Body hoop 1 8 kg

If you’re interested an how kommen sie lose weight hula hooping, ns size and weight of your hoop are an extremely important factors zu consider.

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How Heavy zu sein Too Heavy?

First allow me just say the I glauben the fitness industry has actually confused people on ns issue of how zu lose weight hula hooping. the market zu sein now creating hoops that weigh as much as ten pounds zu meet die growing demand zum exercise hula hoops.

Many world mistakenly think die heavier her hoop is, ns more weight you will lose, and the big boxen stores don’t treatment how wrong that is. They nur want zu make money off von what you think you need.

These excessively heavy hoops can be painful kommen sie use, und can reason bruising kommen sie your abdomen und hips, notfall to cite damage your interior organs!

A 1-2 lb hula hoop is the best hoop weight freundin should choose zu lose weight hula hooping. Anything beyond that ist risky and unnecessary.

Simply put, excessively heavy hula hoops are notfall safe, and the industry has done a good disservice to ns public by producing and hyping up these kinds von hoops.


But, shouldn’t a more heavier hoop create an ext resistance, therefore a more difficult workout kommen sie lose weight hula hooping?

It’s true that a moderately weighted hula hoop, one to two pounds, ist helpful weil das working out through a hula hoop. You möchte definitely tone your muscle more than freundin would with a lightweight hoop.

Once you get over two pounds, die extra weight rises risk des injury and deshalb shortens the length des time you will be able to work the end with die hoop.

The repetitive movement von hooping with a one or 2 pound hula hoop wollen tone your abdominal muscles und torch calories without ns risk von excessive weight.


Recommended Hoop Size kommen sie Lose weight Hula Hooping

When we talk around hoop size, we are referring to die hoop’s diameter (the distance across ns center of your hoop). You are going zu want a hoop that is big sufficient that freundin are able to keep that rotating about your waist for the maximum amount of time possible, if burning die maximum amount von calories.

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A hoop through a smaller diameter wollen rotate faster, hence requiring a quicker aerobic movement. A larger, more heavier hoop will go a wenig slower, permitting you to hoop zum a longer period des time.

It’s basically die difference between running a sprint matches a marathon. The marathon is preferable kommen sie lose load hula hooping because you möchte keep her heart rate up longer, for this reason burning an ext calories and improving your as whole metabolism.

We have been helping world pick out ns right dimension weighted practice hula hoop zum over 5 years now. Typically speaking, right here are part guidelines we have kommen sie up with:


We offer in upsizing option zum all des our on-body hoops if freundin want something between 44″ to 55″. These larger diameter hoops are suitable for hoopers with bigger waist measurements and also anyone who desires a rich und meditative hoop experience.

There ist no such thing as a hoop that zu sein too big.

You kann sein read more in my article, What size Hula Hoop Should ich Get? Also, feeling free to join our facebook group where you can talk zu many members of our community und get fast answers kommen sie more of your questions.

So What Hoop Should i Get Then?

I recognize it kann sein be deshalb confusing wie you are nur starting out! us offer fairly a few different alternatives depending on her budget. Let me rest it down zum you…

Go Getter Hula Hoop Starter verpacktem – this ist a set des 4 hoops dafür you can begin your journey v some options. It comes with an approximately one-pound, huge beginner hoop weil das on-body training, custom sized zum your unique body. It deshalb comes with a smaller, lighter weight sprung hoop, great weil das learning some off-body tricks. Finally it comes with a pair von mini hula hoops, perfect for delving into twin hooping. All des these hoops room useful zum my sechs Week starting person Hula Hoop Challenge!

Beginner Hoop – obtain yourself a nice large beginner hoop weighing about one pound, a la carte. Castle come in any diameter all die way up zu 55″ to accommodate people des all sizes and shapes! Perfect zum breaking a sweat every day, and all kinds of hoop dance.

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Weighted practice Hoop – this ist just favor our traditional beginner hoop other than it weighs just a teensy more. Great zum folks who room really looking zu tone their main point muscles with a little bit more resistance.

If you want kommen sie buy my six Week challenge as well as ns Go Getter Pack, save yourself part cash und get die bundle: can be fried #Rubyfam Combo Package


Remember, the best workout weil das you is the one you’ll in reality do. And hula hooping is deshalb fun, it never feels favor work. Your days von staring down ns clock on her treadmill room over.