Blu Ray Player Smart Tv Test

With its mainly picture, exceptional codec support, and in affordable preis tag, our team ranks Sony’s UBP-X700 as die number one ideal Blu-ray player at this time on the market. 

However, we so understand the what works zum someone rather might notfall work for you. Depending on what you’re looking for, some des the other finest Blu-ray football player we’ve rounded up might be a viel better fit.

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(Also, don’t forget kommen sie browse through our list of the best 4K ultra HD Blu-ray discs kommen sie really show off what your system kann do.)

The ideal Blu-ray players punkt a glance

The best Blu-ray player overall: Sony UBP-X700


Why freundin should purchase this: It uses immersive, cinema-style playback, and supports whatever from Dolby Vision kommen sie Dolby Atmos.

Who it’s for: the price-conscious shopper who wants a player through incredible 4K extremist HD playback, regardless of format.

Why we picked ns Sony UBP-X700:

Sony’s UBP-X700 is bei affordable home theater masterpiece. With terrific video und audio processing, this player möchte spin any von your favorite discs weist their excellent fidelity.

This modell offers both Dolby Vision und HDR10 support, which way you’ll it is in able kommen sie enjoy ns gorgeous contrast und wide color gamut offered von both des the top HDR formats.

Add in support zum both Dolby Atmos und DTS:X object-based surround sound (in addition to a large gamut von other developed surround sound formats) and you’ll never have to worry around getting ns most immersive endure possible an your house theater.

Knowing that all this technology ist available in the UBP-X700, often zum less than $200, you can understand why this zu sein our favourite player when it comes kommen sie sheer value on die market appropriate now.

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The best Blu-ray player zum music: Sony UBP-X800M2


Why you should to buy this: It supplies Sony’s best picture and audio handling technologies an one highly capable device.

Who it’s for: Those that refuse zu compromise ~ above fidelity ~ above either ns video or audio side.

Why us picked die Sony UBP-X800M2:

There’s a reason Sony’s UBP-X800M2 ist such a famous Blu-ray player. The takes over together our oberteil pick zum music from ns UBP-X800, which was deshalb excellent, but weil das some factor lacked Dolby Vision support.

This player offers just about everything sie could want, including gorgeous 4K resolution, high-end audio decoding that includes both Dolby Atmos und DTS:X, und both HDR10 und Dolby Vision to bring die very ideal performance out des every disc in your collection.

While you’ll salary a little bit more zum the UBP-X800M2 than for the UBP-X700 provided above, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. That’s because it offers die company’s DSEE HX audio processing, which möchte make every little thing from Mp3 kommen sie FLAC documents sound absolutely astonishing, including the leading hi-res audio formats. Deshalb if your disc collection is as large on audio as video, this zu sein likely ns option zum you.

Speaking of audio, ns UBP-X800M2 has actually another tricks up that is sleeve that die UBP-X700 can’t match: It kann sein transmit audio all at once over Bluetooth to a wireless speak or a set des headphones. It can do this in perfect sync with the audio being sent out over HDMI, deshalb there’s no jarring lag-time, and if freundin own a Sony Bluetooth speak or headphones equipped through Sony’s proprietary LDAC audio codec, the quality des that stream will be up kommen sie three mal higher than normalerweise Bluetooth.

Whether freundin use the UBP-X800M2’s feature to amplify ns power des your favourite movies, or just use it for a wireless audiophile-grade connection, it’s a huge advantage zum audio enthusiasts.

The ideal budget extremist HD Blu-ray player: LG UBKM9


Why sie should buy this: It’s very affordable, however doesn’t sacrifice image quality.

Who it’s for: ns audio and video enthusiast top top a budget.

Why we picked die LG UBKM9:

If you’re looking kommen sie enjoy her favorite hollywood blockbusters bei full 4K HDR glory yet don’t want to tap your vacation akkumulation to do it, LG’s UBKM9 zu sein our go-to pick. This Blu-ray player ist the recent version des a perennial favorite, und now — bei addition to its crazy-low preis — it has actually Dolby Vision, something its precursors lacked.

It kann sein play nur about any audio format you kann throw weist it, including Dolby Atmos, but there ist one notable exception: the does notfall work v DTS:X, the object-based competitor to Dolby Atmos. If sie need DTS:X weist a good price, the Sony UBP-X700 zu sein the way to go.

You won’t acquire much bei the way of streaming apps except Netflix and YouTube, yet frankly, if you schutz a 4K extremist HD TV (which you’d far better if you’re to buy a 4K extremistin HD Blu-ray player), her TV’s onboard streaming ist likely much better than any Blu-ray player’s apps anyway. Moreover, we suggest those who want a good streaming experience buy one des these affordable tools tailor-made for the job.

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The UBKM9 may be low on frills, yet it supplies speedy performance at a an excellent price, and that’s a deal bei our book.

The many fun Blu-ray player: Microsoft Xbox One S

Why freundin should to buy this: You want an Ultra-HD player and also love to game.

Who the for: Those that want ns maximum amount von functionality (and fun) weil das their money.

Why we picked the Xbox One S:

If freundin want a great Blu-ray player and you’re deshalb into video games, the Xbox One ns offers serious value for your dollars. In attractive gaming console with sleek looks and a good price, this version des the Xbox One ist the many affordable way zu double down, deshalb to speak, as it uses tangible improvements in performance over die original Xbox One console and includes the addition of in Ultra HD player.

Like most deluxe Blu-ray players on ns market, ns console attributes a USB 3.0 port, und Ethernet, S/PDIF ports, bei addition zu two HDMI harbor (one in, one out). A one-stop solution weil das everything indigenous gaming to high-end A/V viewing, die Xbox One ns offers 4K streaming und a beautiful picture, with HDR10 assistance that gives impressive contrast.

If she a more serious gamer, sie may so want to consider jumping nach oben to ns newer Xbox One X, which offers better graphics and a speedier processor. Either way, if freundin need a Blu-ray player v versatility and dual personalities, die Xbox One is a an excellent choice.

However, wednesday be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge die problems that have arisen zum some Xbox One S and X owners when trying to view Dolby Vision gaming inhalt on specific TVs. Microsoft included Dolby Vision support to its consoles in 2018, yet it used a newer version von the Dolby Vision software, designed zum low-latency gaming. Die result? If sie have in older TV, choose a 2016 LG OLED TV, it no compatible with die Xbox One’s gaming-specific implementation von Dolby Vision (even though ns TV states it support Dolby Vision).

You’ll ausblüten be able to enjoy Dolby Vision wie streaming inhalt from Netflix, and other online sources, or UHD Blu-ray movies, yet Dolby Vision weil das gaming does not work. Unfortunately, die list des TVs that are not compatible with Microsoft’s Dolby Vision gaming mode consists of virtually every Dolby Vision TV from 2016, and some 2017 models as well.

Dolby maintains a PDF with all of the TVs that are compatible with Xbox One S, und it has readjusted several times since this worry cropped up in 2018. Ns good news: basically every 2019 model and up through Dolby Vision ist now compatible.

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The best 4K upscaling Blu-ray player: Sony BDP-S6700


Why freundin should to buy this: It möchte make your traditional Blu-ray discs pop on your HDTV or that new 4K TV.

Who it’s for: Viewers who don’t want kommen sie make ns leap right into 4K Blu-ray discs, however want to squeeze die best possible gemälde out von their current collection.

Why us picked die Sony BDP-S6700:

If you don’t understand whether you’ll ever before make die leap into ultra HD Blu-ray, but freundin want kommen sie view your present collection at ns highest possible quality, yes no better möglichkeit on ns market 보다 Sony’s BDP-S6700. A traditional Blu-ray player that also upscales 1080p Blu-ray inhalt to 4K zum the recent generation des TVs, die player takes your now-aging collection und makes that look prettier than ever before on your new screen.

It’s also a an effective audio platform, through support for 24-bit hi-res audio formats, und Bluetooth streaming zu wireless speaker or headphones utilizing Sony’s LDAC audio codec.

In addition to awesome disc playback, the Sony BDP-S6700’s an effective Wi-Fi chip und Ethernet port enable schon fast 4K streaming. Finally, Sony’s TV SideView app lets you control your display screen from your smartphone, as well as share your entire smartphone screen with your TV (for Miracast-enabled phones), which is great zum showing friends und family pictures und video.

How us test

We start out every model year über acquiring the best televisions indigenous every significant brand, such together Samsung, Sony, LG, and Panasonic. These gold-standard televisions help set ns bar for each year, create expectations zum less high-quality models, und give context weil das the competition.

Normally we test each media player with several high-quality televisions, keeping track of compatibility and performance over the prozess of main or also months in our A/V prüfen room.

When us can, we placed rival models side über side zum the best feasible quality check, which allows us kommen sie interpret every model’s specifications in the ja wirklich world.

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We’re not dafür bold as kommen sie say our testing method is flawless. Still, we genuinely try to prüfung every feasible component von every individual Blu-Ray player an order zu give you ns most accurate und comprehensive review we can. An a perfect world, you’ll usage your Blu-Ray player for many happy years, and we wouldn’t desire anyone kommen sie buy a product they don’t enjoy. Us strive only to recommend commodities that we genuinely give of.