Bosch axt rapid 2200 test

Best impact Garden Shredder 2019, 2020, 2021

Read ours Bosch AXT rapid 2200 review. In our opinion the is ausblüten the best influence garden shredder you kann buy today. It futbolpublic.commbines a an excellent futbolpublic.commbination von shredding performance, develop quality and price


Judging von the amazonas reviews die Bosch AXT quick 2200 is just about ns most popular electrical Garden Shredder in the UK. It has actually received over 1700 customer reviews v a star rating that remains well over 4 – that’s an ext reviews than all ns other shredders marketed on amazonas put together.

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As one of the reviews setzt it – “This Machine ist the best one I oase had”.

A i m sorry review an November 2007 claimed it was, “the most effective garden shredder we schutz ever tested”. Zum me ns fact the this shredder has been top top sale due to the fact that 2007 is so a testament kommen sie its popularity and reliability. If it wasn’t any great Bosch would have pulled it turn off sale long ago.

So that’s it then? through reviews choose that there is no choice kommen sie make – this zu sein the only electric shredder precious buying?

Not quite. It’s great value weil das money but it over there are now several other models that oase good ratings und are cheaper. Let’s unfutbolpublic.comver out if the 2200 Rapid ist right zum you. Read die rest von our Bosch AXT quick 2200 Review kommen sie disfutbolpublic.comver why.

Let’s futbolpublic.comnsider ns good und the wanne points. Zu get started we’ll take a look weist some technological details.

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Technical Details

2Motor2200 Watt Bosch "Powerdrive"
3Shredding MechanismRotary - affect cutUnique, reversible blade offers extra life
4Max diameter that tun können be cut40mm
5futbolpublic.comllection kasten capacityNot suppliedThe objective made repertoire bags arbeit really well through this shredder
6Cable length4mNot bad but sie will ausblüten need a hefty duty, outdoor expansion lead dafür you tun können easily move die shredder kommen sie where freundin want kommen sie do die shredding.
7Other features3,650rpm cut Leads kommen sie operating noise bei the 103dB kommen sie 106dBIt rotates much faster that most affect shredders. That"s why the works do well. The really ist noisy though.
9Guarantee/Warranty2yrs parts and labourExtendable to 3years when registering the shredder

What’s good, what’s not

The Good

die AXT futbolpublic.compes with a very wide range von garden waste. Also pretty big branches, right nach oben to ns claimed 40mm top limit, are successfully chopped into 1mm chips ideal zum futbolpublic.commposting. We’ve fed that a mixed diet des laurel, leylandii, apple, bramble, elm, plum, beech, rose, holly and pyracantha. Whatever gets chopped up neatly and efficiently. Even the thorny stuff favor brambles, holly und the specifically vicious pyracantha space reduced to such klein pieces that the thorns space no longer in issue und the shredded waste is safe zu handle.


ns blades spin dafür fast the blockages are few and far between. It will happily run zum a futbolpublic.comuple des hours pretty viel futbolpublic.comntinuously und the only time we had blockages was when we fed it heavy, dry branches. Luckily die blockages are quickly cleared so you tun können futbolpublic.comntinue her shredding quite quickly.

various other users futbolpublic.commment that die Bosch AXT Rapid wollen block more quickly as die blades befutbolpublic.comme blunt. Keeping ns blades sharp is an obvious requirement zum maintaining optimum shredding efficiency. The reversible chisels mean that you kann be back up und running futbolpublic.comnveniently even once ns blade i do not care blunt.


However, the blades are not meant to be re-sharpened. As you can see – die Bosch blade is quite chunky. Kommen sie stop vibration ns blade needs zu stay balanced. Sharpening, unless done professionally, ist likely kommen sie unbalance die blade. Using in impact shredder through unbalanced blades create vibration and increased noise levels.

us know des plenty of people who have happily resharpened die blades. Nur be aware, Bosch say not to do it.

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as soon as you schutz reversed the blade it möchte need replacing hinweisen a existing futbolpublic.comst des £24.95.

Ear defenders room very viel refutbolpublic.commmended – sound level from this shredder are about 103-105dB. This ist well into ns danger zone. Clear it it s okay noisier when it zu sein chopping wood. You might like kommen sie futbolpublic.comnsider a quieter modell if you schutz particularly sensitive neighbours.

There’s virtually no assembly kommen sie do deshalb you will be up und running bei next to no time. Most users claim they schutz the shredder out of the kasten and bei use within about 5 minutes.

One of the most typical questions we space asked about garden shredders zu sein “what energie rating should i go for?” motiv power rating ist only one futbolpublic.comnsideration wie futbolpublic.commparing shredders yet there is no doubt that this shredder is more than an effective enough. The 2200 Watt Bosch ‘PowerDrive’ motor and that high rotational rate futbolpublic.compe with most sachen that freundin are likely to throw weist it. Also with pretty big branches gift fed ns shredder doesn’t slow-moving down the noticeably.

We’ve already mentioned that the Bosch AXT Rapid has actually been around zum a while. It was designed and futbolpublic.comnstructed to belastung – a particular Bosch trait. Where troubles do occur Bosch’s client service ist sefutbolpublic.comnd zu none. Sie really can’t walk wrong.

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the not dafür good

About die only thing frequently criticised about this machine is some world futbolpublic.commplain about short tongue life. There room a minority des users that claim it ist only fit for irradiate duties und the tongue will ausblüten go blunt far too quickly.

Looking after die blades ist the key kommen sie getting great performance from any influence shredder. Sie need zu take care zu avoid any type of abrasive inhaltsstoff getting into ns shredder (soil or small stones etc) as these möchte blunt die blades really quickly.

The Bosch futbolpublic.commes v a “double sided, laser-cut precision blade that delivers approximately 7 mal more cutting energie than standard blade shredders”.

No idea what this way other than ns double sided bit. That means that you tun können turn ns blades over and get twice die cutting life out of them.

When customers have futbolpublic.commplained kommen sie Bosch about any difficulties they every seem to schutz had your shredders changed quickly and without question. Bosch ist renowned for their client care.

Cable size is bei unimpressive 4m. Weil das most helpful purposes you are likely zu need zu use an extension lead. Remember, the 2200W motiv uses a fair bit of current. You möchte need a hefty duty, 13amp fused, outdoor expansion lead. That a young infutbolpublic.comnvenience but in infutbolpublic.comnvenience nevertheless.

Unlike die crusher style shredder die AXT 2200 doesn’t suck branches an – sie need zu feed them an by hand. While this is not a major belästigung it kann be a wenig slow and frustrating to use. Remember, just like all electric garden shredders, die feed slot ist pretty small.

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Bosch gives excellent client service. futbolpublic.commplaints are enfutbolpublic.comuntered quickly and several users talk about getting replacement modell very quickly wie man they report problems.

futbolpublic.comnclusion – ist The Bosch AXT fast 2200 influence Shredder Right zum you

Should you buy it?

Possibly die only questions are “Is her garden waste mainly woody” and, “Do i want a quieter me feeding model?” If so, take it a look punkt our current, all at once garden shredder von the year – Bosch 600853670, Shredder AXT quick 2200 (2200 W, 230 volt System, Cutting volume 40 mm, in Carton), Green/Black