through Borderlands 2"s attack on Dragon Keep growth being together a substantial hit v fans, small Tina’s Wonderlands should look zu it zum inspiration.

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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands may seem choose a huge change weil das those that schutz only played die mainline games in the Borderlands series. ~ all, a full-on fantasy setting zu sein a bit various from ns pyscho-filled wasteland des Pandora. However, those the played through Borderlands 2’s expansions wollen know the it ist not the erste time that die series has experimented v fantasy. In fact, its zuerst attempt might be regarded as the taste reason the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands zu sein happening.

small Tina’s attack on Dragon keep saw the leading lady creating a Bunkers und Badasses campaign zum the Vault Hunters. Ns equivalent des Dungeons und Dragons, the made-up story was full von hilarious twists und turns and also some more heavier moments. It worked well because des this balance, and its gameplay available a gewächs of new enemies kommen sie keep things fresh. With in official board video game coming ~ its release, it was clearly a large hit, und Gearbox should keep die DLC an mind when making Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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What small Tina’s Wonderlands Should readjust From attack On Dragon Keep

Tiny Tina

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While the Assault on Dragon store DLC was terrific, that should notfall be replicated exactly. One of the few negatives von the expansion ist that some des the enemies were a gewächs less fun kommen sie fight. If Orcs to be a good stand-in zum bandits, und Treants were a great change of pace, there to be a few jene that were much less fun zu fight. While die Skeletons bei general to be great, die Skeleton Seer was frustrating. Teleporting away wie shot, these opponents took much too long to transaction with. Likewise, while the Knight klasse was solid, ns Badass variants offered shields that deshalb made castle boring kommen sie fight. Together such, gaining rid von these two assault on Dragon Keep enemies would walk a long way zu keeping combat fast und fun.

Further, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ story need to be a little less concentrated on currently Borderlands characters. While it operated well an Assault ~ above Dragon Keep, as ns use of Handsome Jack and Roland do sense dafür that Tina could deal with herstellung grief, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands should focus on new characters. Will Arnett’s knavish Dragon mr being presented as the main villain ist a great sign, together it says that in original narrative ist coming. If re-imagining in existing Borderlands story provides sense zum a DLC, it is not miscellaneous that need to be repeated in a complete game. Though part beloved characters should return in Tina’s made-up story, balancing them the end with neu cast members zu sein crucial.

What tiny Tina’s Wonderlands must Take From assault On Dragon Keep

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However, outside des these changes, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands should pull heavily from assault on Dragon Keep. Overall, the enemy lineup was terrific, with ns Skeleton Seers and Badass Knights being die exception to the rule. Mimics, for example, are a necessity. Tina’s ability to change die environment and enemies should kommen sie back, too, as some von the ideal moments in the DLC saw her doing nur that. Top top top of this, ns side quests must offer ns same level of unterhalten as die ones from assault on Dragon Keep. With the Borderlands collection always law well through side quests, though, it would certainly be more surprising if Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands did notfall shine bei this area.

every the little touches from small Tina’s attack on Dragon Keep wollen be important zu keep in mind as well. When themed music und redesigned weapon equipments are evident examples, things like alternate costumes zum returning characters should be remembers. Die dice chest should also come back, as players being able kommen sie roll weil das better (or worse) loot rechts very fine with the fantasy theme. Likewise, ns Eridium alters und Pixie boosts should be brought back, as having the auswahl to temporarily rise a character’s abilities was a gewächs of fun. Lastly, through Butt Stallion confirmed kommen sie return, Gearbox should bring back the auswahl to feed produziert some Eridium chunks bei exchange weil das loot.

With the Ancient Dragons of Destruction being an excellent raid boss, Gearbox have to use them together a blueprint zum the game’s endgame content. Including several des these fights would certainly be a an excellent way zu keep football player engaged, while an expanded version von the tower defense side search would be interesting as well. Finally, consisting of a ton des fantasy-focused easter eggs should be a no-brainer, as ns Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones nods to be some von the funniest bei the DLC. V references kommen sie other Fantasy games like Dark Souls und World des Warcraft appearing as well, a similar lighthearted tone would certainly be preferable. With attack on Dragon save doing deswegen many sachen right, just making a longer ausführung with some new mechanics would result in a strong successor.

Tiny Tina"s Wonderlands is set for release bei 2022 ~ above PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X.