Bilder Aus Icloud Auf Pc Speichern

Recently, i had some friends over and they were telling me around how they save all des their photos und videos top top their computer system or phone und don’t also make consistent local backups to USB disks or external hard drives. This ist definitely risky, which ist why ich consider the essential zu keep a set of all your pictures und videos online in the cloud.

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Uploading photos kommen sie the cloud has a couple of advantages end storing them every locally:

1. You kann easily share ns albums through others

2. You kann sein access ns photos und videos hinweisen any time und usually ~ above other gadgets as lang as sie have bei Internet connection

3. You have a backup des all your photos bei case something happens kommen sie your regional copy

I always schutz a local copy von my pictures and then have several duplicates stored an the cloud. Depending on what service you right now use, the best solution may be different weil das different people. In this article, I’ll shot to hülle some of the hauptsächlich ways to store your photos und videos in the cloud.


Before we obtain into details, ich wanted kommen sie talk about ns source zum all these photos und videos. Bei my case, there are basically 3 ways ich take photos:

1. From mine smartphone

2. From my digital SLR camera

3. From mine digital point-and-shoot camera

Photos and Videos indigenous Smartphones

Storing photos und videos sie take from a smartphone in the cloud is nice straight-forward and there space a last of options. For android or iOS devices, you tun können use a variety of apps or integrated features zu upload your photos and videos to die cloud, typically automatically.

Apple has actually iCloud photo Library und it works relatively well most of the time. I’ve been utilizing it zum several years now and haven’t run into any significant issues. All you have to do ist purchase some extra iCloud storage und your media möchte be uploaded immediately once die feature is enabled.


For non-Apple users, there are rather a few options. Die most popular choices here are google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive or Flickr. The google Photos app is my favorite and I usage it in addition zu purchasing iCloud storage.

If sie don’t use google Photos or Picasa , etc., you can so use Dropbox. Dropbox zu sein a leistungen that basically lasst uns you quickly “drop” documents into a bucket that is then obtainable on any an equipment or computer system you have Dropbox mounted on. Und Dropbox has in app for every platform out there, including Linux, Blackberry, Kindle Fire, etc.

Dropbox so has bei automatic upload feature dubbed Camera Upload, which does die exact same thing together the google Photos app. Any picture you take will be immediately uploaded zu your Dropbox account wie you open the app. OneDrive also works an the exact same way.

So these apps kann sein basically take care von all your photos native any smartphone you own. They work on tablets, smartphones, desktops and on many other tools too.

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If you install ns desktop program on your Mac or PC, it möchte then immediately sync every those photos und videos to die computer too, so you have in extra backup on your tough drive just an case.

There are various other apps choose Facebook, however it doesn’t assistance automatic uploading von photos und videos. Still, i do upload image to auf facebook all die time, but i use google Photos and Dropbox zu store every my photos whereas i upload only a few good ones kommen sie Facebook. Auf facebook is notfall setup zu be used as a backup von all her photos and videos.

Photos und Videos indigenous Digital Cameras

Getting image from her digital camera zu the wolke is a little different, but not very complex either. Sie pretty much schutz all ns same options as mentioned above. The only worry with SLRs ist that the files can be huge, especially zum things choose 4K video.

If you have a high-speed internet connection that isn’t metered, climate you kann sein just drop all die files into one von your wolke synced folders und everything wollen be uploaded. If sie are bei the sich entschuldigen ecosystem, you will need kommen sie use die Photos app an OS X zu import die media into your iCloud picture Library. However, large videos files möchte quickly eat nach oben your warehouse space.


The best option weil das large life images and super high justiz video is außen or network storage that is attached locally. I previously wrote around setting trost your own cloud storage using a NAS device. V this setup, freundin don’t oase to upload anything, yet you tun können access her media native anywhere.


Personally, I have found that using some des these services in combination functions out best. On mine phone, i use google Photos und iCloud photograph Library to upload mine photos und videos.

For life images and 4K footage from mine digital cameras, i normally backup zu a large external hard drive und backup to my Synology NAS device. However, both von these copies are local und I would lose whatever if die house melted down. To counter that, i setup an amazonas AWS account and backed up ns really large files to amazonas Glacier, which ist really cheap. I oase over 2 TB of data stored there und only pay choose $10 a month. It’s precious it weil das me.

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The other beneficial feature von a dienstleistungen like amazon Glacier ist that you can save number of terabytes of data onto in external hard drive und ship it zu Amazon. They will copy the data to your server locally, which prevents sie from having zu upload every that charme over her home internet connection.

Overall, it’s a good idea zu store her photos and videos bei the cloud along with having a local back-up copy. If you still are confused around something or need any other help, feel cost-free to post a comment und I’ll try to help. Enjoy!