PRICE $2,000AT A GLANCEPlusHigh-quality 4K videos upconversionSuperb einzelheiten enhancement and noise reductionExcellent digital-to-analog audio conversionMinusAs pricey together it is heavySlim feature set compared with competitionTHE VERDICTPioneer’s flagship 4K-upconverting global disc player ist something special, even if it’s so late to ns party.

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What’s new in the world of Blu-ray? 4K, that’s what. Expected kommen sie arrive sometime in late 2015, die UHD Blu-ray layout should offer not nur UHD-resolution video but so high dynamic variety (HDR) capabilities, in extended shade gamut, and up zu 16-bit color encoding, amongst other advanced features. Something zu get excited about, right?Now that I’ve dropped that tidbit, let me tell freundin about the Pioneer upstream BDP-88FD, a universal player that tun können handle Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, SACD, DVD-Audio, consistent DVDs, and CDs—just around everything other than UHD Blu-ray. And it lists for $2,000. Excited? No? Well, let’s see if we kann sein work freundin up.

PRICE $5,000AT A GLANCEPlusState-of-the-art wireless (WiSA) audio performanceIncludes full WiHD Wireless-HDMI linkSubstantial, really high-quality designHigh-res audio compatible—wirelesslyMinusFile-streaming feature not fully bakedNo mixed wired/wireless multichannel outputNo video processing ~ above HDMI inputsLimited system control featuresTHE VERDICTThe SD-WH1000U ist beautifully constructed and bei outstanding A/V performer wired or wireless, but it’s not quite nach oben to leistungen as a full-system hub controller.
Trundle down to your local big-box store, und you möchte find quite literally dozens of Blu-ray Disc football player on offer, starting well under $50. Large ones, little ones, skinny ones, flat ones, cheap ones, und cheaper ones.None des these möchte be Sharp’s new SD-WH1000U, a Blu-ray player with a difference. Two differences, in fact: First, it has actually a jaw-slackening price tag des $5,000; second, Sharp’s design is wireless-centric, being the zuerst WiSA-compatible player kommen sie appear, und one des the very erste WiSA sources von any description.

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PRICE $180AT A GLANCEPlusOutstanding audio and video performanceLoaded through streaming optionsUnique display mirroring with samsung smartphones und tabletsMinusSuspect develop qualityControls are on top von the player, limiting placement optionsTHE VERDICTA good budget player that provides up an performance und features what it lacks bei build quality.
Last week ich was play poker through a bunch of guys und our topic des conversation turned kommen sie home theater. I was request what ich was currently reviewing, und when i mentioned the samsung BD-H6500 Blu-ray player, one of my friends was shocked. “They’re still selling Blu-ray players! Why?” Needless kommen sie say, i was shocked, too. When i asked ns table of nine other guys, just two claimed they had watched a Blu-ray movie in the past three months; the rest were acquiring their movies from PPV (pay von view) or streaming them from Netflix, Vudu, or amazon VOD.

PRICE $350AT A GLANCEPlusGood video performance distinct ergonomics upright or scorseses placementMinusNo front-panel displaySluggish youtube accessTHE VERDICTIts video performance, 4K upconversion, and atypical form factor may well tempt buyers, if its slim edge enhancement und mixed power on some internet sites might not. However it’s clear that this Toshiba zu sein not her father’s disc player. It’s getting harder these days zum a manufacturer to build und sell a high-end Blu-ray player just as a Blu-ray player. Ns market ist saturated, und the latecomers, who lastly realize that DVD is not high definition und a Blu-ray bowl offers ns best quality video currently accessible to the consumer, seem content to pop zum the $49.99 Blu-ray distinct on aisle 5.

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PRICE $599AT A GLANCEPlusDarbee videobilien enhancementsDSD file supportZero-compromise videos playbackMinusStill looking zum oneTHE VERDICTOur oberteil Pick Blu-ray player just gets better with onboard Darbee video processing und full support weil das DSD record playback.Awarding a oberteil Pick rating zu sein always a big deal with us, but ich don’t think we’ve ever had two oberteil Pick commodities merge into one. That, however, ist exactly what we oase with Oppo’s latest generation of Blu-ray players, the BDP-103D und BDP-105D. Die second D stands zum Darbee Edition, together Oppo has actually thrown Darbee videos processing right into die players. Ich reviewed die Darbee Darblet DVP 5000 standalone video processor in 2012 und proclaimed it a must-have for making ns most out des your display. But die BDP-103D, reviewed here, is more than just a BDP-103 through Darbee processing. Oppo has actually done a couple of more tweaks kommen sie their player, do it an even stronger oberteil Pick 보다 before.