The German different pop-rock band Tokio hotel is make up of singer bill Kaulitz, guitarist tom Kaulitz, drummer Gustav Schäfer, and bassist george Listing.

Du schaust: Bill und tom kaulitz 2016

In 2001 bei Magdeburg, at ns age des 12, pair brothers Bill und Tom Kaulitz established a eis along through Schäfer and Listing. It was called Devilish hinweisen first; they later changed the benennen to Tokio Hotel. Your debut album, "Schrei," was released an 2005. Songs from this album und the second one, "Zimmer 483" (2007), were translated for their debut album in English, licensed has been granted "Scream." The eis has marketed millions des albums worlfutbolpublic.comide; die singer"s signature androgynous gothic format appeals to angsty teens around die globe.


Tokio hotel — teenage heartthrobs fünfzehn years top top 29.04.2019

Tokio Hotel, once Germany"s most successful teenage boy band, has changed its appearance und musical format over ns years. Jetzt all get an impressive up, they"ve kicked off ns 2019 Melancholic Paradise außerhalb des spiels across Europe.


Heidi fülle gets engaged kommen sie musician tom Kaulitz 24.12.2018

The German supermodel went public in May about her relationship through Tokio hotel guitarist tom Kaulitz. Clum has four children, from her marriage to popstar Seal and a partnership with businessman Flavio Briatore.


PopXport distinct - Tokio hotel 07.07.2017

Tokio hotel is one des the many successful German bands des the new millenium. We"ll tell you about their neu album, meet the maßband on tour, talk zu them around their fans, und play videos of their best hits.


Tokio hotel is rückseitig with a new album: "Dream Machine" 05.05.2017

A few weeks ago, Tokio hotel released their fifth album, dubbed "Dream Machine." We"ll speak to die Kaulitz twins, Bill und Tim, und the rest des the band, around how they deal with the pressures of success.


Backstage: on reisen with Tokio hotel 05.05.2017

In 2015, Tokio hotel toured smaller sized venues around the world - to get close zu their fans. Die "DreamMachine" tour will it is in a little different. We"ll be backstage with the maßband at a gig an Hamburg.

The within story on just how Tokio hotel deals with stalkers 05.05.2017

Tokio hotel has sold an ext than 7 million documents worlfutbolpublic.comide. Their fans call themselves "aliens," and some schutz followed the band since the zuerst single in 2005. However how execute they deal with stalkers?

Tokio Hotel: a no-holds-barred interview 05.05.2017

Whether the topic is nude photos, tattoos, or child-care -- sie asked ns questions, and Tokio hotel has die answers.

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Tokio Hotel: Billy"s solo EP 05.05.2017

Tokio hotel lead singer rechnung Kaulitz placed out a solo EP bei 2016. Bill tells PopXport how he found time to do the EP - while the band was touring und working on a new album.

German stars congratulate PopXport on 500 shows 07.04.2017

Rammstein, Tokio Hotel, Scooter, Cascada, Scorpions und other German bands congratulate PopXport ~ above its 500th nur – v birthday greetings und a wenig song or 2 to markierung the occasion.

PopXport-Quiz: ns original version von "What If" 20.03.2017

Take part in our quiz, und win good CDs. We play a hülle version des a German hit, and you tell us who did ns original. This week, it"s "What If."

PopXport: the German Music magazine 17.03.2017

"Rammstein: Paris" -- the new concert film über one of Germany"s most notorious bands. Tokio hotel is jetzt touring Europe with lieder from their new album. Und the 2nd album from the electro-folk duo Milky Chance.

Tokio Hotel"s neu European reise 17.03.2017

Tokio Hotel"s new album "Dream Machine" has hit No. 5 on the German charts. The band are promoting the album through a 30-stop außerhalb des spiels across Europe.

German fashion designer Lutz Hülle shows hinweisen Paris mode Week. Plus: ns amazing tricks of acrobatic cyclists. And: older und wiser, Tokio hotel are zurück with a neu album.

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"Dream Machine" - the neu album indigenous Tokio hotel 03.03.2017

Germany"s most famous musical twins space back: Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel. The band produced their neu album "Dream Machine" nearly entirely on your own. We"ll have bei exclusive interview.

PopXport: the German Music magazine 03.03.2017

They"ve unable to do from teen rock zu electro-pop: Tokio hotel are back. Plus: berlin soul queen delight Denalane gift a musical tribute to produziert "hood. And: Chart-breaker philip Poisel.

PopXport-Quiz: that did "Haus bei der See" first? 03.03.2017

Take part in our quiz, und win great CDs. We"ll play a startseite version of a German hit. You tell us who did ns original. This week, it"s "Haus bei der See." was it: