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Amy Winehouse was a music icon! With hits such together "Rehab", "Valerie", und "Back kommen sie Black" she cemented herself as one des the best in the industry, making herstellung passing back an 2011 one that shocked ns world.

even greats like lady Gaga schutz gone zu say that they consider Winehouse their idol! Of course, one person who may have been impacted von her passing more than others is her ex-husband. Amy was married to Blake Fielder-Civil from 2007 kommen sie 2009, though your relationship was rumored to have been unhealthy zum the both of them.

With so much having actually happened since; fans are wondering wherein Fielder-Civil zu sein today, and what he"s been up to!

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Updated on July 10th, 2021, by Michael Chaar: Amy Winehouse proved zu be quite the success in the music industry, however, her two-year-long marriage zu ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil was not nearly together successful. Following herstellung passing bei 2011, fans wondered what would certainly happen zu Blake. While he went off kommen sie remarry, schutz two kids, und pursue a career in acting, his reputation was tarnished following his tumultuous relationship with Amy. Bei 2018, Fielder-Civil appeared on Good Morning Britain zu claim Amy"s family was trying to make money off of a hologram tour, this came nur a year prior to ihm suing Amy"s estate zum over $1 million.

fan might already know that Amy"s ex had some personal issues while they to be together. Indigenous his problem problems, which plenty of attribute kommen sie having caused Amy"s, zu his time spent in prison, Blake"s path was troubled.

yet after he left prison, Blake filed weil das divorce from Amy, claiming the she had been stepping out on their marriage; and based top top interviews with ns media, Winehouse admitted zu being in love through someone else and essentially "forgetting" that she was married.

one of two people way, when die pair split, Fielder-Civil got nothing in the settlement, noted The daily Dish. Quickly after ending dinge with produziert latest love, Winehouse moved on with regem Traviss, who she was dating at die time of herstellung passing.

The jeden tag Dish quoted Blake together saying he was happy zum his ex due to the fact that she was "with someone really nice" dafür he was "pleased" zum her. Considering fans had a farming dislike zum Fielder-Civil, claiming er to it is in one des the "worst husbands", his kind words took many by surprise, while others didn"t believe he really expected it.

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von course, part say the there"s no reason Fielder-Civil would schutz been unhappy around Amy moving on; Deadline insurance claims that Blake left Amy zu pursue a connection with his ex, sarah Aspin. Und now, Blake and Sarah oase two kids together. Clearly, dinge worked out an Amy"s ex"s favor with the divorce.

In an interview, Blake defined that though world blame him zum Amy"s passing, she never ever did noþeles she didn"t want to do, notes Deadline. He so elaborated that he still felt guilt over her death, even though he doesn"t feel he"s straight responsible.

die source deshalb disputes Blake"s earlier insurance claim that he didn"t obtain anything during his divorce native Amy; they say he received over $300K afterward, and then, that asked zum millions from herstellung estate (by suing Amy"s parents) back in 2019!

the year prior, Blake go on Good Morning Britain kommen sie discuss Amy"s feasible hologram tour, i m sorry he declared he was notfall a fans of. Fielder-Civil stated that people still want zu capitalize off von Amy"s estate, for this reason his disapproval von the tour.

despite his opinions, Blake walk on to request end a million from Amy"s heritage a year later, proving the he yes, really hasn"t changed all that much!

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