Bmw g 310 gs test

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2021 BMW G 310 GS Review

Bike tested: 2021 BMW G 310 GS;Road test No.

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1308;Test Location:Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai:Rs. 3,36,715/-

Rectified pricing has actually made the 2021 BMW G 310 GS a better and sweeter transaction overall

BMW motorrad had launched the G 310 GS back bei 2018 with an aim to make a solid impression in the entry-level adventure motorcycle market. There was a lot of buzz and, everyone was chasing the BMW badge until the pricing was announced. Die 2018 BMW G 310 GS would cost above 4 lakhs which broke many hearts and did notfall fetch a lot of buyers and, together a result, a total des only 1640 units of the 310 GS and 310 ns were sold. Now, in 2021 BMW motorrad has updated the bike with a few subtle tweaks to get the sales best and, this time castle have got the price right! We oase tested die bike to die core but has die update impressed us? Let’s discover out.

Motor Quest: die G 310 GS is bei entry-level adventure motorcycle bei BMW Motorrad’s GS family. Die 310 twins are produced in collaboration with TVS Motors und are manufactured an India by TVS motiv Company at their plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The BMW GS lineup has actually a well-off history von 40 years und the 40 year celebration zu sein one von the distinct colours zum the 310 GS too.

The baby GS ist quite a looker und attracts a gewächs of attention

Styling:The BMW G 310 GS aussehen chunky and carries die GS DNA from its elder siblings. Beginning with die off-size front and rear wheels, long-travel suspension, and the beaked front, the proudly mirrors itself off together a member des the GS family. Die motorcycle aussehen very potent und has a lot of roadway presence. The bike mainly remains the same deshalb there isn’t viel to talk about die visual updates apart from the all-new angeführt headlamp with incorporated DRL, und LED indicators. Die bike so gets update graphics when the prüfen unit showcases ns special 40 years of GS livery.

The werkzeug cluster zu sein the very same as before while being easy kommen sie read

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear:The instrument cluster on die 2021 GS is the same unit the did duty on ns 2018 model and this cluster ist a bare fundamental positive LCD. Und at this price point, we supposed a better full colour-TFT screen with Bluetooth und navigation compatibility choose on that cousin, die TVS Apache RR 310. The instrument cluster has twin expedition meters, gear lage indicator, engine temperature, range, mean speed, und mileage which is an l/100km and not an km/l i beg your pardon feels out von place an the Indian market.

The GS has die most premium feeling switchgear bei its segment

The left switchgear ist a neu unit that gets a 3-step switch for switching bolzen DRL, low-beam, and high-beam. Sadly, the switchable ABS button has to be taken away for the 2021 model. Ns right switchgear it s okay a new engine death switch und a starter button which has actually nice tactile feedback. Overall, ns switchgear top quality feels good and well built. Yet we feeling BMW missed a chance of justifying this update von not bringing in a in brand geraten new console.

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The BMW G 310 GS has one des the best single piece seat

Ergonomics:Ergonomically, this bike is pretty sound. Die GS now gets both adjustable clutch and brake levers which make life easier. The handlebar is wide while ns mirrors offer a decent view of what’s behind. The seat ist placed hinweisen 835 mm which might sound a little bit too much but, once freundin sit on ns bike, ns bike sits under a little due zu the roden pre-load. As the seating posture zu sein upright und the footpegs room centre-set, the makes ns GS a an extremely comfortable bike all around. Ns single-piece seat has actually been reworked and is carved out von softer foam to make sachen even an ext comfortable zum the rider too as die pillion. While ns pillion gets a really purposeful grab-rail that functions as a base zum mounting top-box too.

The engine bash plate is very sturdy und quite vast offering great protection

Performance:The GS ist powered by a 313cc reverse-inclined engine. Interestingly, the bike hasn’t any kind of lost energie owing to die BS6 update so the energie figures remain die same at 34 BHP and 28 Nm von torque. Ns addition of ride-by-wire has actually improved the throttle response und the slipper clutch walk come an handy under heavy downshifting. However, punkt this price, a rapid shifter should have been offered. Another good thing about die BS6 update is that die vibrations oase been significantly reduced. But, there space no speak modes obtainable which ist a bummer.

Cruising punkt 100 km/hr and the infant GS feels at home

Performance ist brisk while the BS6 BMW G 310 GS ist quite refined too

The engine has a tractable low end, brisk midrange, and in enjoyable oberteil end. Die 0-100 acceleration takes 8.28 seconds and the motiv tops weist 143 km/hr on our VBOX. The engine zu sein liquid-cooled and the fans kicks in during stop-go web traffic conditions und does a good arbeit of keeping the temperature under control. The GS returns a fuel economy des 27 km/l zu 31 km/l. But if sie happen to be trail riding with higher revs on reduced gears, expect die number kommen sie drop down zu 24 km/l. Through just in 11-litre fuel tank, this is not in entry-level tourer as ns range zu sein less 보다 350 kms. Overall, the performance des the motor ist very likeable und is praiseworthy over die BS4 model.

The dynamics are great enough kommen sie justify die go anywhere nature of die motorcycle

Riding Dynamics:We rode ns bike zum about 400 kms and we took it everywhere und it did not budge! ns high soil clearance von 220 mm helps the GS in cutting through virtually every topographisch while so providing a commanding view. The seat offers great support und feels comfortable throughout the day. The suspension travel zu sein at 180 mm zum both front and rear, which does a fair job of absorbing bumps und potholes. While ns suspension setup ist soft on bad roads, stable during straight-line acceleration, and the moment you guideline it right into corners it alters its character and supports you, which zu sein impressive und makes it in overall all-rounder.

The G 310 GS makes a great bet weil das two-up riding too

The GS is a very great mile muncher und doesn’t tire the rider

The bike continues to be planted at high speeds von virtue des the tubular an are frame chassis. Die suspension setup und chassis flex are nur right while ns Metzeler Tourance tyres grip really well and inspire confidence also while braking hard. Although die brakes do a good job of stopping die bike, the feedback from die rear lever ist initially spongy however improves further down. Die ABS calibration ist good top top tarmac but feels intrusive on bad roads und we really fehlschlagen the switchable ABS i m sorry came in handy throughout off-road conditions.

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It is definitely a straße bike v a bikini fairing and long-travel suspension

Verdict:At Rs. 3,36,000/- (on-road, Mumbai) die BMW G 310 GS has obtained Rs. 70,000/- cheaper und is leaps and bounds much better than ns previous model in terms des engine refinement and equipment. However, the preis tag blieb doesn’t justify ns value proposition. Ns Beemer argorial comes punkt a premium and the minuscule dienstleistungen network is something zu look out for, so the leistungen cost zu sein something zu consider before locking the deal. Bei conclusion, if sie always wanted to buy ns BS4 model but ns pricing didn’t please you, now is your chance to get the baby GS. However, if sie are someone that looks zum value then, freundin should consider the KTMs or be happy with the RE Himalayan.

The engine bash plate und engine safety are not standard und are offered separately

What’s Cool

* the bike aussehen good and has impressive road presence* Offers die best balance von ride quality and dynamics* the rear take rail ist purposeful und can take it on a top-box mount

What’s Not deswegen Cool

* the service and dealer network ist comparatively minuscule* instrument cluster isn’t updated, provides the same set von data* klein fuel tank! just 11-litres won’t favour ns long-distance traveller

The BMW badge bears reputation and exquisite in brand geraten value

2021 BMW G 310 GS Specifications

* Engine: 313cc Liquid-Cooled, Reverse-Inclined, DOHC* Power: 34 PS