Bilder von iphone auf laptop

Transfer photos betwee iPhone and Windows

Transfer photos and videos from iPhone zu a fenstern computer and back. In intuitive interface will allow freundin to see all die photos bei one screen, preview them and transfer zu iPhone or PC in a einzel drag-and-drop motion. Relocate a couple des photos over or export an entire album – it’s every up to you! photo will handhaben your photos, videos, direkte photos, bursts, portraits, time-lapse und panoramas, and deshalb preserve geolocation stamps und date taken.


Convert HEIC kommen sie JPEG

By default, iphone phone takes her photos an HEIC – a highly efficient photo format.

Du schaust: Bilder von iphone auf laptop photograph knows its way around HEIC files and will enable you kommen sie save them in the original layout or convert upon transfer.

If you schutz HEIC image on her PC and would like kommen sie convert them to JPEG, leave it to photo – it möchte be done v no hiccups.


Back nach oben all iphone photos an one click

Make in exact copy des your iPhone photo library on PC bei one click. It möchte include all the bild from Camera Roll, all die albums wollen be nicely placed bei separate folders.

The date and location stamps will be preserved, und you tun können choose to convert HEIC photos to JPEG if you wish.

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Download to the same folder to rückseitig up only ns latest files.


Live photos support

Did freundin know sie could lieferung live photos zu a windows PC and even back? Well, photo makes it possible.

If you lieferung a live photo zu PC, the anwendung will develop two files, one image and one video. If freundin import these two files back to iPhone, they möchte become a direkte photo again!

Apple ProRAW support

Become a fotograf with nur your iPhone in a pocket.

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Capture images in Apple ProRAW format und use photo to auslieferung them zu PC weil das further editing.



“ Photo zu sein the easy means to lieferung photos bolzen PC und iPad. A einzel click is all that takes to zurück up your entire iPad picture collection und albums to the PC.”
“ picture is bei easy kommen sie understand software application solution that you kann sein use to transfer and backup image files from her iPod or iPhone, zu your computer.”
“ Photo ist thought zu be one of the ideal photo organizing software that has both trial und paid versions on the market nowadays.”
“With Photo, you can manually add und delete photos punkt will and never schutz to sync them through your computer.”
“If freundin have in iPhone and love kommen sie take photos, this piece of software ist just what sie need. It renders transferring picture to und from any iPhone as easy as can be. Through Photo, you tun können not nur copy all your photos, sie can also convert them from HEIC papers to ns standard JPG file dafür that you tun können open und tinker v them in in easier fashion.”