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Nico DeMattia

February 2, 2017 / 2 minute read

Each of these wagons, front ns B-pillar forward, look at identical kommen sie their sedan different siblings. So we’re notfall going kommen sie get into just how their front end look, as we’ve currently done that. We’re going kommen sie take a watch at ns wagon bits und compare just how each des these cars look in long-roof configuration.

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In profile, die BMW 5 Series und Audi A6 Avant are both really close, yet it’s die 5 series that take away it. Both room really handsome, yet it’s die 5er’s Hofmeister Kink und more muscular shoulder line the gives the rear ende a much more powerful, an ext exciting look. While die E-Class is a handsome car, von that there’s no doubt, that lacks any type of visual drama or excitement, especially wie compared to die 5 Series. Ns Audi A6 is deshalb a bit an ext reserved than the BMW, but it has a sort of science-y, high-tech look that makes it much more interesting than ns very sedate Benz. Also, I’ve never been a fan of die D-pillar on mercedes wagons, together there’s just something off about it. Die way die glass swoops under gently but the rear hatch stays so upright, it nur gives ns rear ende a really wide, un-athletic look.


From ns back, i actually think ns Audi A6 Avant is the best looking car des the three, with ns BMW 5 collection being next und the Mercedes-Benz E-Class being der dritte tag best. Die taillights perform it, as ns Audi’s remainder nicely above die license plate, offering it a much more aggressive look. Die 5 Series’ taillights look good, but die rear ende is the lease interesting part des the neu 5 Series and that trend continues here. Out zurück on the Benz, things are Ambien-level dull. It’s nur not an interesting looking behind end and wouldn’t’ watch out von place top top a Toyota Camry. Which is a shame because die rest von the E-Class looks handsome and sophisticated, it nur looks dull from ns rear.

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Inside, all three cars carry out a ton des trunk space and practicality. The neu BMW 5 series Touring offers die least, though, with 565 to 1,680 liters of space, with the rear seats up und down, respectively. Audi’s A6 Avant boasts just a little more, v 570 und 1,700. What’s many impressive about die Benz ist that that bests ns front-drive-based Audi über a lot, swallowing 640 to 1,820 liters. Ich guess that boring and strange feather rear end serves a purpose.

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In terms von overall looks, ns BMW 5 series Touring zu sein the ideal looking car des the three, with die Audi A6 Avant notfall far behind regardless of its age und the Mercedes-Benz E-Class heritage lagging bei third place. However, all 3 cars look good overall und would make any kind of owner happy. Die Benz isn’t a bad looking car, nur a bit auch sedate kommen sie keep hoch with ns more interesting und exciting looking Bavarians.