Bob Marley Turn Your Lights Down Low

around Turn her Lights down Low

"Turn your Lights down Low" is a song by Bob Marley & ns Wailers from your 1977 album Exodus.

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It is the only song on Side b of ns album the was notfall released together a single. However, a remastered ausführung featuring Lauryn Hill (credited as roben Marley featuring Lauryn Hill) was released an 1999. This startseite was commercially successful around the world, topping the charts bei New Zealand and Romania, and was nominated for "Best Pop participation with Vocals" at the 43rd Grammy Awards yet lost kommen sie B. B.

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Turn her lights under lowAnd pull your home window curtainOh let die moon kommen sie shining inInto our life againSaying ooh, it"s to be a long, long time(Long, lang time)I got this message for you girlBut it seems ich was never on timeDid i wanna get through to you girl?On time, on time (word)I want to give sie some loveI want kommen sie give sie some good, great loving(Uh, uh, right, uh)Oh I, five I, five IYeah i want zu give you some good, an excellent loving (uh)Turn her lights down low(Word, word, uh, uh)Never ever try zu resist, oh no(Na, na, na, na)Let her love kommen sie shining in(Na, na, na, na)Into our lives again(Na, na, na, na)And ooh, i love you(I love you, ich love you)And ich want you zu know right now(Know appropriate now)Ooh i love you(Uh-uh, yeah, uh)And i want you kommen sie know right now (uh)That I, that ii wanna give sie some love (uh, yeah)I wanna give freundin some good, an excellent lovingOh I, oh I, oh ii wanna give freundin some good, good loving (yeah uh-uh)Loving you zu sein a like a song i replayEvery 3 minutes and thirty seconds von every work (uh, uh)And every chorus was written weil das us kommen sie recite (right)Every beautiful melody des devotion every nightIt"s potion like this s that might carry mein a wave von emotion kommen sie ask you zu marry meAnd every word, every second, und every thirdExpresses the happiness more plainly than ever heard (uh)And when ich play them, every chord ist a poemTelling die lord how grateful I in cause i know er (what? word)The harmonies own a gefühl similar to your caress (uh)If sie asking climate I"m telling sie it"s yesStand in love, take my hand bei love, god bless (right)I want to give sie some good, good lovingI want to give freundin some loveI want zu give sie some good, great lovingOh I, oh I, oh ii wanna give freundin some good, an excellent lovingGood, good, good loving(I wanna give you some good loving)

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roben Marley Nesta robert Marley OM (6 February 1945 – 11 might 1981), more widely and commonly recognized as bob Marley, was a Jamaican singer-songwriter und musician. He was the rhythm guitarist und lead singer zum the ska, rocksteady und reggae band Bob Marley & die Wailers (1963–1981).

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Marley remains ns most widely known und revered performer von reggae music, und is credited with helping spread both Jamaican music und the Rastafari movement kommen sie a global audience. More »