Although samsung TVs usually schutz a nice compatibility for all kinds des media files, part people have found the there are problems when samsung smart TVs play the BDMV video file. So kann Samsung TV play the BDMV video? How kommen sie play BDMV files on samsung smart TVs? heute let’s uncover out the answer together in this tutorial.

Part 1: What ist BDMV

A BDMV file is Blu-ray info files or is sometimes called a Blu-ray key Movie info file. They commonly contain information about die contents von a Blu-ray disc. BDMV files are typically used von Blu-ray discs to describe the contents of a Blu-ray key directory. BDMV papers use a well-defined filename and directory location to specify various parts von the Blu-ray information. Usually, BDMV documents include index.bdmv, MovieObject.bdmv, sound.bdmv and some various other BDMV die info files.

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Because the BDMV file zu sein a Blu-ray disc die info file, many BDMV files are extracted from a Blu-ray bowl or ISO image file, und is well organized an a structured folder. BDMV documents are readable on Blu-ray players. But zum most portable devices, desktop media football player or clever TVs, the BDMV files might not be readable and playable.


Part 2: can I beat BDMV document on samsung TV durch USB

Like it’s mentioned bei the last part, BDMV records are Blu-ray disc information files, therefore, there are good chances the your computer, portable tools or your smart TVs can not open and play die BDMV videobilien file. So how about playing a BDMV videobilien file through samsung TV through USB?

The answer zu whether we can play BDMV documents on samsung smart TV via USB might vary according to die actual occasion. Normally, samsung TVs do not oase the capability to decode a BDMV file, which method with die current samsung smart TV models on ns market, sie most likely cannot play ns BDMV files durch USB. However, as samsung keeps developing neu smart TV decoding technologies, the neu Samsung clever TV models may be able kommen sie directly play BDMV files durch USB. However, even if samsung TVs do have the ability kommen sie play BDMV files, there are ausblüten some problems.

As you oase probably known, Blu-ray movie usually schutz a great quality an both video und audio performance, which means die Blu-ray records are commonly big bei size. Because of that, BDMV records are also relatively big bei the document size. Kommen sie be an ext specific, the average record size of a complete BDMV Blu-ray file is about 25GB. However, common FAT32 tough drives or USB devices cannot hold files an ext than 4GB because von the limitation des the hardware design. The means, sie probably cannot put a finish BDMV paper into her USB device in the zuerst place, notfall to mention playing the on your samsung smart TV.

So is there really no way zu watch the BDMV video on samsung smart TV? Well, don’t attract that conclusion deshalb fast. Although samsung smart TVs can not play BDMV files von themselves, there space actually other ways to get around ns capability of Samsung smart TV und show die BDMV movie on ns screen von Samsung smart TV. Some of them are rather easy kommen sie operate, even easier than playing ns BDMV document on samsung smart TVs durch USB. Among these approaches, hooking nach oben your laptop zu your samsung TV and playing ns BDMV on your laptop seems kommen sie be one of the most efficient methods for everyone.


Part 3: Hook up Laptop zu Play BDMV paper on samsung TV

Like presented above, by hooking up your laptop to the samsung smart TV and playing the BDMV file on the laptop, you kann sein easily watch die BDMV movie ~ above your samsung smart TV. Also, hooking nach oben your laptop to samsung smart TV ist not as facility as the sounds. Here are the detailed measures on how kommen sie hook up the laptop to samsung smart TV.

Step 1: Find in HDMI cable. HDMI stands zum High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It tun können transmit both video and audio info from your laptop to the samsung smart TV. V that feature freundin don’t need in extra audio cable to transmit ns audio individually. With just one HDMI cable, you kann transmit the entire media stream from her laptop zu the samsung TV. HDMI cables space easy to acquire. Sie should be able to easily find one on die local digital store. ~ acquiring die HDMI cable, attach one end of ns cable kommen sie your laptop, climate connect die other ende to your samsung smart TV.


Step 2: After correctly connecting the laptop and the samsung smart TV through the HDMI cable, offen your computer, right click on your desktop and go zu “Personalize”. On die personalize window, click “Display” to reveal display settings. Then you should it is in able to see the option to change ns display monitor. Since you have already hooked up ns laptop to your samsung TV, freundin should be able zu set die HDMI device, which ist the samsung TV, to be the display device.


Step 3: If sie find there room some problems with the samsung TV display, you kann press the fenster logo key and P at die same time on your laptop, und choose the “Duplicate” mode on die “Project” panel.


Part 4: Best complimentary Player kommen sie play BDMV document

After hooking up the laptop and the samsung smart TV v HDMI cable, you should be able kommen sie play the BDMV movie on your laptop und watch die movie ~ above the samsung smart TV. But one belästigung still remains: How zu play ns BDMV video on laptop? Like stated above, notfall many media player applications on PC can open und play ns BDMV file. Deshalb what player you should use kommen sie play die BDMV file on laptop, und watch the on the samsung smart TV?

Well, although many player applications can not recognize the BDMV file, there are still some an excellent player applications prefer Blu-ray Playerthat kann open und play die BDMV files easily zum free. Prefer it’s expressed obviously in the name, Blu-ray Player is a expert Blu-ray player application, und is considered one of the media player applications on both Windows and Mac.

It kann sein not only handhaben the Blu-ray BDMV documents without any type of problem, but deshalb play all kinds von other Blu-ray materials und DVD materials an form von optical disc, ISO image and structured folder, regardless of regionen code und encryption method. Besides, Blu-ray Player can deshalb handle digital video and audio files in 180+ styles with die best initial quality retained. Bei addition, Blu-ray Player also provides advanced video playback technologies to deliver the best Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, und DTS-HD audio experience.

What’s more, Blu-ray Player deshalb has numerous unique functions that do your video viewing experience more enjoyable, choose completely cost-free 4K playback, useful energie manager, online Remote Controller, plenty of more. Simply install Blu-ray Player on your laptop, hook up the laptop to your samsung smart TV, und you kann enjoy ns BDMV movie with ns original high quality on your samsung smart TV while playing it on your laptop with Blu-ray Player. cost-free Blu-ray Player

☉ 100% complimentary movie player for windows & Mac users to play extremist HD 4K, 1080P und 720P videos.

☉ free Blu-ray/DVD player kommen sie play 4K disc, folder and ISO file, regardless von disc protection and region code.

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☉ support multiple audio decoding system like Dolby, DTS, AAC, TrueHD, DTS-HD, etc.

☉ change subtitles, video and audio throughout media playback.

☉ Serves together a powerful Blu-ray/DVD zu MKV converter to convert Blu-ray/DVD disc, folder und ISO image to MKV through lossless quality und high speed.


Part 5: convert BDMV to MKV File to Play on samsung TV Blu-ray Player is a nice cost-free player application zum you to play die BDMV file as fine as any kind of other media document on her computer. However, if you are willing to try the premium version von Blu-ray Player, you can even have the möglichkeit to digitalize your Blu-ray bowl or die BDMV file und rip the content to MKV digital videos, making her Blu-ray materials much more portable und compatible. über ripping ns BDMV file kommen sie MKV through Blu-ray Player, you kann sein play die ripped MKV video file directly on your samsung smart TV, and most other media football player or portable devices. Here is how kommen sie convert BDMV zu MKV record with Blu-ray Player.

Step 1: Launch Blu-ray Player. ~ above the hauptsächlich interface von the application, click die “Converter” taste to enter the Blu-ray to MKV converter module and import your source BDMV file into the converter.

Step 2: After entering the converter module und importing your resource BDMV file, a dialog wollen pop up, enabling you kommen sie set die output path kommen sie save your calculation MKV file. Check ns “Save to local drive” option, and then designate an output directory bei the box below as die output path.

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Step 3: after ~ setting ns output path, you tun können click ns “Converter” taste at ns lower ideal corner des the dialog kommen sie let the BDMV to MKV counter begin. The conversion have to be finished after a while. When the conversion ist finished, you tun können find her converted MKV video file bei the designated folder, and then transfer it zu your USB device und connect ns USB device zu your samsung TV zu watch it.