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At Media Markt sie are at this time buying waiting purifiers und air conditioners from AEG at a special price. We wollen introduce you to ns devices top top offer und show freundin how viel you kann sein save.

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We’re looking zum bargains weil das you that us think you’ll like. Ns selection is subjective, however editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, which means that NETZWELT may receive a commission from die dealer zum links ~ above this page. More info.

May is drawing zu a close and with June, summer möchte soon be just around ns corner. If you’re already working trost a sweat thinking of over 30 degrees, you should stop von Media Markt, because die retailer wollen help you to keep a kühl head with strong offers on assorted air conditioning devices from AEG.

The highlight

The highlight ist the AEG PX71-265 WT. The offers freundin many premium functions such as incorporated Wi-Fi, bei assembly time des 30 seconds and the distinctive AirSurround system.


die AEG AX91-604DG is also suitable zum rooms with bei area of ​​up to 129 square meters. Ns filters deshalb offer five-stage cleaning und control via ns associated app is also possible. AEG to adjust a price des 649 dollars weil das the wait purifier. Hinweisen Media Markt you kann sein buy it zum only 529.99 dollars.

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To the offer at MediaMarkt ❯

With ns special provides from Media Markt sie are perfectly prepared weil das the upcoming summer. We recommend that sie buy an air purifier also as in air conditioner. If you also want kommen sie make provisions for the winter, sie should use bei air conditioner v a heater function. So you kill two birds v one stone.

Of kurse you will find countless more an excellent ones Media Markt offers in the online shop and in the branches. We’ll nur you die current highlights below, whereby you tun können save money.

At Media Markt you can free club member und then benefits from plenty of other advantages. Amongst other things, members von the loyalty program receive in extended Zero percent financing, you can deshalb get gift coupons. We möchte provide sie with further information at a separate allude Shipping, ns Payment alternatives as fine as die Return von your purchases.

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