De­liv­ered together promised: BMW kopieren, gruppe hands o­ver one-mil­lionth elec­tri­fied ve­hi­cle and achieves following mile­stone in trans­for­ma­tion.

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BMW group boosts per­for­mance through sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er earn­ings.

BMW gruppe boosts per­for­mance with sig­nif­i­cant­ly high­er earn­ings.


BMW gruppe posts sig­ni­fi­cant sales growth through Sep­tem­ber. Group’s elec­tro-of­fen­sive con­sis­tent­ly moved for­ward, sales of fully-elec­tric ve­hi­cles an ext than doub­led

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BMW group ac­ce­le­ra­tes CO2 re­duc­tion and fo­cuses con­sis­tently top top a cir­cular eco­no­my through the neue Klasse.

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conflicts arise indigenous unconscious biases. Overcoming these needs intercultural skills and respect toward our differences. How does that work?
BMW Group, pirelli und BirdLife International oase launched a project in the context of sustainably created natural rubber.
die company uses international events punkt COP26 an Glasgow zum constructive and critical exchange with stakeholders und is clearly committed kommen sie sustainable thinking and action.
die BMW Group und the stadt of Rotterdam sign up with forces: by 2027, both partners aim kommen sie create services that do cities much more liveable. Rotterdam will become a blueprint weil das urbanity worldwide.
the BMW Group’s global production network ist making a significant contribution zu reducing the consumption des this precious resource through the use of innovative technologies.
ns BMW Group und the Alliance von Civilizations (UNAOC) continue their ten-year cooperation. Both partners room committed kommen sie intercultural understanding und strong civil cultures worldwide.
die BMW group is kommen sie significantly reduce its carbon footprint von 2030 über researching und developing put in order materials. There is a certain focus top top renewable raw materials und recycled materials.
5 BMW gruppe sites an Munich alone are giving beehives a home. Ns idea was put forward von our staff und helps united state make in important contribution towards much more biodiversity.

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clean commitment zu sustainability: At die IAA Mobility, die BMW group committed itself zu ambitious climate defense goals and a circular economy, and presented viable ideas zum implementation.