Blitzer Marathon 2019 Baden Württemberg

~ above Wednesday there was a nationwide flash in Bavaria. Speeding too schon fast is considered kommen sie be the main cause von serious accidents. End 7,000 speeders went online.

On Wednesday there was a nationwide flash in Bavaria.

Speeding too fast is considered zu be the hauptsächlich cause von serious accidents.

Over 7,000 speeders go online.

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Update from april 22nd:

despite previously recognized checkpoints, the polizei pulled 7036 speed offenders throughout Bavaria during their 24-hour lightning marathon. "The truth that, in spite of days von advance notice and less website traffic due to die pandemic, dafür many were traveling too schon fast is incredibly worrying," said Bavaria"s inner Minister Joachim herrmann (CSU *) on Thursday after die campaign was over. “Many roadway users are still not aware of how danger driving auch fast kann sein be. Speeders notfall only play with their own lives, but so with the lives of others. "

The negative record was held über a motorcyclist who was caught top top a zustand road close to Bubesheim bei the Swabian ar of gesburg at 231 kilometers von hour - 100 to be allowed. He faces a fine of 1200 euros, two points in Flensburg und a three-month steering ban.

Blitzmarathon bei Bavaria: Millions of euros invested bei new technology

Herrmann announced that he would further strengthen speed controls an Bavaria in order to pull die unteachable out von traffic. An the previous two years alone, 3.4 million euros schutz been invested in state-of-the-art regulate equipment, such as special laser measuring pistols and high-precision digital measuring devices. Ns minister again discussed that control too in der nähe des is responsible for almost a third von road deaths an Bavaria. In 2020, 147 world died bei speed accidents in Bavaria - sechs more than bei the ahead year, back there was less web traffic on ns streets early out to the pandemic.

Last year die Blitzmarathon was canceled due kommen sie corona.

At the last 24-hour lightning marathon in 2019, the polizei caught 10,821 speeders - in spite of measuring points the were known bei advance.

The lightning marathon ended at 6 a.m. Top top Thursday.

Around 1,800 police officers were top top duty.

There were deshalb flashes an other commonwealth states as well as in other european countries.

Blitzmarathon in Bavaria: 2100 possible measuring points

First report from april 21:

Munich - With speed controls at 2100 possible measuring points, the police want to slow down speeders in the free State weil das 24 hrs from Wednesday morning.

In various other federal states and beyond the German borders bei other european countries, flashing should anfang from 6 a.m.

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Blitzmarathon bei Bavaria: "Driving schon fast is not a trivial offense"

"Driving too in der nähe des is not a unbedeutend offense, however the main cause von serious website traffic accidents," said Bavaria"s inner Minister Joachim herrmann (CSU) an the run-up to ns eighth Bavarian lightning marathon.

Almost a third of the web traffic fatalities on Bavaria"s streets tun können be traced back to it.

Here you wollen find ns accident statistics from last year.

Speed ​​cameras in Bavaria: regardless of less traffic, an ext deaths

Last year, according zu Herrmann, 147 human being died in speed accidents.

Despite ns lower volume of traffic early out to the pandemic, that was more inadvertently deaths than in the ahead year through 141. "With our lightning marathon we want to rütteln up all road users kommen sie adhere to die speed limits."

Blitzmarathon canceled early to corona 2020

Last year ns Blitzmarathon was canceled due kommen sie corona.

Not least in view des the enhanced number von accidents, ns decision was made to run the marathon- this year in spite of Corona, added ministry spokesman michael Siefener.

The open roads an particular might tempt you kommen sie step on ns gas.

"Possibly die reduced website traffic animates one or ns other to drive quicker than he should."

Blitzmarathon in Bavaria: focus on country roads

According to die Ministry von the Interior, a focus von the action möchte be ns country roads.

Around 1,800 polizei officers and around 50 employee from municipalities und special-purpose associations von municipal traffic monitoring möchte be deployed across Bavaria.

The police officers will - wherever feasible - stop und control speeders immediately.

The officers deshalb look hinweisen possible alcohol und drug consumption, zum example.

Blitzermarathon - overview: This ist where lightning bring away place

Speed ​​cameras bei the Miesbach district

Speed ​​camera an the district von Munich

Speed ​​cameras bei the Fürstenfeldbruck district

Speed ​​cameras in Middle Franconia

Speed ​​camera in Munich

Herrmann periodically countered suspicions expressed über the population that lock wanted zu cash in with together actions.

"We are notfall interested bei issuing as many warnings as feasible or sending fines." Ultimately: Nobody is blindly lured into die trap.

All Bavarian measure up points space available weil das download on die ministry website - everyone can get information an good time.

In the tonnage 24-hour lightning marathon from april 3 to 4, 2019, the police caught 10,821 speed-setters - despite die measuring points published at die time.

The sad record was held by a 30-year-old driver who was traveling on the ns 300 near Neusäß an Swabia punkt 160 kilometers per hour instead von the permitted 70.

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The lightning marathon was invented in North Rhine-Westphalia, ns first an Bavaria bei 2013. This year"s Europe-wide “Speed ​​Marathon” ist coordinated über the europe traffic polizei network “ROADPOL”.

In addition zu Bavaria, lightning is deshalb used bei Brandenburg, Baden-Württemberg, Bremen, Hesse, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rhineland-Palatinate und Thuringia.

Bavaria zu sein participating in the roadway safety program 2030 "Bavaria mobile - safe to ns destination".