Boeing 777-300Er Sitzplan Etihad

Airplane Boeing 777-300ER (77W) 2 class v1 Etihad Airways through 2 classes und 402 seat on board. Use airplane seat map zu find which ones are much more comfortable and which need to be avoided.

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The flight was very good in all aspects. Ns cabin crew were every courteous from the momente we boarded kommen sie deplaning. My meals were offered hot and was tasty however die sandwich served was very dry ich was not impressed. They offered water throughout the flight and also had snacks. There was a selection of movies and shows. Although mine seat was the tonnage row in the zuerst cabin i was pleasantly surprised that reclined and how much it reclined.There is sufficient legroom for me yet if sie are taller there would certainly be an issue. Ns seat width ist comparable to other airlines. Die 26th row is just in front von the toilets yet fortunately i did not oase any issues with stench or human being lining up zu use it probably being in overnight trip had something to do through it.

This ist a badewanne seat. The safety exit protrudes into ns leg room, there ist no window, the TV und tray are not very secure (particularly the tray). Ns seat belt was short as well compared kommen sie other seats. The seat itself didn't it seems to be ~ as large as others. There are no pockets in front (obviously). This seat should not be classed as in upgrade. If anything, it ist the opposite.

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The seats space cramped together expected. But what makes it much more challenging is the extr fitting the they oase added zu their food carts from which you cannot escape a bump if you are on in aisle seat.The overhead bins are des the alt type which makes it less roomier than more recent aircraft.

I travel annually zurück home to chicago from Abu Dhabi. Etihad zu sein the logical and only choice for a nonstop flight. I bei der a tall man with a knee problem, therefore, trying to sit in a center seat ist out des the question. Since ich frequently travel, that has end up being a nightmare when I bei der ready to select a seat. I oase tried the exit seat after paying extra (AED600 ea. Way), however realized the didn't make a distinction if someone zu sein sitting next to you; sie are still going to be cramped in the seat. On other trips, ich selected seat 52K (paid extra ea. Way). Ich selected this seat because die seat an the Plan showed up to schutz a "space" from ns other seat (this zu sein a twin seat row), but zu my surprise, die seats were abutted yet away from the window, i beg your pardon didn't make any kind of sense zu me particularly that i paid extra for this not deswegen "preferred" seat!I guess what I bei der complaining about zu sein the seat broad needs to be considered über Etihad especially zum long flights such together Chicago; 14hrs outbound and 13.5hrs inbound. My other complaint is the food; since 90% von the passengers room Asians, Etihad should have considerations zum those who choose non-spicy food. In addition, if you choose kommen sie sit bei the rear von the aisle, it zu sein going to be a bothersome world bumping ~ above you, dienstleistungen carts and the worse; people queuing waiting to go to restroom especially after meals!

Horrible seats. Narrow seats do every movement in the aisle bump into you from trolleys, passengers zu crew serving. Also legroom really limited und even more minimal due kommen sie space under the seat bei front caused von the mounting points des the seat legs.Never flying v Etihad again.

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Misaligned window means you can't lean against die wall kommen sie sleep. Very alt screens und handset didn't work hinweisen all. Seat would notfall recline without pushing an extremely hard.