FIRST des ALL: You schutz to turn on root an Nox system settings as gezeigt below kommen sie use this function!



From Nox 2.5.1, screenshots taken bei Nox will be immediately saved to ns default re-superstructure folder an your computer. Below zu sein a einzelheiten showcase:

1. Click the little scissor taste on the side gittern to take a screenshot in Nox. There möchte be a bild sign on the top left corner to nur that die picture is successfully taken.

Du schaust: Bilder und videos importieren mit windows 7


2. Click the little computer sign on die side bar, go zu Import File-Open local Shared Folder, then open the bild folder and you möchte find the screenshot you just taken.


3. Sie could also input die file location directly in your computer’s paper window to open the mutual folder. Ns file place is: C:Users【Your account name】DocumentsNox_share

4. For other record format, please blieb refer to die video below zum a step von step guidance.

5. Ours user has deshalb contributed this YouTube video on how zu move files bolzen PC and Nox there is no root.

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September 28, 2015February 16, 2016 NoxPlayerFAQ

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13 think on “How to move files between Nox and your computer”

esgarraet says:
September 28, 2015 hinweisen 5:30 pm

I only kann sein run file Manager an safe mode. How ich do to run it source mode?

Nox app Player says:
September 29, 2015 punkt 8:33 am

Please go kommen sie upper appropriate corner system Settings>>General>>Root>>Turn the on>>Save Changes and Restart Nox. Climate you möchte be granted superuser role and have access zu all File manager folders.

Juna says:
October 2, 2015 hinweisen 1:37 pm

Import record from mine computer zu Nox player. How zu do the ?

Jerry says:
October 8, 2015 punkt 12:18 pm

Very good.

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Jorge says:
October 17, 2015 at 8:52 pm

This video zeigen how to share documents with die PC. ROOT notfall needed.

Marvin says:
October 27, 2015 hinweisen 11:36 am

Hi, my folder ~ above mnt/shared dont oase any folder, und any time i try to give writh rights as shortly as i close ns file explorer die folder turn rückseitig to review only.And if ich put a file on Documents/Nox_shared/Images or any other folder on Nox_shared, i kann nicht see die file on die PC.Already tryied execution 2.5 and 2.5.1, routine running top top adm mode und with root on.

Anyone can help?

Nox anwendung Player
October 28, 2015 hinweisen 4:03 am

Hi, Marvin, could freundin please send screenshots of the nox_shared folder on your PC and these files an your emulator to support dafür we could better understand die problem and figure out how zu help? Thanks.

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