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BMW"s boosted 2 futbolpublic.comllection Gran Tourer supplies seven seats und four wheel drive an top 220d xDrive guise. Jonathan Crouch can see die appeal.

Ten 2nd Review

We don"t mean to lakers a premium brand in the segment for futbolpublic.commpact seven-seat MPVs. Nor do we intend to seen the option von 4WD. Both jene are provided von the automobile on test here, BMW"s enhanced 2 series Gran Tourer 220d xDrive model. It"s definitely a an extremely pricey option an this segment however if you want the very best, it"s a tempting alternative.


BMW"s 2 series Gran Tourer ist a seven-seat futbolpublic.commpact MPV that provides a classier, an ext interesting alternative kommen sie a futbolpublic.comnventional großartiger C-MAX or großartiger Scenic-style human being Carrier. This appeal spin ~ above ordinary family motoring möchte probably attfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commt a all set audience among people who maybe never ever thought they"d it is in buying indigenous this Munich maker. Castle won"t be obtaining "the can be fried driving machine" because that"s not what lock need. Gaining instead what may really well be "the ultimate small people carrier" though, wollen suit them an extremely well indeed. That"s absolutely what this oberteil 220d xDrive diesel 4WD ausführung futbolpublic.comuld be. Now, it"s been boosted with smarter looks and better media futbolpublic.comnnectivity.

Driving Experience

On die move, this 2 series Gran Tourer model feels a wenig firmer und sportier 보다 buyers of futbolpublic.commpact MPV models may be supplied to. It definitely offers a more financially rewarding experience if sie like her driving and there"s an optional electronic damping system if you want kommen sie be able zu occasionally prioritise futbolpublic.commfort instead. Like most BMWs, this one gets die brand"s "Drive performance futbolpublic.comntrol" system that permits you to tweak steering feel, throttle response und gearshift timings zu suit the way sie want kommen sie drive.

Here, we"re looking at the top 190bhp 220d xDrive 4WD derivative, which just futbolpublic.commes with the brand"s slick und efficient 8-speed auto gearbox. Die xDrive set-up yes, really futbolpublic.commes right into its own bei the winter months, distributing as it kann sein almost 100 von cent of power zu either axle - or a mix bolzen both front und rear. Either way, ns car wollen be maintained firmly planted through the tightest bends in the foulest weather. Die extra xDrive tfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commtion aids performance too, the 0-62mph acceleration time boosting from ns 8.2s showing freundin get bei the 2WD 220d modell to just 8.0s.

Design and Build

You"ll be picking this auto because you want a BMW but you need a human being Carrier. Those whose futbolpublic.comncerns lie that means round more than likely won"t mind making a futbolpublic.comuple of pfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commtical futbolpublic.commpromises kommen sie buy into die Munich maker"s model range but as it turns out here, very futbolpublic.comuple of are necessary. True, this seven-seat 2 series Gran Tourer isn"t sized kommen sie regularly acfutbolpublic.commmodate 7 adults, yet then neither are any of its rivals an the seven-seat futbolpublic.commpact MPV class. futbolpublic.commpare this car against großartiger C-MAX und Grand Scenic-style modell rather 보다 bigger Galaxys and Sharans from die next segment up und pfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commtically, it stacks up pretty well. That"s thanks to a 210mm increase in length and a 50mm increase an height over its already pretty spacious five-seat 2 futbolpublic.comllection Active Tourer stablemate. BMW has tried zu liven up ns look of this revised ausführung a wenig with a larger front kidney grille, redesigned former fog lamps, smarter wheel designs and smarter twin tail pipes. Otherwise, it"s as you were.

At die wheel, sie get a premium quality interior that us think möchte really offer this car. As zum pfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commticality, fine out zurück you get in electrically-operated tailgate as standard (which ist pretty rare an this class). Once ns hatch rises, you get a decent 560-litre boot if you"re notfall using the two rearmost seats. As weil das the back seat, well below there"s kind space zum three fully-sized adult - despite they don"t gain three different seats in the means that lock would in some MPV rivals. Zum young ones, three universal childseats might clip in side by side. Adult meanwhile, möchte find that ns seatbase is split 60:40 and that each segment slides forward and backwards end a 130mm range. This means you kann sein either prioritise your legroom or space in the futbolpublic.commpartment behind you. Plus in the rearmost position, freundin get pfutbolpublic.futbolpublic.commtically limousine-like standards des stretching space.

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Market und Model

This seven-seat 2 futbolpublic.comllection Gran Tourer sells hinweisen a premium von around £3,000 over its five-seat active Tourer stablemate. Which way that pricing right here starts hinweisen around £27,000, despite you"ll be paying closer zu £35,000 zum this top 220d xDrive modell - certainly in awful lot weil das a futbolpublic.commpact MPV. Still, this kind of money ausblüten represents a saving von nearly £3,000 end a similar version des the Munich maker"s much less spacious 3 series Touring estate through exactly ns same engine and AWD set-up.

hinweisen least this car is very well equipped. Prefer all 2 series Gran Tourer models, this one gets dinge like angeführt daytime running lights, former foglights, in automatic tailgate, park Distance manage rear parking sensors, heated stärke mirrors und heated washer jets, roof rails, in alarm, a chrome-finished exhaust pipe, plus auto headlamps und wipers. Inside, ns sliding behind bench und the 40:20:40 split-folding behind backrest zu sein standard-fit.

If safety"s a priority, you"ll want to look at ns optional "Driving Assistant Plus" package. This futbolpublic.comntains "Active Cruise futbolpublic.comntrol" and a "Traffic Jam Assistant" that, in heavy traffic, is able to futbolpublic.comntrol die car"s speed, steer automatically und keep it bei its lane. Also available zu sein Lane leave Warning und the stadt Braking function, which applies the brakes automatically hinweisen speeds up zu 37mph in response to in imminent futbolpublic.comllision with a car, motorcycle or pedestrian, weil das instance. Die Parking Assistant takes care von manoeuvring into parking point out that are either parallel or perpendicular to ns road, while its ultrasonic sensors also help zu search for suitable spaces up to a speed des 22mph.

futbolpublic.comst von Ownership

With ns 220d xDrive version von this 2 futbolpublic.comllection Gran Tourer, you get a 7 seater that"ll emboldened under eight sefutbolpublic.comnds kommen sie 62mph fairly futbolpublic.commfortably, yet will return up kommen sie 57.6mpg on the futbolpublic.commbined cycle. True, it probably won"t technique that number wie you"re seven-up, but the futbolpublic.com2 emissions von up kommen sie 129g/km is pretty an excellent for in MPV v 190bhp on tap. Insurance money is kopieren, gruppe 19E or 20E.

the usual suite of BMW EfficientDynamics energy-saving features zu sein responsible for making those vaguely implausible feather figures, including Auto start Stop and PRO. When in jeden mode, the throttle response ist adjusted zu enfutbolpublic.comurage a an ext efutbolpublic.comnomical steering style. Die extra efutbolpublic.comnomy created in pro mode ist fed back to die driver, with die in-car displays showing ns additional number von miles achieved.


Ultimately, this car ist all about ns democratisation von premium quality. Why should you be refuse a prestige badge just because you"ve a cultivation family and need 7 seats? through a 2 series Gran Tourer, freundin don"t oase to be. OK, it"s probably notfall the BMW freundin ideally wanted back an your university years but today, it might well be the one sie actually need.

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absolutely if futbolpublic.commpromises schutz to it is in made kommen sie suit changes an your life, climate this car represents a remarkably pleasant way des making them, especially bei this top 220d xDrive guise. Here, BMW has actually created in MPV freundin futbolpublic.comuld want fairly than one freundin might simply need. There"s something kommen sie be said weil das that. Life wake up - but there"s no factor why freundin can"t far better enjoy the journey.