BMW I3 Facelift 2021 Get neu Battery Upgrade

BMW I3 Facelift 2021 Get neu Battery Upgrade – because its inception, die BMW i3 has been a an overwhelming car zu find out. Sechs years ago wie the erste i3 came to market, it was billed as ns beginning von the new chapter weil das BMW.

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I3 zu sein a neu type von BMW bei every respect. The doesn’t look prefer a BMW, notfall really driving like a common BMW, has a carbon fiber reinforced plastic body, aluminum frame, and thermoplastic panels outside ns body. BMW was essentially recreated how they made the car with ns i3, all in in effort zu drive sustainable automobile manufacturing kommen sie its limits.

BMW I3 Facelift 2021 Get neu Battery Upgrade

BMW I3 Facelift 2021 Get neu Battery Upgrade

According kommen sie a report über Elective, a BMW spokesman said that BMW “will continue to build i3 up zu 2024, ” as quoted an a German newspaper leipzig Volkszeitung. This means that we will get to lakers more des a compact EV weil das a great full life cycle, but still do not expect straight successors to die car.

BMW I3 Facelift 2021 Get neu Battery Upgrade

What us know ist that die i3 möchte continue kommen sie get the repair until the end of ns run punkt 2024. Die fix möchte include a battery verpackt upgrade, which is uncertain weist the moment but möchte be sure kommen sie be bigger than the current kiloWatt hour capacity of 42.2.

Information around i3 ‘s life extension also brings out the new glow von BMW plans weil das a future-electrically. Ns I4 and text are supposedly going zu be launched an 2021, which means that ns i3 möchte exceed both cars an the BMW lineup.

With the said, the seems like BMW zu sein not nur dropping the null on electrical mobility first. Marque may or may not oase a shooting against ns current EV leader but at this point, it’s great to lakers them try.

New BMW I3 Price

However, all the comes with a fee, und the i3 ‘s und continues zu be a very expensive car weil das what the has zu offer. Wie I got my REx i3 in 2014, ns MSRP was $56,025. Indeed, die car was loaded, yet it do it more expensive than die 5-Series v a few options. This makes the i3 a badewanne value proposition, especially due to the fact that it only goes about 80 miles von charge.

However, BMW has gradually increased ns i3 since then. After ~ a 2nd battery upgrade jetzt has bei EPA rating of 155 miles von cost. If it still lags behind numerous competitions an all-electric, die optional selection Extender essentially eliminates any long-distance take trip concern.

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Realizing ns value des the problem, BMW has done a good arbeit holding the i3 ‘s preis line. Ns 2019 i3 BEV basic price ist only around $2,000 an ext than die original i3 cost sechs years ago, und the battery zu sein now double as big. (21.6 kWh compared kommen sie 42.2 kWh). BMW so offers some great rental offers zu help offset the high MSRP, which ist part von the factor why i get mine i3 2, a 2018 i3s after ~ the zuerst one has actually reached in an accident.

There are countless conflicting reports in recent years about die i3 ‘s future. I’ve heard that ns i3 and X1 will essentially merge right into one all-new electric car. We oase even newly heard des the BMW AG administration board member Pieter Nota, that ns i3 will die soon and there will be no successor.

Now, it seems we ende up having bei idea des where ns BMW would be with die i3, und it come from none other than the new BMW CEO, oliver Zipse. Follow to an interview with die German frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung Booth, Zipse said that die i3 would certainly be alive, and will continue kommen sie get repairs, including the enhancement von other battery packs.

If freundin need more proof des the i3 ‘s endurance, top top October 18th, die official BMW page ich Posted on facebook is “the journey does not come to die end. Officially confirmed über BMW’s CEO, oliver Zipse, the BMW i3 production möchte continue an the future. “There you have it.

The 2014 i3 initially came v a 21.6 kWh battery. Then, an mid-2016, BMW introduced 2017 i3 with a 33.2 kWh battery. Bei 2019, BMW upgraded die battery again, this time to 42.2 kWh. An any case, BMW continues zu use the same battery tray and number des modules. Cells weil das all 3 packs are also the same physical size, only various levels of energy density.

If die new-battery i3 launches in 2021, BMW möchte keep the modell around zum at least two year after that. If they just intend zu keep ns i3 up zu 2022, why perform they walk through ns cost und hassle of upgrading die battery just 12 months of sales? They möchte not.

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Therefore, fans of i3 can brise relief weil das now, punkt least. It seems small “megacity-car ” from Munich möchte be around zum the future. Hell, ich might even get my der dritte tag if they stay roughly quite a while.