Listen up. That wedding season. Together you’re analysis this, you’re most likely thinking about die five invitations you have on your fridge right now, each with a different dress code. If you’re notfall the bride or groom, then die hardest teil about weddings zu sein figuring the end what to wear. That"s why we"ve put together a guide to end the confusion.We’re break down ns most common wedding dress codes, and showing freundin what kommen sie wear from head to toe.

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First of all, who are you? If you going zu a white-tie wedding we’re assuming she a celebrity or a diplomat (if that’s die case, you should certainly follow united state on Instagram). White-tie dress code zu sein the greatest level des formality, und there is no room weil das interpretation in what freundin wear. This is how zu play it dafür you don’t get laughed out des the building.

An night tailcoat and trousers. It’s choose a tux, but much more formal. Make sure die vest, cummerbund, shirt, and bow tie are all white and make sure ns tail des the jacket zugriffszeiten right at ns knee. Her trousers need to be tailored to rechts perfectly v no bunching at die shoe. Speaking von shoes, they must be officially (oxfords wollen do) and polished. If you’re having actually trouble picturing it, nur imagine you’re walk to die Met Gala und dress accordingly.
You’ll need cuff links, but more importantly, you’ll require a watch. Bei occasion this officially calls for a watch that screams sophistication und class. Walk all the end with an automatic. With in understated design und a caseback special a porthole window to showcase die mechanical heart of the timepiece, our Kairos automatic White/Rose gelb is a an excellent choice zum any white tie affair.


While you wollen probably never ever be invited zu a white-tie wedding, black-tie weddings are still pretty popular. Black-Tie dress code zu sein considered appropriate behind white-tie in terms von formality, so still really formal. Here’s what zu rock.

A schwarze farbe tux with a black bow tie. It really ist that simple, guys. If freundin do not schutz one, rent one. Depending on die location und time of the event, you might be able kommen sie get away with one more color tux, but schwarze farbe is always die tried-and-true option. Now, if ns invitation claims “black-tie optional” there is a little more room zum interpretation. In this case, we wollen suggest you opt weil das a official dark suit with a dark tie. Bei both cases, your shoes should be formal, black, and polished.
The accessories freundin pair through a tux need to be classic and elegant. Due to the fact that your tux und shoes will be black, it’s best zu continue die color plan with whatever you wear on your wrist. The Bellwether Rose gold + schwarze farbe is a great möglichkeit when that comes kommen sie black-tie events. With its dignified design, ring angular case, and polished finish, it’s going zu complete your look and help freundin work ns room at the reception.


This ist where it gets tricky due to the fact that semi-formal kann sein sometimes it is in dependent ~ above time and location. Semi-formal hinweisen a daytime wedding in the summer at a nation club is not die same together semi-formal punkt a classic ceremony in the night during die winter. Deswegen first things first, read the invitation. As soon as you’ve completed step one, we’ve gott some tips zum you.

No matter the setting, the radikale building blocks zum your look need to be a suit with a collared shirt and a tie. If it is a more summery chance opt for lighter fabrics und colors, like gray or beige. If it zu sein a much more traditional chance during die winter months, a dark suit and heavier fabrics are probably more appropriate. Nur remember the suit must match, and your shoes should match your belt.
Your clock shouldn’t be flashy, but it need to be a explain piece. Our oberteil choice is The Bellwether Rose gelb + White. That understated, elegant, und works in every season. The rose gold is nur polished enough kommen sie catch ns eye, however won’t be overpowering. It puts the “formal” bei “semi-formal” dafür even if you’re attending something the leans on ns casual side, her watch wollen elevate her look.


This seems to be the dress code people oase the most belästigung with, however is still the dress code you’ll come across most often, und not just for weddings. Dates, unternehmen events, vacation parties, tun können all call for cocktail attire. Kommen sie simplify, cocktail attire zu sein really just meant kommen sie bridge ns gap between formal and casual. This is how sie achieve perfect balance.

You tun können have an ext fun v cocktail attire. Within reason. You’re blieb going kommen sie need a suit, but you kann probably lose ns tie. We imply you start with dark trousers and a collared shirt. What you choose zu wear weil das your blazer is up kommen sie you. Show off your personality über wearing a patterned jacket in a classic color favor blue, navy, or gray. Remain away indigenous sneakers. Go through dress boots or loafers instead.

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The accessories you wear execute not schutz to be as formal, but you blieb want to schutz a pretty watch kommen sie add part extra class. We suggest the Chrono ns Blue/Black. With die angular design of the case to ns sunray blue dial, this watch is going to stand out. Ns blue confront can deshalb provide an interesting comparison if you have on in otherwise monochromatic look. It’s polished without gift stuffy, i m sorry sums up cocktail attire pretty well.

Beach Formal

“Beach” und “formal” could seem prefer they don’t belong together, however they are frequently found side by side top top wedding invitations. Weil das occasions favor this, her outfit has to pull dual duty. You have to dress to impress, but also dress zum the elements. If you’re completely lost at sea through this, here’s just how you kann sein stay afloat.

We know it’s on die beach, but if you seen the native “formal,” you’ve gott to go with some variation of a suit (the tie is optional). Unless you are a fan of sweating, you going zu want lighter fabrics, lighter colors, and lighter shoes. Tan trousers are constantly a good option. Paired through a linen button-up shirt and tan blazer, it makes zum a beach-ready look that möchte keep sie cool. For the feet, psychic you’ll likely be near water, deshalb shoes you can wear without socks space best.
You room going zu want a lighter und less formal format here to go with your suit. Ns Kairos White/Silver is a tastefully bold clock that will carry freundin through any type of warm-weather event. V its slim silhouette und tan leather strap, it’s functional enough kommen sie go with any kind of color suit you wear and formal sufficient polish off your look.

Dressy Casual

Pay an ext attention to the word “dressy” than sie do the word “casual.” freundin don’t want zu leave ns event and forever be well-known as ns guy who was way underdressed, dafür keep it refined. Here’s just how you tun können look casual, but notfall too comfortable.

Treat this chance as slightly less formal than cocktail attire. No need weil das a tie. In fact, sie probably should notfall wear one. Sie can also probably lose die collared austrian if it is a daytime event. We suggest a white button-down und a sports coat und coordinating trousers or chinos. You kann sein go a wenig more casual with ns shoes, yet we ausblüten suggest staying away indigenous sneakers.
You’re going to want something that’s notfall too formal, but blieb lets freundin look sophisticated. Die Chrono s Rose gold delivers on every aspects. It’s a timeless and edgy look that will impress weist every point in the day. No matter where ns night goes, this watch i will not ~ let freundin down.


We recognize your cousin’s invitation says “casual” yet we promise you, the does not want freundin to nur up in shorts. Casual hinweisen a wedding zu sein not ns same together your casual weekend wear. Do notfall wear shorts. Do notfall wear a t-shirt. Do notfall wear jeans. Do notfall wear flip-flops. Dafür what’s left? we’ll tell you.

At the ende of the day, you just need to look placed together. A pair von chinos with a button-down shirt will do. Consider die time and location wie deciding on the colors. Remember freundin can’t go wrong v dark colors, but the setting can call zum something lighter. Zum the footwear, you can get away through breaking the end your nicest sneakers (nicest being ns keyword) or boots, nur make sure they room clean und do notfall look auch worn.
The Kairos Mesh Matte schwarz is both casual und impactful. That low-key (just like ns occasion), but is blieb able to give her look in extra touch of class. It i will not ~ make sie look overdressed, however it might get freundin a nomination zum best-dressed.

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And the about startseite it. This have to help you navigate every dress code you’ll ever encounter. Einkaufen all the aussehen below, und don’t forget to tag us an your wedding photos on Instagram.