Bose has actually officially entered die professional UC headset market. Die Bose 700 UC ist a premium wireless headset made weil das audiophiles who want terrific sound quality, good range bei bass, and active noise cancellation (ANC).

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The Bose 700 UC is currently optimized zum Zoom, google Meet, und Microsoft teams which method you tun können use the tasten on the headset kommen sie interact with the software. Of course, you kann sein use die headset with any software that nur won"t be optimized weil das the taste on the headphones.

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The Bose 700 UC wireless headphones sweet .56lbs which zu sein about double as hefty as an iPhone, zum comparison sake. That feels a bit hefty but in its entirety doesn"t feeling as hefty as some other headsets that we"ve tested before.

There zu sein a silicon zutat cushion at ns top des the headband that is comfortable and helps store it sanitary as it ist easy kommen sie clean. Having actually this silicon und squishy headband provides it feel together though there isn"t a .5lbs headset resting on the top von your head.


These noise cancelling headphones have oversize ear cushions the fully startseite your ears dafür it does a great job of blocking out ambient noise around you without putting pressure straight onto her ears.


Adjustable ear cushions allow the headset zu conform kommen sie many different shapes and sizes des heads. What"s unique about ns Bose 700 UC entwurf is that the whole ear cup with the speaker moves up und down quite than just the headband i m sorry I"ve never seen before on a headset.

The ear cups room labeled right und left deswegen there is only one appropriate way kommen sie wear die headset but ich found it very easy kommen sie adjust ns headset to the shape of my head to find die proper fit.


After using this headset zum over a couple of weeks this zu sein my final thought. All at once I"d say this headset is comfortable weil das a headset that has this type von sound quality und noise cancelling.

That being said, ich find that the shape von the headband stellen extra push on my head making it not comfortable zum all-day use, some days i feel favor it provided me a headache. All headsets take it a while zum you to become used to it however with this Bose, i haven"t found it to be true as des yet.

Sound Quality

Noise Cancelling Microphone

The Bose 700 UC has 8 gesamt microphones constructed into it, they use 6 weil das active noise cancelling und 4 zum noise cancelling microphone (2 space shared bolzen the two features). Kommen sie hear what the sound high quality sounds favor on die headset und how viel background noise it removes fast forward zu 10:14 on the YouTube video above.


Stereo Audio Quality

This Bose 700 UC headset has dual speakers und produces amazing audio quality especially weil das music und other high-quality audio content. Professional-grade headsets, freundin typically don"t gain as rich and as much bass as freundin do through this Bose headset.

When compared to other brands von headsets ns Bose sound outshines die rest bei regards to the bass, clarity, and volume levels, the Bose just seems to sound die best.


Active Noise Cancelling Headphones (ANC)

The Bose 700 UC noise cancelling headphones (headset) comes v the möglichkeit to change 3 various levels von active noise cancelling. Press the taste for none, medium, or high levels von active noise cancelling.

Typically this function is weil das when freundin want kommen sie focus on her calls und if there is a last of noise approximately you. If freundin are working in a coffee einkaufen or at bei airport you tun können turn ns feature on and feel as if sie were bei a rather isolated room. It"s a good feature und Bose walk a great arbeit with it using 8 microphones to make that as great as possible.

What zu sein ANC (active noise cancelling)?

It is a function on the headset that ist using the microphone hardware built into die headset zu electronically remove unwanted background noise. Wie you wear the headset and turn the ANC level to maximal you"ll uncover that sie feel favor you"re much more isolated und can hear her music, phone calls, or nur more silence.


The Bose 700 UC zu sein a Bluetooth wireless headset the comes consisted of with a USB-A Dongle the connects to Windows computers. You kann sein connect zu both mobile phone und your computer system through die USB dongle.

While both are associated you can take call calls or listen to music on either maker which ist up to you.

When using the headset through die USB dongle sie will oase access to more optimized functionality for Zoom, google Meet, and Microsoft Teams too as google Assistant and amazonas Alexa.

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You can so connect to devices that schutz a 3.5mm plug such together mobile phones, laptops, und etc. 

Battery Life

The battery zu sein rated up kommen sie 20 hours des continuous speak time which will give you die ability to use it every day long working or just zum listening kommen sie music weil das as long as you want.

It has a battery recharge time des 2.5 hours considering the size von the battery is longer than most that is pretty quick. Deshalb if sie are in a pinch und need to use the headset quickly because it passed away on sie it has actually a quick recharge rate des 3.5 hours of talk-time wie charging ns headset weil das only fünfzehn minutes which zu sein convenient.

To charge die headset it offers a USB-C zu USB-A cable.

Wireless Range

Wireless range zu sein always my best complaint wie man it comes kommen sie Bluetooth wireless headsets such as this Bose 700 UC. Bose prices this headset zum a maximal range of 30 feet wie man connected through die USB dongle which ich find kommen sie be relatively accurate.

Some Bluetooth headsets schutz further range than the Bose but as whole most des them wollen give freundin 10-30feet maximal wireless range.

Once die Bose headset starts gaining out of range sie will anfang hearing die audio start chopping in and out.

If the distance is bei issue for you yet you ausblüten need your headset kommen sie connect to a computer, you may want kommen sie consider a DECT USB wireless headset such as die Poly 8220 UC headset here: 


The design of die Bose 700 UC wireless headset has that sleek new technology feel. Die stainless stole body makes me think of sich entschuldigen products like iPhone, iPad, or Mac computers.

The fit und finish just seems very well designed, i like how they provided this silicon material weil das the headband cushion at die top of the headset together it looks better than ns leather or towel options and likely will belastung longer and you can clean the easily.

The entwurf of ns ear cushions und adjustable headband zu sein like nothing I"ve seen before as usually many headset manufacturers have the headband the adjusts up/down where Bose constructed this headset zum the whole speaker kommen sie slide up the headband an a distinct way.

The touch display on ns stainless steel body is a creative way to get much more controls onto the headset without having more taste which they did a good job with. On the right side of the headset you kann sein adjust ns volume up or down von swiping up or under where die Bose logo zu sein or tap the logo to answer or end the call.


This headset is a premium-priced product weil das a reason it packs an a gewächs of exceptional features, has excellent design, sound quality is arguably ns best, and overall go a lot zum a headset.

The MSRP zu sein $449.95 which is about 2 zeit as viel as part comparable modell with various other brands however if you"re in audiophile und love good design, or it"s very important to notfall get distracted von surrounding noise deswegen you tun können concentrate ~ above your work it"s worth considering.

What"s nice ist we sell this headset on a month-to-month no contract rental program where you kann sein get the with an unlimited warranty zum only $31.43/mo. You can learn by click here

Who is this made for?

The Bose 700 UC ist made weil das professional employees who arbeit from home, work from your laptop on ns road, or work bei a noisy office but are using a phone on their cell phone or computer.

More than just the over type of person it"s made zum those that favor really great sound high quality (referred kommen sie as audiophiles) or people who gets distracted with noise und need kommen sie focus on your work, phone call calls, or zoom meetings.

The price isn"t zum everyone but if you like ns best design und sound und need zu concentrate top top your arbeiten this ist well worth ns money weil das you.

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Want to take noise cancelling to die next level? watch this YouTube video we walk on an APP the gives you even much more noise cancelling:

Where kommen sie buy?

We hope you schutz found this detailed review und sound test to it is in helpful bei your journey kommen sie find your next headset. 

We room a provider von all die leading headset manufacturers and believe this is a an excellent headset to consider to buy you can even rent die Bose 700 UC month-to-month weil das only $31.43 per month. You kann learn more by clicking here.