Bilder Vom Laptop Auf Iphone Ziehen

New Photo administration Guide: This guide covers legacy photo management. You re welcome jump to die Import section of Manage and Transfer iphone phone Photos with weil das up zu date instructions spanning 2.11 and above.

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If you"re like many people, you"ve gott lots von photos. Pictures from your vacations, household snapshots, selfies, und more. If you use a Mac, you kann store your photo library an Apple"s photos app and sync them kommen sie your iPhone. If freundin use a PC, you kann sync photos indigenous a number von apps kommen sie your iphone phone or iPad utilizing iTunes.

But freundin may want zu avoid iTunes und sync her photos manually. This tun können be much easier especially if you have a last of photos and only want kommen sie choose some of them kommen sie sync. Und you may want kommen sie avoid using the cloud, und Apple"s iCloud photograph Library, due to the fact that it"s unreliable, und it tun können eat nach oben your iPhone"s data. kann sein do this zum you, carrying photos from your Mac or PC to your iphone or iPad.

Here"s exactly how to lieferung photos from your computer kommen sie your iphone or iPad:

Select your device in the"s sidebar, then select Photos.Click the "Import" button und choose the photos zu be imported.Name the neu photo album climate click "ok" transfers ns photos.

Before sie begin

Download and install on her Mac or pc computer

Download weil das Mac Download weil das PC

Important: Albums the are created with ns macOS Photos app or directly on die device itself can not be edited or removed with

In-Depth Tutorial

1. Launch on her photos and connect your device.

Download und install Launch the app, and connect her device to your Mac or PC.

2. Pick your device bei the"s sidebar, then pick "Photos".

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Select her device in the sidebar, then choose Photos. tons thumbnails des your device"s picture albums.


3. Click the "Import" button in the toolbar at the bottom von the window. display screens a standard open dialog prompting you zu select a folder on your Mac or PC. Choose die folder that contains die photos you want kommen sie import. If freundin want to import many folders des photos, you"ll come back to this step after every folder has been transferred.


4. Name the new photo album.

Since transfers the photos to a new photo album, a dialog asks you zu enter a name of the new album. After ~ you"ve done this, click OK.


5. transfers the photos."s Operations home window shows the progress des the transfer, then, after die photos have been copied, reloads its home window showing every your picture albums. You kann select the album bei to lakers all ns photos. You kann sein then stop und view die photos on her iPhone.


Important: picture albums transferred from a Mac or PC zu iOS devices, with, iTunes, or die Photos app, room not included in backups von the iOS device. Zum this reason, freundin should never rely top top iOS photograph albums weil das long term storage of your photos.

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Going further

To learn more about communication with her Photos, see our guide on file Browsing.