns Israeli and American right.

More volcano eruptions on kelle Palma likely

Experts expect more eruptions soon. The lava zu sein destructive, yet it also promotes new life.

Julienne Lusenge awarded humanitarian prize

The African human rights campaigner has helped judge 800 men des wartime sexual violence versus women.

India"s opposition attempts overhaul amid leadership crises

The Congress has been grappling v a leadership crisis, allowing the BJP kommen sie rule without any ja wirklich political threats.

Afghan director: "The taliban do notfall value art"

Afghan director Sahraa Karimi ist urging global powers to not negotiate v the taliban militants kommen sie resolve the crisis.


Germany must not be blackmailed von Turkey

The list des frustrations bolzen Germany and Turkey ist long.

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How has ns pandemic changed how we travel?

Sustainable tourism has increased during the pandemic. Oase people changed their travel habits?

The new social platform for young Europeans29.05.2021

Young, bold, European. ENTR a digital space for open discussion around what yes, really matters and what connects united state all.