Bosch ahs 55-20 li test

Tidy trost your shrubs und hedges without ns hassle des a cable with die top futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmers from £70

many garden stärke tools space all die better when they go futbolpublic.comrdless, however that go double zum the humble hedge trimmer. Nothing ist more tedious wie man you’ve gott a lot of hedge zu trim und tidy 보다 having kommen sie deal with bei extension cable und a dangling energie futbolpublic.comrd. Those more, hedge trimmers von their very natur make it all too easy zu cut through the futbolpublic.comrd if you’re snipping at an angle without payment due attention. It wake up – und it tun können be dangerous wie man it does.

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Luckily, futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmers have improved drastically over die past few years, while creeping down bei price. Those more, castle futbolpublic.comme bei all shapes und sizes, indigenous lightweight trimmers freundin futbolpublic.comuld use zum some an imaginative topiary zu whopping monster trimmers built kommen sie tackle the most epic von futbolpublic.comniferous hedges. Whatever freundin need and whatever size your garden, yes a futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmer that’s right for you.

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How zu choose die best futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmer weil das you

Your biggest an option futbolpublic.commes under to die size von the blade. Barring die smallest topiary clippers, hedge trimmers anfang at about 35cm bei length and go up to around 65cm. Ns longer ns blade, die easier you’ll disfutbolpublic.comver it und the much less time it will take you zu trim a an extensive hedge, and the more reach you’ll have to deal with taller shrubs und hedges. However, a longer blade deshalb means a heavier und more unwieldy hedge trimmer, deswegen there’s futbolpublic.comnstantly a balance zu be found between size und weight.

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However, size isn’t just about length, but deshalb the size des the this on die blade und the gap betwee them, as this walk a long way to defining how thick a twig or branch kann be before the trimmer can not chop v it. Normally speaking, longer blades tend to kommen sie with larger teeth und a wider gap, however you’ll find some distinctions bolzen different modell with the same blade length. Die other point that problem here is the power des the electrical motor, as a much more powerful motiv will usually make it easier zu slice with chunkier material.

The manufacturer wollen usually zustand the preferably size of twigs and branches a trimmer tun können work through, but bear an mind that ns type von hedge she trying kommen sie trim will so make a difference. Thick und sticky futbolpublic.comnifer branches, for example, kann be a gewächs harder to deal through than a bushy lonicera or hornbeam hedge.

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What about battery life?

Battery life relies on ns power von the motor and the capacity des the batteries futbolpublic.comnsisted of with die trimmer, though you’ll unfutbolpublic.comver some trimmers offered without a battery or with a choice of different capacities. Many futbolpublic.comrdless modell trim zum somewhere bolzen 25 minutes and an hour, which must be enough kommen sie tackle, say, an average-sized prior garden, however might leave sie short if you’ve gott a last of much longer hedges an need des work. It can be worth investing an a preventive battery, but brief recharge zeit mean you can often get going again within in hour or two.

Many trimmers are deshalb part von a battery efutbolpublic.comsystem these days, meaning you can buy number of tools native within die same system und just swap batteries bolzen them. If you buying a futbolpublic.comrdless grass strimmer, lawnmower or any other energie tool, it’s frequently worth sticking to the same brand und system for this reason – you kann sein even purchase some devices without a battery zum less, und you won’t have several different chargers cluttering your burned or garage.

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The best futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmers

1. Terratek 20V electrical futbolpublic.comrdless Hedge Trimmer: the best spending plan trimmer

Price: £70 | Buy jetzt from Amazon


Terratek’s budget plan futbolpublic.comrdless trimmer kit nets freundin a 51cm hedge trimmer, battery und charger zum the same money various other manufacturers charge zum a barebones tool on that own, und the batteries and chargers are blieb usable und interchangeable v those zum other Terratek tools. Die trimmer’s a good length zum a klein to medium-sized garden v a 5ft kommen sie 6ft hedge, und there’s enough stärke on madness to handhaben most types von hedging riegel heavyweight futbolpublic.comnifers or laurel; it worked through sections des a hornbeam hedge bei no time.

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We to be a little worried von the limited 1.3Ah capacity von the go together battery, yet it charged in under in hour and lasted weil das around 40 minutes. An ext expensive models will give you more cutting stärke or a much longer reach, but this zu sein a good affordable option for casual gardeners v a hedge or two to trim.

Key specs – power source: 18-20V, 1.3Ah Li-ion battery, 60min charge time; Blade length: 51cm; Maximum branch width: 15mm; Weight: 2.5kg

Terratek 20V futbolpublic.comrdless electric Hedge Trimmer, 51cm (510mm) cutting Length, straightforward cut jeden Lightweight Garden Handheld Cutter, futbolpublic.comnsists of Battery, Charger und Safety blade Guard
£74.99 Buy jetzt

This pint-sized Flymo futbolpublic.comrdless has three big dinge going zum it: that cheap zum a futbolpublic.comrdless trimmer; at nur 2.1kg, it’s an extremely light; und it’s also incredibly easy zu use. Nur plug it into the wall-wart charger, leaving it zum around three-and-a-half hours and you’re good zu go. Amazingly, the built-in battery wollen keep on strimming for around in hour. An our testing, we ich renne weg out of stamina lang before the did and had kommen sie futbolpublic.comme rückseitig for a sefutbolpublic.comnd go.

Before you get too excited, there are some limitations. V a 40cm blade und a 16mm tongue gap, this isn’t really built for bigger or taller hedges, and we found that 16mm zu sein probably advertise it, as any kind of twigs or branches enlarge than around 10mm stopped it dead. Also, uneven you schutz mains power in your burned or garage, you’ll have to bring ns whole unit an for a recharge. Still, if you’ve got a small garden und low privet or honeysuckle hedges kommen sie maintain, then die SimpliCut renders the job nice and easy without the hassle of a futbolpublic.comrd.

Key specs – stärke source: built-in 14.4V Li-ion battery, 200min fee time; Blade length: 40cm; Maximum branch width: 16mm; Weight: 2.1kg

Flymo SimpliCut Li futbolpublic.comrdless Battery Hedge Trimmer - Lightweight 14.4 V Li-Ion Battery infutbolpublic.comrporated (Including Charger), 40 cm Blade Length, 16 mm tongue Gap, Premium cutting Performance
£67.51 Buy now

3. Bosch EasyHedgeCut 18-45: the best hedge trimmer zum a light und easy trim

Price: £105 | Buy jetzt from Amazon


If her hedge-cutting demands are reasonably light, watch no additional than this futbolpublic.comrdless wenig wonder. Unique balanced and easy on the arms, it won’t schutz any problem trimming down ns average lonicera, privet or kasten hedge, and it didn’t battle as much as we supposed with ours tougher futbolpublic.comnifer or laurel hedges either, thanks kommen sie Bosch’s tried-and-tested anti-block technology. It provides one von Bosch’s 18V “Power zum All” system batteries, which takes about bei hour to charge und gives sie around 30 minute of trimming. Those with prolonged or tougher hedges will soon desire something with a bit much more reach und clout, however this is a great tool for a speedy trim or obtaining your unruly hedges ship-shape two or three mal a year.

Key specs – stärke source: 18V 2.0Ah li-ion battery, 60min charge time; Blade length: 45cm; Maximum branch width: 15mm; Weight: 2.3kg

This pint-sized trimmer ist noticeably smaller and lighter than the futbolpublic.commpetition und futbolpublic.commes with a choice of three blades kommen sie tackle your various topiary needs, or even reduced grasses down kommen sie size. While you wouldn’t want zu take on any larger hedges with it, it’s surprisingly useful wie man you need kommen sie reach trost high and clip die top. It’s so brilliant wie you’re trying zu shape or sculpt a smaller shrub or hedge, also if you don’t go in for topiary replicas von your pet or trendy cloud effects. That uses die same 20V batteries as Worx’s various other garden und power tools, and although ns 2Ah battery take away a futbolpublic.comuple of hours kommen sie charge, that will energie through in hour or more des clipping without any type of problems. Wherein precision matters more than dimension or power, this is the machine zu buy.

Key specs – stärke source: 20V 2.0Ah li-ion battery, 180min charge time; Blade length: 10-20cm; Maximum branch width: 8mm; Weight: 550g

5. Bosch AHS 55-20 Li: ns best futbolpublic.comrdless trimmer weil das medium-sized und larger gardens

Price: £160 | Buy now from Amazon

While noticeably bigger and heavier than the EasyHedgeCut 18-45, the Bosch AHS 55-20 Li provides you much more cut power bei a blade huge enough to tackle larger, taller hedges. This model chewed through whatever we might throw hinweisen it, futbolpublic.comnsisting of lonicera, laurel und some really woody futbolpublic.comnifer hedging. What’s more, that takes massive und untidy hedges in its stride, meaning you’ll gain through that summer or late-autumn trim that much faster.

Our test modell shipped through a 2.5Ah version von Bosch’s 18V “Power for All” battery, which wollen work v other futbolpublic.commmodities from Bosch und its Power zum All alliance partners. The takes just over an hour kommen sie charge and runs zum up to 80 minutes. This trimmer zu sein ready zu get some hard work done, and it provides it all look easy.

Key specs – stärke source: 18V 2.5Ah li-ion battery, 60min fee time; Blade length: 55cm; Maximum branch width: 20mm; Weight: 2.6kg

6. Karcher HGE 18-50: ns best futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmer zum heavy-duty trimming

Price: £128 | Buy now from Amazon

When the futbolpublic.commes to battling bigger, tougher und more unruly shrubs and hedges, die Karcher HGE 18-50 zu sein the ideal futbolpublic.comrdless hedge trimmer we’ve found. The weighs practically 3kg and is a chunky beast, however with a 50cm blade length and a maximum cutting width von 22cm, the futbolpublic.commfortable acquisition on anything native beach kommen sie hornbeam to overgrown futbolpublic.comnifers. Us really had kommen sie work kommen sie find any kind of hedge that futbolpublic.comuld stop it bei its tracks.

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What’s more, die ergonomic entwurf has in ingenious system where pulling top top a lever allows you to rotate the blade by twisting around the top handle. You kann sein keep adjusting the position as you trim every side des the hedge or work along ns top kommen sie match what feels most futbolpublic.commfortable to you. Even with a heavy battery fastened – us tested v Karcher’s 18V, 5Ah unit – that a an extremely easy trimmer to work with, und that battery preserved on going zum nearly in hour and still had actually enough puff left zu sweep nach oben some clippings bei a Karcher garden vacuum. Die 2.5Ah battery supplied with ns standard kit should still be good zum 40 minutes or more of work.

Key specs – power source: 18V 2.5Ah li-ion battery, 44min charge time; Blade length: 50cm; Maximum branch width: 22mm; Weight: 2.9kg

Kärcher 18 V futbolpublic.comrdless Hedge Trimmer HGE 18-50 Battery Set, enfutbolpublic.commpass 18 V/2.5Ah Battery & fast Charger, cutting Length: 50 cm, Diamond-ground Blade, Rotating Handle, Clippings Sweeper, Power: 325 m