All of our dishes are vegan unless otherwise provided on this menu. If you oase any questions about our meatless substitutes please give us a call punkt (512) 696-1807.

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Silky Tofu

This dessert item has actually a sweetened soft tofu as it"s base through a wärme sugar cane and ginger syrup.


Bodhi lunch Special

Meal comes with die following:

Choice des 2 gelb Fried roll or 2 feather RollsA klein Vegetable SoupAny Entree/Dish Listed in the Menu



#S10. Vietnamese vegetables Salad

Wheat noodle, pickle cabbage, carrot, cucumber, basil, seitan, toasted peanuts, crackers, homemade sauce no golden fried roll

Bánh mì

Banh Mi options are all offered with shredded fried potatoes,carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapeno und pickled carrots.

Vermicelli plates or recognized as "Bún," are served with salad, cucumber, mint, jalapeno, pickled carrot,greenonion, und a gelb fried roll

Vermicelli Noodles, Fermented vegetable, lettuce, jalapeno, pickle carrot W/ one fried roll und homesauce.
#V5. Viet Woven Rice Vermicelli Sheets with Grilled Seitan Strips

Woven rice noodle sheets through seitan strips and side des carrots, cabbages, celery,cilantro und homemade sauce.

#V6. Vermicelli ha Noi Grilled seitan slice

Grilled seitan slices v carrot, cabbages, celery,cilantro und homemade sauce

Stir fried with fried tofu or vegetables protein, mixed spring vegetables, bean sprout, onion, cilantro, andjalapeno.

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#S1. Vegan Yellow Noodle (Mì Xào)

Wheat noodle, protein or tofu, carrot, cabbage, celery, and house sauce.

#S2. White Rice Noodle Stir fried food (Bún Xào)

Rice noodle, protein or tofu, carrot, celery, cilantro, cabbage with house made fishlesssauce.

#S3. Vegetables Glass Noodle (Miến Xào)

Mung p noodle und tapioca noodle, protein or tofu, cabbage, carrot, celery, cilantro, und housesauce.

S6. Curried Singapore Noodles

Thic rice noodle, tofu, carrot, cabbages, celery, and chili home sauce.

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S9. Mix Crispy Noodle (Mi Xao Gion)

Combination faux-meat and vegetables stir-fried v crispy noodles.